nds4droid release 41

Got another nds4droid release for all you starved souls out there! As you know, it’s up on Google Play and sourceforge. What you get:

  • Minor performance enhancements
  • Fixed a bug where rotating the display would cause the autosave timer to reset

Also, I wanted to clear the air a little bit here about the whole DraStic situation. It’s true that in the past I’ve been critical of other DS emulators such as DSoid — but this was not because I wanted people to use my emulator (in truth, why do I care, I make $0 off nds4droid). The reason was because the developer was actively stealing code (DeSmuME) and profiting off of it. DraStic is another story, it’s written by a brilliant developer (Exophase) from scratch, and he has every right to do with his code as he pleases. Do I wish he open sourced it? Sure. In fact, this is just my guess, but imagine that at some point in the future he will (he just seems like that kind of guy). I don’t, and no one else should, view it as an us vs. them thing.

When I set out to write nds4droid, it because there wasn’t a viable open source DS emulator available for the Android platform. In reality, I don’t have the time (or, to be honest, the intimate knowledge of the DS internals) to write the emulator from scratch. But I do have an expertise from my job in porting native code to Android, as well as writing regular Android UI code. When I was growing up, I used tons of free emulators and benefited from other people’s free labor. So, since I was in a position to be able to pay back this good will, I did it. This is the reason I didn’t charge for it or put ads in — I’ve certainly used tons of free apps, so I just viewed this as my turn to give back.

In conclusion, I harbor no sort of ill will or view DraStic as a bad thing (the only thing Exophase ever did to enrage me was make the gpSP dynarec a nightmare to debug!). If it makes sense for you — use it. If it doesn’t, don’t. And quit the flaming :).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. I applaud you, and agree with every statement you made, especially with the DSoid creator stealing Desmume’s code, I’ll be honest, I did download Drastic and it’s an impressive piece of work, but I’ll continue to support your efforts, you started the first DS Emulator that gave me hope, and I’d love to see you eventually finish what you started

  2. you are absolutely right. you are making it for $0 i think you should put a Nds4droid gold apk to play store for donate and give it gold symbol etc. i wish you will be donated and make this emu better than always. thanks for free emu

  3. Hello you guys there is this video on youtube of a sega dreamcast emulator called droidcast and the uploader name is gianluca vega you guys should check it out it runs at full speed ! No bullshit but he needs help developing it because he is making no money from it /;

  4. Idk if maybe jeff would be so kind to help him but gian has already been telling me that he needs help developing it and he asked if I can spread word on it to any developers check out his video on youtube its an amazing emulator let me know what you guys think please

  5. Thanks for the actualización.No never abandon the great work you do with nds4droid.Cuando will work 100% better than drastic ds emulator. Ignore bad reviews, some people do not understand that an emulator is hard and it takes a long time and also nds4droid is FREE. Keep updating it when I can, I will continue to support your project.

  6. Jeff why does the app keep closing on me I’m not complaining I don’t have a problem saving state all the time but are you going to fix this anytime soon?

  7. Thank you very much for the reassuring words. Some other Android open source emu devs really hate us right now (and I do sort of understand their position but the comments have gotten pretty personal) and I’m relieved that you aren’t one of them.

    I do agree, open source emulators will in most ways only offer advantages over closed ones, and will almost certainly always win out in the longer term. There is a definite element of selfishness behind my reasons for making closed emulators – more or less, the desire to have control over all of the emulator core and my “vision” for things to do, while keeping other people from releasing things that conflicts with that. The money is a factor too of course, but not really as big as the first one. If I do lose interest in an emulator that some other group wants to work on I’ll tend to fork over the source to them and let them open it, eg I recently gave gpSP code from up to 2008 and code for Temper (PC-Engine emulator I wrote) to some guys in the GCW-Zero scene. So I do think you’re right, if I stop working on it I’ll probably hand the source off to someone else who can open it. My source at least, I can’t speak for Lordus who does the Android side of things.

    Also agreed with you on gpSP’s code.. there’s a reason I didn’t reuse any of it for this 😀

    1. I completely understand wanting to keep to a vision, but it would be downright irresponsible of me not to offer my help integrating better with the Android environment and guidelines. I’m very familiar with the platform and its UX standards, and I like to think I’ve got a decent eye for graphic design and branding as well (see the icon and promo graphics for nds4droid).

      If you’re not sure, hit me up anyway and I’ll send you some stuff to look at:

      [email protected]

      1. All of the Android stuff on DraStic is actually done by Lordus, not me (I do the emulator core and Pandora version). If you can hop on IRC you can find both of us on Freenode, I’m sure he’ll listen to whatever you have to say about it. Thanks.

  8. Hello If Exophase knows better how a Nintendo DS, you could tell JeffT any advice for nds4droid fluid … I hope to see this finished 🙂 we JeffT emulator!

    1. It’s due to structual differences, of both projects (so nothing which simply can be copied and shared between the projects, probably…).
      But maybe there are a few things where other dev’s like exophase can find and “fix” some quirks. 🙂

  9. I have a problem. In the description for nds4droid it said it supported sound, my roms still have no audio. Is there a way I can access settings or something Jeff pls help

  10. Hey, Jeff, great emulator. I don’t know if I missed this bug fix in earlier posts but for some reason the emu won’t run. The download from play store is fine, but when I tap the app a window pops up stating that “nds4droid, unfortunately, has stopped”. When I tap the open windows icon it shows up as a black screen. This is on a galaxy nexus 10. I’m new to the emu community and didn’t know where else to post. Please respond or point me in the right direction.

