nds4droid release 29

Got another nds4droid release for y’all. Where to find it? You know, Google Play and sourceforge. The changes:

  • New/updated translations: Simplified Chinese (thanks beeflot), Portuguese (thanks shake), Italian (thanks Andrea B.), French (thanks Mike F.), and Romanian (thanks Mike F.)
  • Added new option, JIT block size for the threaded interpreter/tinycc JIT. Higher values are faster, but can break some games (like Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box)
  • Added OpenGL renderer back, use at your own risk!
  • Better microphone support
  • Added an “about” screen


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

68 thoughts on “nds4droid release 29”

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  1. wow, with the jet block size to 100 in pokemon diamond i noticed some speed up, 2 or 3 fps ingame, but in battle is awesome, almost all the time full speed, great work jeff

  2. Please there is still crash when the game is loading on my lg optimus l7 .it started on release 27 can you fixe it ?

    1. It might be useful as some games(for example devil survivor&devil survivor 2) have graphic problems with the software rendering. It doesn’t give any performance boost though.

  3. Thanks JEFF!! 🙂

    Oh, can you add a turbo option which can be activated by hold-pressing it on the touch screen 🙂

  4. Aww, the update wnt let me play anymore. As I load Pokemon platinum on my lg Optimis elite, rite after it opens and I press A on start screen it throws me out of app

  5. My phone is LG optimus 3 will it support ARM and make it faster? when its release 30 make sure you meed a speed button x2 or make it a better speed

  6. Hey Jeff, is making an emulator hard? I’m a computer science student and want to make an emulator. Most likely of a very old game console, gotta start easy.

  7. Jeff it seem your nds4droid is becoming more stable.Why don’t you make your own version of ds emulator on pc since desmume doesnt have your setting like execution engine…
    I am sure its going to be faster too.

  8. Im using a sony xperia acro s phone and I can say that nds4droid is running properly on my device I’m playing pokemon soul silver but I cant save the game the fps drop from 23~25 to 9 then freeze. Is the problem on the emulator or on ROM I’m using?

      1. Yes, it does freeze then the application close it self then when I re open it it said that save file is going to be deleted because it corrupted

          1. yes, i always experience that. it almost take place in all the games i have played.
            it seems to be a common thing on desmume of pc and nds4droid.

    1. macky, i have tested pokemon platinum this morning .
      it is 25 fps when i save data on my device(htc g17 1.5ghz)
      and a member of my forum seems to meet the same problem as yours.
      you can tell jeff about this bug.

      1. i think out an idea to test if it is the rom problem; )
        you can download dsoid to see if it can save !if it can ,it is a bug of nds4droid.

        1. Why haven’t I think of that, thanks for the idea beeflot. I stop using my dsoid since nds4droid is much faster I will give you results later

  9. My favorito game is dbz última te kai but dont pass of 21 fps with 4 frameskip could you fix it for more faster?. Thanks for this emulator

  10. hey i am using hcl me tab u1 on v28 i can play pokemon diamond nicely but on 29 the down screen is black,plz help me jeff or beeflot

    1. hey i meant when i play on 29 the down screen shows a poke ball in blue and the upper sows black and a box says route 201 plzzzzzzz reply jefferey or beeflot

      1. sorry ,i don’t know exactly what happened .
        but maybe you can try these ways
        1、delete the rom and download a new one (the rom may break)
        2、turn jit block size to a smaller number( Higher values are faster, but can break some games )

  11. Pokemon Black Error During loading The Game
    Phone Sony Xperia Play

    I try it on other phone it work except on xperia play.

    What happen jeff

    1. My Sony Xperia Play is Android 2.3.4 , unable to load the Pokemon Black ,
      while my other phone is running Android 2.3.7 and it working.
      please fix it jeff.

      1. how much fps run pokemon gold in you xperia play?
        I play whit the 23 update, is the best for my xperia play,
        and you?

        1. Well I using the new version since i dont have the older version ,
          well it still fast for me , except i really want to play pokemon black right now!
          it will be cool on xperia play

  12. my tab is ice cream sandwich,cortex a8 1ghz high perfomance low power cpu,whats happening its giving me 9 fps,without sound

  13. I love dsdroid but it to slow I change my frame skip to 9 and it still kinda slow I hope the next update its faster

  14. Quick question: Could someone briefly describe the differences between the threaded interpreter and the JIT interpreter? Shouldn’t be the jit faster? (The ppsspp guys made their emulator extremly fast with their jit interpreter.) If not, then why? Thanks.

    1. The JIT isn’t an interpreter, it’s a recompiler. It stands for Just In Time, in fact it recompiles parts of the code that the game is asking to run instead of recompiling the whole code. NDS4Droid’s jit is still experimental and it needs improvements. That’s why it is slow

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  15. The new dsoid is faster, in a few games places, but not all.

    For example it is faster for me in a house, but on the world/outside, it is slower in pokemon soul silver.

    Overall, NDS4Droid is still better thought and it certainly will be a lot improved within time.
    If Jeff doesn’t do it, I’m sure the new forums will bring some people here and help out in the project (source-writing, bug-testing, aso…).

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