nds4droid release 45

Got an e-mail recently from someone having problems running nds4droid on an NVIDIA SHIELD so I’ve made a couple of updates that should ease the pain for those of you using these newfangled console-like devices. You can as always find it on Google Play and sourceforge. Bullet points:

  • Changed the default key mapping to open the options menu to “KEYCODE_BUTTON_START.” This should be a better default for controller-based systems like the OUYA or the NVIDIA SHIELD. It will require a full reinstall of the app for this default to take effect.
  • Added the ability to access the settings screen from the ROM browser options menu.
  • Enabled compatibility for devices without a touchscreen.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

45 thoughts on “nds4droid release 45”

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            Do it better!

            Start programming, if you’re capable of doing it and not just a retard…

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    1. Because it is ported and the emulation-core of desmume isn’t optimized for android, but rather to be portable to as much systems as possible, thus using more “Abstraction Layers” and so it has less recources for pure emulation, because it must be abstracted for every single “call”, not only emulated…
      You can compare it to an emulator, running an emulator… Technically it is different… But I want to give you an easy understandable picture…

      Other things like sending calls back and forth through the system-bus leads to higher latencys per reworked (NDS-)call… It would be better, if that’s done on-die (directly on the CPU, to 1. shorten physical ways a call has to “go” and latencys due to it and 2. to minimize “idle-times”, where the CPU or RAM has to wait, until it gets the reworked data back…) in it’s cache…

  1. Drastic is closed source…no speed update made in Drastic or ever will be…Nds4d can some day be faster than Drastic(big fantasy)…its all depends on that japanise boy DesMUmE creator…and if you take ARM A15 CPU will be 40% faster than ARM A9

    1. nds4droid will never be faster than drastic, unless jeff rewrite the emulator from scartch, optimized for arm and neon architheture. But nds4droid is free, and DraStic is paid, so both emulators are great.

  2. Pretty much thankful for your work! Though i have don’t have money to donate for your work, i still want to come and to say thank you for your great job!

  3. I need of some assistance. Aside from locating a saved state via files. Is it possible to locate/open a previous autosaved state/file. I never really took advantage of the save state feature or in game save feature, foolish on my part to allow the autosaved to be responsible for my progress but now it seems my game has froze and the autosavd happened to be saving at the same time now im stuck. Im not trying to doubleback, please help

  4. Anyone got any ideas why my bluetooth controller button won’t work with any games. I am able to map them in the settings part of the App so it must be seeing the controller but when a game is running they just don’t work.

  5. Can someone PLEASE help me find the settings menu..I have an HTC One and the roms work and run great but I cannot even turn on the sound or calibrate the settings to my desire because I can’t find the settings menu..HELP PLEASE!!! btw great work thanks for all the hard work

    1. I have an HTC one x on mine when you pull up a Rom to play there at the bottom of your screen are 3 dots stacked on top of each other. Press this to give the different menu options including a settings option that should help with your sound issues. If that’s not what you were looking for then I’m sorry I couldn’t help.

    2. was just wondering does it run at normal speed on the one?

      have a one-X but i need to set frameskipping to 7 and i think it’s not even running at normal speed then >.<

    1. There gona be new Arm vA7 called cortex-a15 CPU(Galaxy s4) up to 2.5Ghz and 40% faster that Arm-a9…This emulator it is not slow its just in wrong time…

  6. You actually get used to the slowness, once you play it for some time. Trust me. 😛
    Anyway, awesome work. Keep it up! Sadly, I can’t really donate…

  7. is there option to set resolution as multiple of the orginal resolution of nds because
    I can’t find it? the emulator is always fullscreen (keeping orginal proportions) and texts look bad because it’s enlarged by not integer number

  8. how do you use the start button now? i dont have a controller and i cant find the button which is suppose to be mapped to start

  9. Hi,
    I had a saumsung s3 with nds4droid and it worked great. I have recently upgraded to the s5 but because the new Samsung phone does not have the options button on the left anymore (was replaced by the open apps function) there is no way to access the menu to save / restore states etc…. is there a way to do it or is this a bit of dev?????

    Thanx for the great app!!!

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    1. Download roms from a site, google (nds roms)-> open n4a -> click on “file browser” and select the file.
      Make sure that you downloaded the file in the right format.

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