nds4droid release 40

Another super quick update to fix what I (think) are the last issues with the new ROM browser. It’s on Google Play and sourceforge. Changes:

  • Fixed a bug in the new ROM browser which would cause a crash when a ROM that couldn’t be opened was present on the device
  • The new ROM browser now only recursively searches five directories deep on the external storage

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

308 thoughts on “nds4droid release 40”

  1. 2 updated in the same day? wow… Well, just some sugestions. Add special characters support to new “rom browser”, like “é” in Pokémon etc. It show Pok?mon.

    Another thing, why you only increase the major update number? When you make small updates like this, is better to incresse the minor number like 39.1 etc. The nds4droid version should be like 5.2 if you make this way since the beginning, but is choice of developer.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    1. That Pokémon thing is probably my fault, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out. The titles are extracted directly from the ROM files themselves, and everything else decodes as UTF-8 without issue, but for some reason Pokémon titles use an odd character that only the DS knows is supposed to be an “é”.

      It’ll probably have to be fixed with a special case written just for Pokémon games, but I wouldn’t pester Jeff about it too much. He’s had to deal with my garbage code enough already. 😛

      1. Hijacking your comment for a quick question: is the code for nds4drood supposed to be built on eclipse? I can’t for the life of me get it to build on intellij

        1. It looks like that’s the case, yes. The .project file references a few Eclipse classes, and I don’t see anything related to Gradle (which Android Studio uses, not sure about vanilla IntelliJ).

          Never quite got around to building it, though, so I’d wait for The Man Himself for confirmation.

      2. Hey I haven’t tested but can we play Pokemon black and white on nds4droid??????????

        And one more thing how much JIT block should be for the fastest experience ???? Plz reply soon

  2. The ui is lookin’ slick Jeff. Really cool app. I can see the amount of work you’re putting into this nonprofitable app. Thanks. (And thanks to Alexander P. for the icon and browser!)

    And of course, retarded imbeciles are going to whine in this post too. “All we need is speed Jeff.” Bunch of losers who want a whole lot for FREE. Jeff can’t you delete those darn comments?

    1. Jeff isn’t covering up anything. He’s been hard at work doing a real job, and in between has taken lots of free time trying to add features to this app ALONGSIDE improving performance for whiners like you. Don’t be so ungrateful.

      1. why he doesen’t put ads to be all happy? (Jeffry and Alexander P. earn some money and work more in nds4droid)

      2. Alexander prime,

        Tell your friend jeff to focus on fps improvement if he doesn’t know what to do next with fps improvement then he should stop developing the app cause DraStic already surpassed nds4droid and no I am not advertising I am just setting an example BUT!! What drastic doesn’t have is Resizing Control layout that’s a minus but you have it but what nds4droid doesn’t have against DraStic is Noticeable major fps, so please improve the goddamn Fps to perfect the emulator then worry about everything else

    2. A year ago it was thought that writing a nds emulator was impossible. Just be glad you can have this.

  3. I salute you sir! for putting a lot of work on this nonprofitable app.
    thanks for the time im enjoying this app 🙂

  4. This nds app is starting to look great. Good on you Jeff! What is up with the screen when I play golden sun DS, the screen appears to frieze and play up. The game does look like it’s supposed to work fine though…

    1. Sorry, no, the 3DS is internally very different from the original DS hardware. Someone would have to start a new emulator from scratch, and it’s very unlikely you’d find any games that are playable on modern smartphone hardware.

      Give it like three years, I’m sure.

    2. Currently a team is raising money for decapping the 3ds-internal chips
      After that has happened, they’ll (probably/very likely) start to code the worlds first 3DS emulator (the ones currently out there are all fake ones).
      8-16month at least untill we can play 3ds-roms on PC.

  5. Wow, this nds scan function is very nice. But I found bug. this bug is not scan extSdCard path. please fix it.

    1. I believe you can change what directorys it will scan. Will it just not scan that for you? (What phone are you on, I didn’t encounter this problem on the Samsung S3 which has the extSdCard filesystem)

  6. its been a while since i played Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, and i have to say it runs faster since i last even open nds4droid but before this update or in actually fact i can’t truly pin point the exactly update, since i haven’t played in a month, but i digress, i use to be able to save using the savelog book and open stuffwell (the suitcase) but now it crashes. honestly the savelog book isnt a problem since i could just use the save features of the emu, but if i want to equip badges, regen health, etc i can’t because it crashes every time i try to open it, and before this wasnt a problem, before it was just suppppperrrr laggy. i don’t now exactly whats the issue is (if its me, or the update) anyhow i hope you guys can fix it, when you get the chance. and keep up the amazing work!!

