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I know a lot of people wanted a better place to discuss nds4droid related topics, so I’ve opened up the nds4droid forums! I will posting smaller status updates regarding nds4droid, and I’ve added a place where people can discuss game compatibility as well as report bugs and get support in a more manageable environment than the comments section.


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  1. I’ve a motorola atrix, and anytime I try to play any rom it starts to loading with the black screen and the message, but after a while (between 1 to 60+secs) it stops and quit the program.. can you tell me at least why it happends??

  2. So apparently I found out DS runs at 2.4 giga hertz

    the average android runs at 548 mega hertz .
    so I know a way to run the ROMs on android faster…. a lot faster . Insted of it runing the whole ROM some how make it run the ROM sections at a time like a film keeping the base so it recognizes it as a Ds game still that way 548 mega hertz mite just be enough with out all that build up. kinda how the internet gets backed up on YouTube even on 4g so it runs it like a film sections at a time.

    1. no way ds runs at 2.4ghz… it has 2 processors, both less than 100mhz, if I got that correct. I have gained fps by rooting and tweaking build.prop, if you really want faster, root and modify, even overclock if you’re desperate.

      1. Way correct, the Arm9 and Arm7 processors for both screens, people need to stop complaining… in TIME things will get better and require less CPU cycles to emulate. Jeff is working hard and its already getting more effective

        1. Someone from xda developers forum made a mod pack with an improved build.prop. im sure you could find one for your device, my device is new and has barely any mods yet

  3. Hi jeff
    thank you for your app and for your efforts into making it the best emulator in the market.
    i have a question.
    is there a way to transfer my saves from my phone (nds4droid)
    to my desmune (computer emulator) and vise versa?

  4. Awesome emulator, good job 🙂

    However, Civilization Revolution… I can’t get past the start screen. What gives?

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