nds4droid release 43/44

EDIT: I have pushed a fix (release 44) for those who couldn’t access the menu in release 43.

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. As proof, I present to you nds4droid release 44! As expected it’s on Google PlayΒ and sourceforge. The changes:

  • Minor performance enhancements
  • Added a setting to disable the auto-scanning ROM browser (default to the old file browser)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

64 thoughts on “nds4droid release 43/44”

  1. Hello, I’m having trouble loading any ROM on my Samsung Epic 4g.

    I choose a ROM from the menu and it loads until it force closes.

    This has led to great frustration for me and I’d like the issue to be fixed in the next update.

    1. I have a similar problem, I choose a game to play and it turns black for two seconds and returns me to the game menu I had it on like I didn’t select it. Sometimes it goes completely black and force closes like you but I just keep selecting the same game til it loads the right way and play the game.

    1. Yeah, like I thought.
      ART seems to be perfect for Emulators and Apps which cycle and rework stuff.

      i.e. if a task operates some calculation, send the reworked stuff back to RAM, which then again sends it to the CPU and so on…

  2. I can’t find the autosaves in the “states” file on my nexus 7… When Ioad my save it goes back to the save I did manually. I don’t know if i’m at the right place but if someone could help me fixing this issue that would still be great. Thx.

  3. When i play at golden sun dark dawn or pokemon white 2 the game tell me its impossibol to save the game,but prof layton o yu gi oh work great.
    i play on a majestic tab 172
    sorry for the english and thank you very much for nds4droid work better of desmume e nocash

  4. Thanks for the continuing work on this emulator! I actually have a question but can’t seem to find the forums…

    The game I’m trying to play (Phoenix Wright) requires the user to “blow” on the mic. Is there anyway to assign a button for this function?

    1. Ah, yes. I, too, would like to use this feature.

      Although, I’ve gone through just about all the cases without it already…

      1. I havent pc to test it but they guy in youtube sayd that is real…and the video too…there was a site that sayd android n3ds but it was fake cause when you did the form the only think you could download was an .exe file…so thats why i asked mr jeff to translate it to android like DesmuME…

  5. Hmmm N3ds have a 266Mhz dual core ARM11 (532MHZ ARM11 128mb Ram)…(Arm A5 is 33% faster than arm11…Arm a8 28% faster from a5 and arm a9 is 30% than a8.)=arm11<a5<a7<a8<a9 THAT MEANS N3DS CAN BE EMULATED BY ANDROID PHONES…

    1. Too bad but dedicated processors perform well. It will be in future when they finally make a REAL 3ds emu then make it work fine on computer THEN make it for android. We need to wait some years.

  6. Thank you for the awesome emulator, the only thing that I have to ask is that sometimes the game freezes my phone or does not load part of the game. This makes the 3d rendering completely stop. This is kind of an inconvenience. I have to save the game regularly because any save made after that point corrupts the data. Then i have to delete the rom and redownload it because I am unable to access that game or save it if I start another game. I would appreciate it if you could look into it. I have a Galaxy S4 and enjoy to casually play pokemon when i am really bored. Thank you Jeffq

  7. This app is amazing ..and although I have no money to donate if you made a watch an add app I’d use it to get you money …now I do have one suggestion that would make this even better than if it ran fast …if we could actually connect with and trade with other devices that have this app it would be perfect ….is battling pokemon via WiFi connection or trading digimon etc

    1. Not to be mean, but I saw you and you are fat and disgusting. Just go kill yourself, or at least be grateful for the free app he is providing. Asshole.

  8. So, back to the speed-related stuff…

    1. Running the App through ART could increase the speed due to the fact that it is not an JNI-App.
    2. Making the Emulation-core multi-threaded should increase speed on all devices with more than one core and maybe even on single-cores… (timing is probably crucial and must be synced properly).
    3. “Fixing up” OpenGL and optimizing it could lead us to the ability to use filters, without much speed-decrease (even the highest filters). Fortunately OpenGL finally seems to run stable, or at least shows all content properly. But it is a little bit slower than software. A side-effect of it could be less Akku/Battery-Drain.
    4. RAM-IO-Handling-optimisations could lead to both,… More efficiency in Emulation, less Battery-Drain and a higher framerate.

    Just one suggestion. I would turn off frame-skip in standard-settings, so the complainers could see all frames. FS doesn’t seem to improve Game-Speed that much, anyway…

    1. Oh,… With RAM-IO-Optimisatios, I mean…
      Hm,… How to explain it…?!

      The emulated IOs between emulated processors and emulated RAM should use the shortest physical way on the real Hardware.
      An emulated IO-Transfer which for example is sent from emulated CPU1 to emulated CPU2 shouldn’t be emulated by a way which causes the real CPU to send it to the real RAM and then back to real CPU, but things like that should be done on CPU-Cache/”on-die” instead…

      Things like that, to shorten the physical way emulated IO-Transfers/Opcodes/SysCalls/etc. have to “go” on the real Hardware…

      About ART,… Well it kills one AL and thus a lot overhead-usage on the system-side… I really hope someone can post a Dalvik/Comparison-Video of NDS4Droid…

  9. 5. Lessen the Number of abstractions within Emulation would also increase speed. That’s what ART also does on the system-side, but ART can’t do any more speed-optimisations at a certain point. So how less the emulation-engine access System-UI and does it’s recalculation internally (in a thread), so faster and at least more efficient it could work.
    Efficiency could lead to a better sync, when the emu-engine is/would be multi-threaded…

      1. Without optimisations I already get a speed-up on Android 4.4 with ART!
        I didn’t measured it exactly, but it seems to be around 15%-Speedup…
        Beside that, Android 4.4.2 remains very responsive even on low-/midrange-hardware!

  10. Is the Emulation – core itself JNI?
    If it is, there probably wouldn’t be such a big difference. But maybe there are still some more system-recources free then…

  11. Thats sounds fair enought…make it christmas edition changing some icons…or make it season changing that will be able to change by the season by its self…(christmas.hallow,…)

          1. not anymore, from Version onwards, Drastic supports x86 as well (though not drastically optimized yet)…

    1. Just tested it! Drastic now even runs on Tegra2-devices!

      Multi-threaded rendering should be activated for most games, but works very good here on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Omni-ROM 2.1.2014-build (Android 4.4.2 Kitkat based Custom-ROM) with A1-Kernel (normal cpu-clock works, as long as Multi-threaded rendering is on).

        1. Btw.2: It runs even fluid without Multi-threaded rendering and without frameskip! O.o
          I had some sound-stutters occurring to me in Pokemon Black 2 and DSi-enhanced black version (1), but that might be due to the fact that my tab had a shitload to do meanwhile. πŸ˜€

  12. Hi, Ah… I’ve searched all over the internet for a solution but i can’t seem to find the settings key on phone for nds4droid. I’ve watched other people’s videos and they have a settings key thing on the right bottom corner as where i don’t. Idk if it’s because of the type of phone i have or something… Everything runs perfectly, the games, the controls, but not the settings key. The reason I need it is so i can load my States on Pokemon Black. So if you could help me by sending me an email or replying to my message I would highly appreciate it, thanks πŸ™‚

  13. Hi, im new to useing your app, as so far its great :).. just wondered, im trying to play nintendogs, and voice is required, but everytime I speak it sounds distorted, not sure if theres anything to fix this :). Im using a galaxy note 10.1 x

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