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  • nds4droid release 37

    Got another release for everyone and Google Play and sourceforge are the places to find it. The changes? The changes: Fixed a bug where the touch sensing would be inaccurate when only the touch screen was being shown Minor performance enhancements  

  • nds4droid release 36

    Release time! This one incorporates everything from release 35 (which was not generally made public), as well as fixes for issues brought up by the beta tester group. Get it on Google Play and sourceforge. Here are the specific release 35 -> release 36 bug fixes: Fixed bugs with the “lightning JIT” engine when loading save […]

  • nds4droid release 35 beta

    Okie dokie, here’s the scoop. I’ve merged in gechdcb’s new lightning based JIT into nds4droid, as well as bringing in updates to some of the DeSmuME core. In doing so I also removed the tinycc JIT, exopase JIT, and DeSmuME JIT execution engines, so now all platforms support just three execution engines: Intrepreter, Threaded Interpreter, and […]

  • nds4droid release 34

    I have pushed a small release for nds4droid. As always it’s on Google Play and sourceforge. The changes: Added a Japanese translation Enabled move to SD card As I noted in the forums I’ve been pretty busy with some other stuff in my life recently and haven’t had much time to devote to nds4droid (something I […]

  • nds4droid release 33

    Since I’m not at Google I/O this year (thanks to a massive fuck up in Google’s ticket ordering site), thought I’d make another nds4droid release. As always you can get it at Google Play and sourceforge. Changes: Performance enhancements for 3D heavy games I’m seeing about a 3 FPS increase on games like Pokemon Diamond. In […]

  • nds4droid release 31/32

    UPDATE: I have pushed release 32 to fix a crash in release 31 on certain non-English language devices (thanks to Shake for helping me confirm the problem and fix). I’ve updated the links below to reflect this. Hey there homies, time for another nds4droid release. You can get it at all the usual places: Google […]

  • nds4droid release 30

    Thought everyone might enjoy a new nds4droid release. I imagine you will find it on Google Play and sourceforge if I were a betting man. The changes: New/updated translations: Hebrew (thanks Idan) and Italian Fixed a bug that would cause crashes on some devices when first loading a ROM Added a new option to disable fog […]

  • nds4droid release 29

    Got another nds4droid release for y’all. Where to find it? You know, Google Play and sourceforge. The changes: New/updated translations: Simplified Chinese (thanks beeflot), Portuguese (thanks shake), Italian (thanks Andrea B.), French (thanks Mike F.), and Romanian (thanks Mike F.) Added new option, JIT block size for the threaded interpreter/tinycc JIT. Higher values are faster, but […]

  • nds4droid release 28

    The promised nds4droid update is here! As always it’s on Google Play and sourceforge. Many of the bugs fixed were a result of reports from the forums, keep using them! The changelog: Full Korean translation Added sound sync option for games with voice-overs (like Professor Layton and the Curious Village) Removed renderer option, forced to software […]

  • nds4droid forums

    I know a lot of people wanted a better place to discuss nds4droid related topics, so I’ve opened up the nds4droid forums! I will posting smaller status updates regarding nds4droid, and I’ve added a place where people can discuss game compatibility as well as report bugs and get support in a more manageable environment than the comments […]