nds4droid release 36

Release time! This one incorporates everything from release 35 (which was not generally made public), as well as fixes for issues brought up by the beta tester group. Get it on Google PlayΒ and sourceforge. Here are the specific release 35 -> release 36 bug fixes:

  • Fixed bugs with the “lightning JIT” engine when loading save states or new ROMs
  • Fixed a bug where setting the JIT block size to zero would cause the app to crash

For reference, here’re the “public” release notes for the new version on Google Play:

  • Added new β€œlightning JIT” execution engine (thanks gechdcb), on by default, which can give 10-15% performance increases
  • Removed tinycc JIT, exophase JIT, and DeSmuME JIT execution engines
  • Fixed a bug where setting the JIT block size to zero would cause the app to crash
  • Various internal compatibility fixes and updates

I get a constant 60 FPS with New Super Mario Bros. in levels on my Note II :). On a side note, OUYA has rejected release 34 even though all it does is contain performance increases. This is like, rejection number six. Not quite sure what their deal is. But regardless, enjoy!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

49 thoughts on “nds4droid release 36”

  1. Nice work! I noticed with the exophase JIT, some games (Trauma Center comes to mind) would get to a point where nothing would happen, as in waiting for a cutscene to finish or something, until I switched back to the interpreter. Lightning JIT doesn’t have that issue. Great work!

    1. I’ve put it up on Google Play but it usually takes 3-5 hours before it starts rolling out to people’s devices.

  2. Looks like he just BARELY made the final edits on SourceForge…. This is always so exciting to see updates. πŸ˜›

  3. I found some issues, the new update caused most of my games that worked, to crash and rest my phone, its mainly doing this to my tested game, Rune factory 3, (my Favorite game :3) I’m assuming its Because of its 3d graphics, has also happened to many other games, will play more games in search of issues.

  4. OK after reinstalling, rune factory 3 works and so does other 2d/3d games like final fantasy, at a good speed also, but of course, still those issues, still searching

  5. On Chinatown Wars, the texture greys out using the Jit or Threaded engines. Switching to Interpreter seems to fix the problem at the cost of lower fps. On Galaxy S4

  6. My nexus 7 obtains a score of 14000 on antutu, like your note 2(searched on google). But i’m getting 30-35 FPS in super Mario.
    Maybe there’s a problem with tegra 3?
    I’m also getting in pokemon the same performance of previous version (with threaded).

    (I’m not complaining, that’s just my feedback πŸ˜€ )

    1. The programs not really built around tegra chips and IIRC Jeff doesn’t have a tegra device to mess around with. I haven’t looked into what would be causing that issue though.

  7. Hi, thanks a lot for the work on this emulator!
    I have a jxd 5110 and i can’t launch a game. I always get a black screen or a crash. Is there something to do? I also have your emulator on my galaxy s3 and it runs fine.

  8. Really great update!! On my galaxy Note2 some games are greatly improved!!!!!!!!!
    What you do is huge, seriously ( I know what I m talking about, I ve been beta tester and forum moderator for Fpse since 2009)
    Keep on doing the good work, people who don t rate 5 stars on the market just don t know how hard it is to create such a brilliant emulator.

  9. jeff i dont know what you did, but for some reason update 36 is way faster than update 35, now im getting like 4-7 fps improvement, on pokemon diamon it would run about 19-20 fps outside(update 35), on update 36 now im getting 20-27 fps outside, frame skip is set at 4. lightning jit.

  10. The OUYA guys are still rejecting your updates? Have they said why?

    I’m still available to help with graphics if that comes up again (I’ve sent you an email recently with some stuff attached).

  11. Hello there Jeff! You did a nice. work! A lot of people really loved it and some of them wants to give you money for it. Why dont you make a paid version for it just like in ppsspp gold but with the same function.

  12. I am also running Tegra 3 and on NSMB get 20 on the map screen and 35-36 in the level with lightning jit and 4 framskip and here are some results.

    Professor Layton: Curious Village
    36-38 FPS on the video which is a good improvement over the last release. Regular game runs 56-60. This is with Synch audio

    Ghost Trick
    Normal view runs around 46-57, but only 30 while Ghost

    17-18 during intro

    17-20fps during opening vid. Crashes on the proloue (played through it before on #34) so was able to fastforward to gameplay. Normal fps 57-60. Unlocking the blue briefcase it dropped to 40fps with lightning jit. With Interpreter it drops to 26 so. Went to open the red case and it crashed.

  13. i have about 5~6fps boost on s3

    Good JOB πŸ™‚

    I’m sure in the near future autosave and fastforward will be added πŸ™‚

  14. I’m having problem with pokemon heart gold and I don’t have this problem in the older version. When I’m inside a building the characters are broken it display a black square. If some can help me thanks a lot, I’m using Sony Xperia Acro S android 4.0.4 ICS

  15. I have an s4 (which has a faster processor than the note 2) and I’m not getting 60 frames a second on the new mario πŸ™ What settings do you recommend for the best speeds?

  16. Can someone help me get the correct settings so I can get 60fps on games like super Mario bros and pokemon black? Gameplay is slow at 30fps or below and it lags. I currently have the Newer HTC One phone M7. Thanks πŸ™‚

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