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  • nds4droid Privacy Policy

    nds4droid does not collect or transmit any personal or sensitive user data. The android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO permission is used only to emulate the microphone on the Nintendo DS, which some games use.

  • nds4droid release 47

    2016 brings us an update for nds4droid! Nathaniel D. was nice enough to provide a new German translation. In addition I went ahead and converted the code to an Android Studio project and moved everything away from Sourceforge (15 years too late, amirite) and over to GitHub. The code can now be found there: […]

  • nds4droid release 46

    Hey there boys and girls, how about an nds4droid update for the holidays? As always it’s on Google Play and sourceforge. Your changes: Added a soft options button that will open the options menu. This will allow new devices that don’t display the options compatibility bar to access the options. (Hopefully) fixed a bug that caused […]

  • nds4droid release 45

    Got an e-mail recently from someone having problems running nds4droid on an NVIDIA SHIELD so I’ve made a couple of updates that should ease the pain for those of you using these newfangled console-like devices. You can as always find it on Google Play and sourceforge. Bullet points: Changed the default key mapping to open the […]

  • nds4droid release 43/44

    EDIT: I have pushed a fix (release 44) for those who couldn’t access the menu in release 43. Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. As proof, I present to you nds4droid release 44! As expected it’s on Google Play and sourceforge. The changes: Minor performance enhancements Added a setting to disable the auto-scanning ROM […]

  • Happy Birthday and nds4droid 42

    Thursday (August 22nd) is the one year anniversary of the first release of nds4droid! In celebration I thought everyone might like another (coincidentally numbered?) release. Of course it’s up on Google Play and sourceforge. The changes are short and sweet: Performance enhancements (most games should see around a 5% increase) It’s been a wild year!

  • nds4droid release 41

    Got another nds4droid release for all you starved souls out there! As you know, it’s up on Google Play and sourceforge. What you get: Minor performance enhancements Fixed a bug where rotating the display would cause the autosave timer to reset Also, I wanted to clear the air a little bit here about the whole DraStic […]

  • nds4droid release 40

    Another super quick update to fix what I (think) are the last issues with the new ROM browser. It’s on Google Play and sourceforge. Changes: Fixed a bug in the new ROM browser which would cause a crash when a ROM that couldn’t be opened was present on the device The new ROM browser now only […]

  • nds4droid release 39

    Just pushed a minor release for nds4droid, so grab it on Google Play and sourceforge. Just some bug fixes to the new ROM browser, they are: Fixed a bug that would cause the new ROM browser to crash on some devices Added a progress dialog explaining that the app is searching for ROMs If no ROMs […]

  • nds4droid release 38

    Hey homies, time for another nds4droid release. Couple of new features for y’all to chew on, so get it on Google Play and sourceforge. Changes: Added a new, much sleeker ROM browser (thanks Alexander P.) Added an autosave feature, on by default, which will save the game’s state periodically Alexander P. provided the new ROM browser […]