  11. Jeffq, thank you for your work and contributions, one never be repected can never learn how to respect, but most of others will always know who is the kind one, come on, and I have found an interesting thing about nds4droid, while running a 3D game Dementium2, nds4droid gives a nearly full (54/60) speed with frameskip 3, meanwhile, cod4, biohizard or pokemon only at 25-40 frames per second, can you do an investigation on it to find if anything can be done to improve the performance?

    1. Has a lot to do with how often the graphics pipeline has to be processed, we have to pop out of the CPU emulation loop to do this, and this is relatively expensive. The current most low hanging fruit I’m working on is making Sequencer::findNext more efficient.

  12. ええと, I just installed this on my Galaxy Y Duos… I don’t know if there was something wrong in it, but does it really need to scan my external storage?

    It’s been 10 minutes now since it started scanning on its own. Is it normal? Does it need to finish the scan. I’ve been looking at it, it keeps on flashing, though there was nothing, just a white screen and goes back to scanning.

    1. try pressing the menu button to see the available options and if there’s nothing try pressing back because it’s supposed to go to the browser

  13. I’ve tried: zelda spirit tracks, metroid haunters,Animal crausin and new super mario, for now still at 20 fps, but you are seeing improvements in each update :).Do not forsake nds4droid …………

  14. JeffT when you finish with nds4droid, could make a dreamcast emulator :), currently there is none that works, is nullDC but no continued with the project and is unplayable …
    I encourage you’re doing a great job.:)

    1. They clearly said NullDC is still in the works. They don’t want to release anything because you know internet, everyone would hate etc like they did to Jeff for nds4droid.

  15. Keep doing ur thing jeff, i respect your work, i now moved on to drastic, as it performes very well, but i still support nds4droid.

  16. Jeff, I think your position is very respectful to the original Desmume authors who do not gain anything from commercial ports despite those would never have existed without the original code and i admire you.

    However, I think that Exophase (and Lordus) success is going to make a lot of emu authors (real ones, not opportunist port devs ^^) reconsider about open sourcing their code when starting a new emulator. It seems Nintendo is now never going to do anything against such emulators (who obviously make uncontrolled profits out of their IP, i.e roms) and 15000 users (still growing !) paying 8$ would make any freelance programmer dreaming.

    I have a question for Exophase also if he is still around: how such high revenues are handled ? do you have to declare it to your country financial administration ? did you expected to earn so much money in so short time (not counting software development time off course) ? I find it quite fascinating honestly, the emu scene is really taking an unexpected direction with this appstore business model, I wonder how console IP owners are going to react and if they even care anymore.

  17. We have to declare the money as income and pay the appropriate taxes. Note that this is after I give a percentage of it to Lordus (I’m not making this alone, we split the income). I’m not totally sure how this is supposed to be declared, which is why I’ll have to talk to a CPA about it.

    And no, I really didn’t expect to earn this much this quickly.

    The thing about open sourcing emulators, is that I think a lot of them are started with the intention of being open contributions to begin with. I doubt anyone ever considered doing something like PPSSPP alone and desmume as well never took off until several people were working on it. Doing it closed generally means doing it with a very small and fixed group of people, often just one or maybe two. I don’t think you’re really going to see that many people start doing it. The fact is, people have been selling emulators on Android for years – some of them are just ports of GPLed emulators, yes, but closed source ones sold by the original authors have been around for a long time too (for instance VGBA and everything else Marat Fayzullin does, FPSe, ePSXe, and more recently MyBoy! and so on) A lot of these were being sold even before Android was around.

    What confuses me is why people think that selling emulators will make IP holders care more than giving them out for free. Free emulators have much higher download counts. What it really comes down to is whether or not they’re actually taking sales, especially when most emulated systems are for older platforms (DS isn’t that old but it’s not that new either, only one or two games have really been in the top 75 for the past year). It’s not really the same situation as with Bleem! and UltraHLE which were released when the consoles still had a lot of huge new titles to come and their successors weren’t released yet.

    1. Thanks for the answers.

      Honestly, I doubt any of those emulators have sell so much in so short time, hence why i said it makes a premiere and an interesting success story. It is off course due to the fact NDS is one of the most recent emulated system and very popular but still, it is impressive. However, I still think that with this new business model, we will see less open source and much more commercial emulators being developped than before, because emulator users seem to have now accepted to pay for them (which was not the case before in PC and console homebrew area).

      I think you are right and IP holders probably do not care about commercial emulators once they are not selling the console and games anymore. I was thinking about Sony vs Bleem case but it was indeed during the Playstation lifetime.

  18. Hey Jeff, you emulator is amazing and it has brought joy to me and my friends, but we would like to make a suggestion. If you possibly make it so the emulator could use the phones wifi to connect multiplayer games. We understand if you can’t, you are just one guy. Thanks for an awesome emulator though 🙂

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