  7. This will not detect any rom i download i went to cool rom where videos told me to go and it still wont detect the files

  8. what you talking About? the NDS original speed is in 60/30…i play a game in 12/30…needs about 5x more speed. (1Ghz)

  9. Your nds4droid emulator suck big balls you mess everything up trying to make it look like a ds made it run slow here are the thing you mess up

    1: it run slower then it did before

    2: when you play it on your phone the screen turn black and shut off

    3: the sound suck

    And 4: when the nds4droid load the games it take forever to load like and hour to get the games running and some when the it start playing the games it shut off again

    I like the old nds4droid emulator you used to make like the 26 to 1 . You nds4droid up to 30 to 40 suck dick

    1. Why not coding your own emulator then?

      Running flawless here, so your device (or yourself) is not working correct.

    2. This seems to be a configuration issue; many older devices are set up in such a way that they don’t cope well with software that requires higher specs. This is usually a result of manufacturers hiring hardware designers that aren’t able to see into the future.

      Unfortunately, once a device has been configured this way, it’s often irreversible. Your best course of action is probably to purchase a new one, but be warned that it’s still common practice to make devices that are less capable than ones in the future will be.

    3. You are probably trying to emulate DS games on a shitty device, like a galaxy y with a shitcore 0khz processor. If you buy a REAL Android phone/tablet, and not a piece of shit, maybe you can emulate with decent speed. nds4droid run 2d games smooth here, so the only problem i can see is you, you suck dick asshole.

      1. fun fact: nds4droid runs well on my optimus one, and that’s a phone with 512mb ram, 800Mhz (overclocked) single core armv6 and an adreno 200. Succeful anonymous troll is succeful

  10. This is a great emulator, I have a Sony xperia J (single core A-5 with GPU adreno 200) runs pokemon black 2 at 12-14 fps, I was think that my device would not run it, but it’s does.. Thank you for your work, maybe will be more fast in the future, but I’m not really sure if my device would be runs the pokemons games like a I want… Jeje

    1. Well, DraStic (a new awsome DS emulator) is coming, and runs Pokemon on a Xperia Play almost full speed, a device with only a single core 1ghz cpu. I think you device can get 40-50fps with DraStic, and this is very playable.

  11. Jeffq in galaxy tab 10.1 can not play because when you start the game, only see pictures when you change the position of the screen, I mean that when you start the game the screen stays black, this is going to solve? Or is there a way to fix it?

    1. Jeff already ported x86 JIT to nds4droid, so is already very optimized, run 45-50 fps with Pokemon on a razr i.

  12. Ever since this last update, all of my games crash. Including the ones that worked really well before hand. Could use a new update soon please!

  13. Hey, just wondering, I’m trying to play this game on my Huawei H866C, and I was wondering if anyone’s found out if it’s been found that any roms play? I’m just wondering, cuz it keeps saying it’s searching external storage….

    1. nds4droid is faster on x86 cpu, because it use the very optimized jit of desmume, with great speed gains, and arm jit is not very good yet.

      But if you mean what is more easy TO EMULATE, Arm for sure!

    1. The new API is part of Android-Core and not Android-NDK, AFAIK. So if Android 4.3 is faster for the same “sys-calls”, then obviously some apps are faster (those who use those faster sys-calls and the stuff, which it profits from “speed-wise”).

  14. I just installed virtual android phone on my computer and instaled Nds4droid run full speed games so i gues the problem is phone GPU maybe need new language or better logic to weaks GPUs xD i am still new on it 2 year of university scienc of computer so i only know i a little about C++ and games for android are in java right ?

    1. In general, application logic for Android is written in Java, but there is still the possibility to write native code with C++ which is called from Java to perform specific tasks more efficiently. In the case of nds4droid, this is also used to port existing code from DeSmuME.

      Interesting that there’s a performance boost when running on a virtual device. The only guess I can make is that the native interface is smart enough to run the x86 binary, which melfas mentions above has a faster JIT than the ARM version.

  15. so im new to this emulator
    can someone tell me what the performance is like
    also what device would people recommend a nexus 7

    1. I have a samsung gallaxy s2 and nds4droid runs quite well. I can play most of my games and the speed is close to smooth on all of them, but my battery runs out pretty fast. I haven’t tried over clocking my phone ( what ever that means 😛 )

    1. Jeffq need to adjust my big hairy powerful huge dick to his nds4droid emulator my Dick might help your game play faster play my dick might help your sister your mom or your female baby sitter feel happy 🙂

          1. Devil/satan/Antichrist or whatever name you prefer can NOT make/creat a son….even not demons.the demons who he have was angels who fell from heaven with him…(Advice:read more play less)

  16. If Mr. Jeffry was a super pro master programmer and spend 10 hours the day,the NDS4DROID would run even in 600mhz or that is not possible ?

