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    1. That recompiler is meant to make your PC run the games faster. Making one for an Android CPU is very different.

  1. felicidades por tu gran aporte el emuladoer esta buenisimo dentro de poco con unas mejoras de mas podria andar perfecto felicidades

    1. felicidades por tu gran aporte el emulador esta buenisimo dentro de poco con unas mejoras de mas podria andar perfecto felicidades

  2. I think It is the best nds emulater for android
    1.make this app quickly
    2.makes this app to use lower battery
    3.upgrade quickly

    1. You can’t rush perfection. He’ll get it done when he gets it done.

      I do, however, agree with this being the best NDS emulator.

  3. Thanks for the update!

    You forgot the release notes on gplay and the comments indicate, that version 36 is the newest.

  4. I give I t a good 10 more update and I’ll be able to finally play heart gold with little to lag. Keep up the good work!

    1. If it continues to evolve in such a rapid way, even earlier…
      But let’s hope it’ll be around release 50. Some games are running quite good already.

      The rating of the emulator already raised higher on Google play, since the last 2 updates were released.

  5. on my htc one (m7 adreno 320) i have 29-30/30 fps (54%,12%) usually out-of-houses. (with hq2x, frameskip “3” and no-sound)
    so walking around is ok, but i didnt got why this 30fps cap. only 50% of 1(of 4) core is no-sense. My device can handle more. Why not rise the cap tu 60fps? (a 2x speed option, i mean..becouse i think that the problem is not a problem, but the nintendo 1x speed )

    (yep, my eng sucks bad, sorry!)

      1. Actually full speed would be 60/30.
        Top screen/bottom screen. Top renders at 60 fps bottom at 30. So your phone actually can’t handle more. At least not until the emulator is fully optimized.

  6. As always, your hard work is appreciared and you are doing a great job. This is meant to be more informative than griping.

    I know that relying on save states between versions is a gamble but is there any way to transfer over saves from pre-37? With 999 IS could get through the intro crashing by skipping ahead with the text (which is done when completing the game) but now my hard saves are gone

    1. Save states from previous versions should work fine, but you won’t be able to load new save states in older versions.

      1. I see, thanks.

        I actually managed to get through by changing to the threaded jit. It seems the lightning jit on this game just wants to crash.

  7. The last two updates have been great 🙂 love this emu…won’t be long till I can play pokemon pull speed. Testing on my HTC One (M7). Although I don’t think the emu is only using one core. Either way it’s still great

  8. After this update i m not able to play pokemon. The screen goes black. But in the previous update i was able to play pokemon

  9. I can play pokemon heartgold and soulsilver but its kinda slow ..
    But digimon world is in its 80-90% speed now thanks jeff

  10. Pokemon HG runs at 16-22 fps but it runs 30-44 fps. This was slow because my phone wasn’t good.

  11. The app really heats up my phone. Is there anyway you guys could fix it? Don’t really wanna risk killing my phone yet. It’s an s2 btw

    1. phone heating is normal in all phones, so it’s not risking at all. If ANY phone gets too hot, there’s an automatic shutdown so don’t worry

  12. I just wonder if nds4droid would run smoother with more cores or with faster ones. For example would it run better on LG Nexus 4 or Sony Xperia SP? (4×1,5 GHZ vs 2×1,7GHz with same graphic – they are similar in benchmarks as far as I know) Is 1GB of RAM enough or will it be faster with 2GB?

  13. hear because the emulator does not work on my samsung galaxy mini s5570, roms are not loaded or is it not compatible with it

    if you can help it you great maid

  14. This emu is the best … please update this frequently and this emu is perfect thanks Jeff for your difficult work!!!!

  15. I can’t get experience points while playing games gain experience points while battling…what’s the problem?

  16. I would like to know too, just get moga power pro work with supergnes and my boy, the last piece of puzzle would be nds4droid, will it support moga controller?

  17. My pokemon wont level up. Im not sure why either. Ive done battles against trainers and wild pokemon and won yet i dont recieve exp points. Help?

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