nds4droid release 27

My web host decided to lock me out of my site again so this post is coming a little late. There’s a new nds4droid release out! If you hadn’t guessed, it’s on Google Play and sourceforge. You get:

  • Optimizations for the ARM-v7a with NEON architecture
  • The exit option in the menu actually exits the app now 🙂

Those with this CPU type (most newer devices) should see a nice 5-7% performance increase. Also, nds4droid has (finally) been approved for OUYA; it should be up on the store now. Enjoy!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

95 thoughts on “nds4droid release 27”

  1. Just gets better all the time mate, keep up the great work. Playing phantom hourglass I am now able to reduce the frameskip to 5 and put the HQ2x nice screen filter on while still keeping 45-50fps. Using an overclocked Galaxy note 2

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    Acer beTouch E120
    Acer Iconia Tab A100
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    1. So, it doesn’t work for the Galaxy S2 Plus? I mean, in the list, S2 is there, so it should work for S2 Plus, right? Or am I mistaken? 😀

    1. You may be putting in some code that doesn’t work for the game. Double check what you put in the Code Line. Action replay is 8 numbers, in rows.

  3. Hey guys i have a question

    Which makes the app faster?

    Software or opengl?

    Im currently playing on my gs3
    But dont see much difference between the two….

  4. I know my last phone was NEON, only 600mhz. My new phone I thought was NEON, it is 1ghz, released about 4 months ago. No speedup for me 🙁

  5. your the best!!!

    i feel the latest improvement on my Galaxy Note 2

    it plays almost all games ^_^

    HOPE JEFF COULD RELEASE v27a just for Galaxy Note 2
    for ULTIMATE optimization!!


  6. Thank you jeff for your amazing effort…

    This is what i like to recommend if not impossible
    1) Nds4droid was build in file manager but its look very weak and you cannot exit while in those file mode.. Make it build just like that ES FILE EXPLORER with a better exit button and conclude a unpacking the zip folder
    2) Can we change the ratio manually just add some setting for the ratio on how small or large the game we want it… Because i just realise the game did improve a little if its smaller than the usuall one..
    **** Ummm Maybe you can also add zoom the screen just like on MX PLAYER video huh i dont really know ****
    3) If bug occur can we report the bug through the Nds4droid

    Thats all i want to say
    Good Luck Jeff

  7. i have some thing creazy to tell yall
    one of my friend who has a pretty good device(maybe it’s note2)has test pokemon black2
    it has 45fps……

  8. On a Tegra 3 HTC One X.

    Is it just because I’m playing a Pokemon title (heart gold) that I’m getting 15-20 fps? or is there some other reason that it’s lagging so badly?(no sound/mic, threaded interpreter, software 3D, Normal screen filter)

          1. …. then buy a faster device dude^^
            N7 OC 1,2GHz->1,5GHz 24fps->36fps (Pokemon Diamond)
            Of course it is still slow but these are your options:
            a) OC your current device
            b) buy a faster one
            c) start coding

  9. Does anyone notice that the recent updates are actually slower on sony xperia phones? So far update 23 is still the fastest. I notice that recent updates have some sudden fps drop on my xperia mini pro while playing digimon world dawn, and the fps is still lower than that of update 23.

    1. That’s very strange, what are your settings? Mine runs more like 24-30 when walking around inside and out, and basically full speed while in battle. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch btw. However I will say that the Pokemon games are not the fastest thing on my emulator. DBZ Attack of the Saiyans runs 33-40.

  10. Hey first thank you for this great emulator everything gets better each update.
    Just a thing i would be happy to see:
    -fast forward
    And maybe take away the load fast button i happend to hit it accidently when i wanted to press quick save.
    Either way i will keep on using the emulator. Thanks from Germany.

  11. nice one 🙂 with this update im getting lows of 36 fps and highs of 68 :p pokemon heart gold is really playable and even truly enjoyable after u get the running shoes. what i have noticed is though my device (Galaxy S3 LTE, with overclocked CPU and GPU) still gets some weird slowdowns that cuts the fps in half after about 5 mins or so playtime. this doesnt occur on my samsung galaxy tab 2 however.

    1. Your cpu is probably getting hot from the overclocking mate and when it does so it throttles down the cpu clock.

      Its not such an issue on tablets as theres more room for heat dissipation.

      You can use the app system tuner pro to check what the cpu temp etc is. I think the s3 throttles at about 75 degrees

  12. Hey, Jeff.
    Impressive work! It runs some games o.k. now on my galaxy tab 10.1
    I’m using no screen filter and 3d-renderer software +threaded interpreter.

    The thing about dynarec and direct call:

    If it’s in nds4droid the accu will last for hours. 🙂

  13. Out of curiosity, what happened to the ability to toggle V-Sync? It seems to be absent from the last few updates.

  14. Is there any recommendation to use the emulator on a Nexus 4 I’m reading some people are getting incredible fps on some games and I can barely play pokemon silver. The fps meter says something like 20/30

    1. That means 20 Frames per Second on the top screen, and 30 Frames per Second on the bottom. Both are out of a max 60 fps, so you’re going at about 1/3 speed of the actual game.

      1. Thanks, I didn’t know why there were two FPS values. Is it really improving with each release? It’ll be playable when it gets at least to 40/40

  15. I can’t play any games after some update (22 or 23), when i select the rom it send me to phone menu, no cras, no freeze, nothing

  16. Are there any games that can be played in full speed?

    wish there is a forum that lists ‘playable(fullspeed’ games

    1. mario & luigi rpg2 fullspeed

      digmon moonlight(sunlight)full speed

      megaman starforce 40fps in map and 25fps in battle(playable)

      pokemon mystery dungeon
      40fps (playable)

      rune factory 25fps(playable)

      farm story harvest moon fullspeed

      some avg games and somg slg games……full speed

    2. Yoshi Island : Fullspeed
      Ace Attorney 1-3: Fullspeed
      Ace Attorney 4 (Apollo Justice): 40-50fps (drops to 25-30 while Cross-examination) playable
      Super Scribblenauts: 50 fps
      Sonic Adventure 2: playable (45fps)

      Taken from Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

  17. Can no longer click past speech bubbles in digimon world, clicking a/ touchscreen d oes nothing. stuck! this only happened recently, anyone help?

  18. Great job as always Jeff 😀

    I surprise myself coming here for new comments several times and i wish there were a forum where i could find news related to the development.

    That would be a more organized way to remain attached to this and would lead to more people involved in various ways in this.

    You could make a post to ask for people interested in moderation, etc …

    1. I will create a forum soon, and invite jeff as an administrator, hopefully he accepts, and we can have all the things organized 🙂

  19. Well done Jeff,I think you should focus on emulation speed cuz this is most important problem. Maybe try to do something with 3D renderer or create new one i don’t know.

  20. Thank you for some other informative web site. The place else may I get that kind of information written in such an ideal way? I have a project that I’m simply now working on, and I’ve been at the look out for such information.

  21. Drastic is better everything plays at regular speed its not your phone its the emulator I am unfortunately stuck with this one at the moment I mean it does play on my HTC evo 4g lte at 46 to 50 fps and drastic costs 7.99 but its worth it all pokemon and Zelda games play

    1. And also there’s nothing wrong with the Rom files them selves again just the emulator. Not doging you Jeff or The nds4droid but it could be lots better

  22. thanks for the nds4droid release 27 | jeffq, published entry, jeffq.com webmaster, for more information on samsung galaxy s3 lagging refer to Irvin website or emai me. Greeting, Irvin.

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