nds4droid release 30

Thought everyone might enjoy a new nds4droid release. I imagine you will find it on Google Play and sourceforge if I were a betting man. The changes:

  • New/updated translations: Hebrew (thanks Idan) and Italian
  • Fixed a bug that would cause crashes on some devices when first loading a ROM
  • Added a new option to disable fog effects on the software renderer for a slight performance boost

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

52 thoughts on “nds4droid release 30”

    1. Jeff you’re the best

      I have something to say… Please I’m playing all pokemon roms but it is very slow wen walking and chatting but it is fast wen battling

      I hope you can fix this I’m using XPERIA U

      1. true because pokemon is one of the most downloaded roms plus the new black and white that so many people want to play that cant bother to use ds so please try to fix pokemon gameplay plz

  1. Cool! Will try tomorrow….

    Hey Jeff, i know you don’t like ETAs, but when you will bring a BIG update to us? Like improved JIT and fixed OpenGL rendering?

  2. Mr .jeff

    i can’t find a word to describe your nice work !!

    keep updating man , you are #1 developer …

  3. Omg I can finally play animal crossing,and super Mario 64 with no oag. Thank you so much Jeff, your the best.

  4. jeff , here is some Chinese translation of new opiotions

    jit block size=jit block 大小调节

    EXPLAIN:当执行引擎为threaded interpreter或tinycc jit时,越接近1,错误越小 ; 越接近100,速度越快。

    enable fog=开启雾化效果


    But would add an autosave function??

    Sometimes i get a call and then the app force closes and have to start ovrr:(

  6. Hi jeff
    I can’t find the hebrew translation…
    Where can I find it??
    And thank u for the hard work!!!

  7. Jeff, it would be great if you’ll find a time and write your thoughts about jit implementation, how does it work, why it’s hard to do or to port, what are the perspectives. Anything from the technical side which is behind of this project. I’m sure that users would be very interested

    1. i have seen you in nds4droid forum, zxcvbad
      jit for arm sounds really great!
      can you givee a link to changelog of desmume,dude : )

  8. Shout out goes to Jeff! Keep these amazing updates coming! A request from me and I’m assuming many others; please try to remember to keep the performance boosts coming as soon as possible. We would all appeciate it, and I think with a faster performance this app could be worth paying atleast $1 for. Thanks in advance!

  9. Hey Jeff!

    Many thanks for your awesome work. We really appreciate it! I hope you will read the following things

    I tried the new update out but can’t find the hebrew translation under the section “languages”. Do you have any idea why?

    However, I also tried out the small performance boost with the option ‘disable fog’. It will gives the user around 1 – 2 % more performance speed in some games. Great thing!

    I hope you’ll give us another bigger performance update as fast as your time can handle it! Most of the (mostly older) games work really well now but e.g. Pokemon Black 1 & 2 and Pokemon White 1+2 are running just with 18-22 FPS. I believe in you and know that you can fix this also. 🙂

    Keep your damn good work up and don’t forget to eat or drink sometimes. 😛


  10. please jeff pokemon black1 and 2 on xperia play unable to be load…. not even a single loading 🙁
    please fix it.

  11. Jeff every updates improve fps a bit i check all night the net for them, keep up god work,
    Axl form Hungary

  12. Jeff i think u have to think about engine cuz dsoid is faster than your emulator. Of course dsoid haven’t so much options and is not so stable but is much faster.

    1. shut the fuck up darky10 Jeffq is doing all he can do right now if you dont like his nds4droid then get off of here. jeffq engine and nds4droid is faster a then any other one. thank jeffq for this alsome nds4droid

    2. Dsoid better than nds4droid? Are you drunk? Dsoid is a piece of shit, nds4droid is better than dsoid in every way. Dsoid on my tablet run Pokemon Diamond (outdoor) at 6fps, and nds4droid 27fps.

      1. I doubt that, dsoid was faster on my xperia play and it still faster on my new phone, on pokemon diamond.

        Ofc i still support nds4droid and prefer nds4droid due to jeff being a comunicative person and doing regular updates, and i believe in a few months will be faster, and yes, its better than dsoid in general, just not as fast on my experience.

  13. Pretty good for a dual core samsung. The new update sure put an average of 1 fps most places in pokemon platinum…regularly i get 18/30 with jit set too 100 and fog disable.(with sound off too) great work man,and hope to see more speed to get a fast forward button

  14. try and compare dsoid vs nds4droid

    dsoid is faster

    but jeffq can also do that in the future!!

      1. Dsoid don’t even have configuration options, only disable sound and frameskip :/ dsoid is a joke. Ok, is faster on some devices, but is unstable. I played Pokemon Diamond with last version and after 1 min emulator hang!

  15. Hey Jeff,
    Absolutely amazing work, I really appreciate it. Do you think it would be possible to make resizable buttons? On a tablet, the touchscreen controls seem really big. Thanks for the hard work!

    1. They are already re-sizable.
      Just use the “pinch-to-zoom in/out”-feature.
      Your Touch-Display obviously needs to have support for Multi-Touch!

  16. For the next update try to focus solely on performance speed because this app is incredible already but also extremely slow

    1. Oops,… I’m sorry, my post was in regard to the previous post!

      …and just for info, the JITs are CPU-Emulation-Cores! 😉

  17. Can you update nds4droid v 31?? Please in this update can you high fps please ..in the S3 is fast but in another device is very slow for playing …please update

  18. First off, I’d like to say I love this emulator and I appreciate the frequent updates. However, I do notice some speed problems (which have gotten significantly better recently) that while not app breaking, lead me to a few questions.

    Does the emulator make use of multiple processor cores?

    If it does not currently, will we be seeing that in the future to improve speed on higher end phones with dual or quad core processors?

    If it does/will, how many cores does/will it utilize?

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