nds4droid release 28

The promised nds4droid update is here! As always it’s on Google Play and sourceforge. Many of the bugs fixed were a result of reports from the forums, keep using them! The changelog:

  • Full Korean translation
  • Added sound sync option for games with voice-overs (like Professor Layton and the Curious Village)
  • Removed renderer option, forced to software
  • Fixed a bug when binding multiple buttons to the same key
  • Fixed stuttering sound when loading a new ROM
  • Increased game compatibility with the threaded interpreter (Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box and Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns now work)
  • Extended optimizations from release 27 to all ARM-v7a devices

The new sound sync option (it is turned off by default) does cause a slight a performance drop but gives you smooth sound in a lot of games when it was previously distorted. Try it out if you’re having sound quality issues. Enjoy!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

46 thoughts on “nds4droid release 28”

  1. Devil Survivor graphics are corrupted due to forced software rendering. 🙁 Any plans to bring OpenGL option back?

    1. hi, ever since version 24 it wont work with my lepan 2 tablet please fix. it used to work with version 23.

  2. Hello i like this app and i started to follow it on december . But this app crash on my lg optimus l7 🙁 i thank you fixed it in the release 28 but not. otherwise i can help you to for have a complet french traduction 🙂

    1. doens that device had some problem that couldnt play games(graphics corruption) and it required a gpu fix to play games?

  3. pokemon white 2 went frrom 9fps avg. to 10 avg on this version,:S
    i am runing a single core 1.2ghz tablet 1gb of rám mali 400 gpu
    Any plans to bring open gl back?

  4. Was Open Glückliches removed for easier handing of sync?
    Any plans to bring it back any time (even thought I already used Software-Renderer)?

    Nice release!
    It pushed Pokemon onto a playable level on my Galaxy tab 10.1!
    Even though it is still a bit slow, it is possible to play it quite good, once you have the shoes to run. 🙂

    Impressive work!
    You keep updating it at a fast speed and the improvements are constantly visible.

    Btw.: It is very cool that you got it that fast with a software-interpreter! Now I even believe, that a Software-interpreter can run games on full speed on a dual-core-device…
    Very good work really! 🙂

    Best regards,

  5. My advice for the xperia play user in a simple way:

    1) Root Your Phone
    2) Set Cpu
    * Download this ( OverClock Widget ) apk then set it as your widget then select it and it show you two setting
    Just turn the frequency higher to it max for the upper one and down it..

    3) Nds4droid Setting
    Execution Engine must be intrepeter
    Frame Skip 6
    ScreenFilter Normal
    Disable Sound
    Disable Microphone
    Maintain aspect ratio must be on

    Then you might find it faster and comfortable when playing pokemon heartgold.

    1. I really hope xperia play user try these method because its really comfortable and fast… And its also can be used by other device

      1. this method seems good… but doing this is not pushing the battery and xperia itself. its not going to reduce battery life???

  6. Anyone else find it slower in this release like me? Partners in time main gameplay went down 4 fps… Other people find slower from looking at google play comments, hope fixed in r29

    1. To increase game compatibility in the the threaded interpreter I did have to make some changes that slowed it down slightly

      1. Maybe You could put slower threaded interpreter and original threaded interpreter as separate cpu modes? All my ROMs worked flawlessly with original threaded interpreter.

        1. Dbz attack of sayan and super sonic warriors 2 doenst work with old theart interpreter and with the New works now¡¡

        2. i think the compatibility of origin threaded interpreter is not very bad(at
          least better than dsoid) .But it is not good to slow it down.
          i totally agree with sean ( Maybe You could put slower threaded interpreter and original threaded interpreter as separate cpu modes )

  7. Jeffq i know your too best but can you fix when they talk on final fantasy iv it kinda skipper can you make it sound better by the way it work 20- 24 fps can you add more speed the sound it great but just the speed. and i dont know about everyone else but i used à Android tablet final fantasy iv work but when i try final fantasy 3 it come work when it start then it just stop it just plays up to 12 sec can you also fix that

  8. I’m an italian boy and i have to make you my congratulations, your is a great work.
    At the moment i’m playing zelda phantom hourglass, i just want report that the lid function doesn’t work, when i unselect “lid open” nothing happens.

    Thanks for your job.
    Sorry for my bad english.

        1. You press the button to close the lid, then you press a button on the control pad, then you press the button to open the lid. If it starts flashing then just save state in an empty slot, restart the emulator and load state.

  9. Hi Jeff,

    thank you for this amazing free emulator 🙂
    are you interested about Arabic language? I’ll do it if you are !

    Your new friend, Anas ..

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