nds4droid release 21

Time for a new nds4droid release! Get it on Google Play and sourceforge Here’s the deal: Better OUYA support (thanks @HeinousGames) Minor performance enhancements Increased default frame skip from 1 to 3 Big shoutout to Heinous Games for letting me try use their development OUYA to test it out. Check out their apps on Google Play!

nds4droid release 20

Time for another nds4droid update, both on Google Play and sourceforge. This is mainly a feature update, here’s what you get: Support for the OUYA console Better defaults for game pad key mappings Save/load menus now show the last modified time of save states ROM picker now remembers the last path a ROM was loaded from […]

nds4droid release 18 and dynarec beta

First and foremost there is a new version of nds4droid up on Google Play and sourceforge. The changes are: Increased game compatibility, especially for Pokemon series games (thanks Sean) Added option to show only the touch screen (under “Select screens” in settings) Also, I have been working on merging in the Exophase dynarec into nds4droid (thanks […]