Happy Birthday and nds4droid 42

Thursday (August 22nd) is the one year anniversary of the first release of nds4droid! In celebration I thought everyone might like another (coincidentally numbered?) release. Of course it’s up on Google Play and sourceforge. The changes are short and sweet:

  • Performance enhancements (most games should see around a 5% increase)

It’s been a wild year!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

54 thoughts on “Happy Birthday and nds4droid 42”

  1. Thank you jeff for all your hard work, time, and effort crating this app! Many of us much appreciate!

    Happy birthday nds4droid

  2. Yess. I love this Emu. THis is the only emulator that didnt blacklist arm6 phones. So Thank you Nds4droid! I will Support this Emulator!

  3. I have noticed a small improvement in this version. I proved the DEMO of ” drastic ds emulator ” and it seems to me that it removes graphs to the games, probably because of it be more rapid … I compared ” zelda spirit tracks ” in nds4droid and in the demo of ” drastic ds ” and it seemed to me to see a difference in graphs in certain parts. I will continue giving my support to nds4droid, it looks like to me a great project that it is improving. Thank you jefft!! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Nds4Droid and thank you Jeffq for all the work and making this alsome nds4droid emulator (Thank You) 🙂

  5. Happy birthday, nds4droid! Doing a sloppy Android port of an open source emulator can be easy. Making it great, as you have done, is hard as nails. Thanks for all your hard work on this, jeffq.

  6. Dementium goes to 54-55 fps, we go jefft already lacking little in order that it is perfect. Live nds4droid!!!!!Thank You

  7. hey so you guys are devlopers that made nds4ios so im making my own thing like pyroflimsfx emu4ios so anyway i know how to update apps and stuff but i need a devloper with my friend we dont want to pay 100$ to be a devloper so messgae me if u can help us and ya o ya we wont pay u sorry

  8. hi so i was wondering if u could help me and my friend we are making what pyrofilmsfx did emu4ios so we need a developer to make the apps works so message me if u can we dontpay u sorry and we need this because to make he apps work without macbuildserver u need to be a developer and a mac so thx uf u can help and if u can i undsersand but it wont be a shame to put a thing like this down

  9. Thanks for all the hard work Jeff. If anyone is reading, could we get a setting update on a few games for optimal performance on the Galaxy S4? I’m trying to tweak it the best I can for max FPS.

    It is set as follows:
    Execution Engine – Lightning JIT
    JIT Block Size – 100
    Autosave – On
    Frame Skip – 3
    Screen Filter – Normal
    3D renderer – Software
    No Fog, Sound, or Mic.

    I am currently running Final Fantasy Tactics, Advanced Wars and Fire Emblem at above average framerate…but it could be better and would love to hear anyone else’s feedback!

    Thanks again for the work, Jeff, and happy anniversary!

    1. Hey, have you realize the whiners and complainers are gone? Which is great because no one is gonna abuse Jeff anymore! Let us celebrate!!!

  10. Happy super late bday!!!! I’m truly glad for this! All other friends have Gba or nds4ios and I got a galaxy s4. Happy that this is free, it’s too good too be true. Only question is is can it play multiplayer with other androids or itouch/phones? I know your a busy man to answer every singe question, but I can’t find the answer no were else.

  11. im extremely sorry that everyone asks this, but i am curious to knowe:

    will there ever be wifi in android nds emulation?
    if so, WHEN. please estimate.
    i so dearly want wifi pokemon black is not the same without it.

    i will be super grateful for a reply. whatever the answer may be.

  12. hey i am buying spice stellar glamour mi 436,it is 1.2 ghz dual core processor and android 4.2.2 and another mobile 1 ghz dual core processor and android 4.0 which one should i buy

  13. Hey Jeff, I appreciate the work you’ve done! Noticed there havent been any updates in quite a while as im sure you’re busy. I hope to see one soon. Good work!

  14. I’m hoping someone can help me out. I looked for a discussion forum on the site but there doesn’t seem to be one.

    I downloaded nds4droid onto my rooted Nook Tablet. I’m using a combination of Home Catcher and Go Launcher EX to turn the Nook Tablet into an Android tablet. The only physical button I have other than power and volume is the nook button, which is the Home button. The button to access menus is in the bottom ribbon on my screen. This means that when I open nds4droid, since the app is full screen, it covers the ribbon so that I have no menu button. I cannot access any of the settings or anything like that. Any ideas?

  15. Hey Jeff, I hope you still read the comments. 🙂

    Would you please recompile NDS4Droid with support and some little optimisations/adjustments to support the new ART-Runtime (Alternative to Dalvik-VM since Android 4.4 “Kitkat”)?
    It seems to kill at least one android-abstractionlayer and once ART is optimized NDS4Droid can run twice (depending on the number of ALs) as fast without you doing any big optimisations to the NDS4Droid – Source. 🙂

    That’s enough for most 1GHz-CPU’s, even without you doing any work at multi-threading to support multi-core-cpus.

    1. I really really please you to further release updates to NDS4Droid!
      Even if it is just a minimum enhancement… You have “fans”.

      Believe me, or not.
      I am a Dev and I probably could do it on my own with a lot of time, but you’ve got the attitude of a good person. You share your source and the app is free, and so on…

      I AM A FAN! 🙂

  16. Please for the love of god add fast foward to the nds4droid on Google play store that’s the only way its going to run at full speed!!!!! Thank you

  17. How do you get the lid function to work? I posted this on Google Play but when I uncheck lid open it doesn’t have thw effect of actually closing the lid. Aside from that though, Jeff, I love your emulator and will continue to use it in the future 🙂

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