nds4droid release 35 beta

Okie dokie, here’s the scoop. I’ve merged in gechdcb’s new lightning based JIT into nds4droid, as well as bringing in updates to some of the DeSmuME core. In doing so I also removed the tinycc JIT, exopase JIT, and DeSmuME JIT execution engines, so now all platforms support just three execution engines: Intrepreter, Threaded Interpreter, and lightning.

The good news is that I’m seeing about a 10-15% performance increase with this build. The bad news is that a lot has changed (and potentially broken). So, rather than push this on the half million nds4droid users all at once, I’m going to start using Google Play’s staged rollout feature. This means that you can opt-in and start receiving this (and future) nds4droid updates early and (hopefully) provide feedback before it goes out to the unsuspecting masses.

Here’s the official changelog for release 35:

  • Added new “lightning JIT” execution engine, on by default, which can give 10-15% performance increases
  • Removed tinycc JIT, exophase JIT, and DeSmuME JIT execution engines
  • Various internal compatibility fixes and updates

So, if you’d like to become an official nds4droid beta tester and receive this and other pre-release versions through Google Play. To do this, complete the following:

  1. Join the nds4droid beta tester Google Group
  2. Opt-in for beta upates on Google Play here 

You can also directly download release 35 from sourceforgePlease give me feedback about this new version! When submitting reports remember that adb bugreport logs can help a lot!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

36 thoughts on “nds4droid release 35 beta”

    1. I’m reading old comments i need help i have a samsung galaxy vibrant i’m not sure what emulator is good besides drastic

      1. Please help my emulator is lagging as crazy when i play pokemon heartgold i need a better emulator besides drastic.

  1. just booted up Pokemon platinum on my galaxy s4 getting around 33-39 fps as apposed to 25-33 i was getting before this update and having no issues thus far. good work keep it up

  2. ~4 fps performance increase here. And savestates from old version is not working anymore, the emulator hangs. And I get a 404 error on google page…

  3. yep loading old savestates doesn’t work, normal savegames do, also switching the interpreter while ingame will freeze the game.
    SGS4 with ~36fps in pokemon platinum, frameskip 3 and perfect playable.
    Sometimes the emu fc when encounting a pokemon battle.
    03:30 here, nice work jeff, i’ll go to bed now, I’ll dump a log after i wake up.

  4. im seeing a 3-4 fps improvment with the new lightning engkne, i make my test on pokemo diamond, super mario bros, castlevania. bte those who whant to use there old savestates, just load you state with your old execution engine, the switch back to lightning engjne and make a new savestae i a new slot and bam, you back in your game progress with new lightning engine. also to jeff iv been wondering would it be posible to change nds4droid jnternal rendering resolution? im prrtty sure that would give us ppl with 720p screen a much neded fps boost, sknce nds4droid wont be force to render atthat res.

    1. There’s no changing the internal screen resolution (we’re emulating the DS) but you can use the screen filters in the settings to make it look better.

      1. sorry i ment the resoljtion in witch the emulator renders the ds. like in a 720p screen it will upscale to that res, i guess im trying to say i has to render more pixels than those with wvga or qhd screens.

        1. It simply can’t do that because it is rendering the amount of pixels the Nintendo ds screen has. In order to do what you’re suggesting he would have to build the entire system from the ground up as well as mod every single game.

  5. On s4 with Omega rom, (stock kernel but with governor to performance)=
    Game:Pokémon diamond
    36-41 fps outside
    45-50 fps inside house
    Fps skip=5 (tryed with 3,same fps bit with 5 look a lot more playable to me )
    Filter used:LQ2xs
    Jit block =19

    1. My save states doesnt always get loaded, i’ve got to do it 4-5 time to get load correctly ( sorry for the english but i m italian :P)

    2. Ingame savegames work 100%.
      Savestates work only if they are saved with the same execution interpreter (Savestate from Threaded Interpeter will freeze the game if loaded while on Lightning jit)

    1. Jeffq should make it play faster and better when he make the 36. version of the ds emulator it will work so alsome

  6. i think i just found a bug

    i choose lightning JIT
    and i choose the jit block size to be 0 and the app crashed
    now each time i start the app crashes

    padfone infinity with 4.1.2

    1. Yeah, JIT block size of 0 will probably break it. Completely uninstall the app and reinstall it to get the default settings back.

  7. jeff,gechdcb said that speed up from the emulation of cpu has got the maximum.
    someone should do something on 2d/3d

    1. “It does not provide register allocation, data-flow or control-flow analysis, or optimization.” Thats why;lightning couldnt get optimization

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