    1. depends what device, my old Optimus One is overclocked to 800Mhz even if old with an adreno 200, but it handles things very well (monster hunter freedom unite was going almost fullspeed on ppsspp). Can’t say the same for devices like the galaxy y and other lowcost phones. Just wait for the emu to be faster because theorically it can be but we don’t know pratically (mario kart doesn’t run over 35-40fps on my xperia U (dualcore 1Ghz with a mali-400)

  17. On Android? Maybe with Frameskip, but those devices don’t feature a capacitive touch-screen and probably not enough buttons, so pretty much senseless for devices as old as those devices are (at least over 2 1/2 years).

    1. My reply was meant to be a reply to “A Random Man”s question.

      To be honest: It was a very short answer.
      It must be heavily optimized, to even run good on a dual-core 1ghz.

      Also Android APIs&stuff must be optimized…

      So shortest answer: “No!”, or “No, not possible!”

  18. Answer is No? Have you ever try PPSSPX ? runs almost full speed. and psp original have 222mhz. nds have 100mhz. so its sould be 2.22x times easyer to emulat Ds…(difference in CPU model … maybe that make the difference…but i dont know) i hope its gona run in 40fps at least in future. come on Jeffry and Alexander (ALEXANDER is programmer or he change performance only? )

    1. If there were an “easiness quotient” that could be calculated by simple division, emulating anything anywhere would be virtually no challenge at all. Unfortunately, there are a few more factors that go into it. 😛

      The “100mhz” that you mention is actually two processors: a 66MHz ARM9 that processes video and main game logic (usually), and a 33MHz ARM7 that goes largely unused by the game, but is still required to be synchronized with the ARM9 for certain hardware functions. These have to be strictly coordinated, which is one place where it’s easy for bottlenecks to crop up

      If you’d like lots and LOTS of other examples, check out http://nocash.emubase.de/gbatek.htm#dstechnicaldata .

      As for me, the only things I’ve contributed to nds4droid have been aesthetic: the OUYA banner, app icon, and rom scanner. Quite a while ago, I tried to create a DS rom that stubbed the ARM9 with some simple I/O control code to allow GBA games to run in NDS mode. It never worked, and I haven’t done anything even nearly as impressive in years.

  19. I experience freezing and then a force close at random parts during the game, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, anyone have any ideas why? This used to never happen until a recent update. Not sure which update it started to happen after though. Otherwise this emulator is looking great, in battle runs basically at a perfect speed, and in game is certainly playable after obtaining the running shoes, and I can’t wait to get a bike, keep up the great work

    1. Uninstall and reinstall the app. If this doesn’t work I would recommend you to close wifi connections, turn off live wallpapers and widgets, and uninstall unnecessary apps.

  20. I know that jeffq goes out of his way to develop this and dont get me wrong, I’m really grateful for that but I’d love to know if theres gonna be any sort of major performance update anytime soon because it seems 95% of the updates are just little fixes and features being added.

  21. Unfortunately, you usually can’t just change a digit in the code and see a spike in framerate. Improvements like this are usually the result of experimentation done behind the scenes, almost always affect stability and compatibility in impossible-to-predict ways, and generally don’t work at all until they’re completely finished. And there’s the distinct possibility that emulation is just as fast as it’s going to get on current hardware.

    If Jeff is working on something performance-related right now, any ETA will probably be either an arbitrary guess or an intentionally-misleading overestimate. Best just to enjoy what you have and wait to be pleasantly surprised if some new performance features make it to a release.

  22. Great job jeffy-poo! Rooting for you to stomp out Drastic, much respect for developing a free DS emulator from scratch while Exophase charges $8 for a port. (I know he coded the original, but still, ya know? Making money’s fine, but $8? Please, gurl….)
    Anyway, looking forward to your future success and looking forward to spanking Team Galactic’s hams.

    1. There is not any emulator for android called “Drastic”.no demo release or any source or official wepage…the only thing is one video on youtube that was posted some time ago and nothing more…

        1. i’m quiting thats the drastic and comments says thats is very good…6€ here 1$=0.75€ so its exactly 8$ the cost everywere

    2. jeffq didn’t develop anything from scratch, nds4droid is a port of desmume with some recompilers (that he didn’t write) included. That doesn’t mean he didn’t do real work here but like me he doesn’t believe in charging money selling an emulator that was mostly written by other people. Maybe if he wrote it all himself he’d be selling it, or maybe not, I really don’t know his feelings on that matter, but as it is right now it’s a totally incomparable situation.

      Don’t know why you call DraStic a port, yes it was released on another platform first but what difference does it make? Lordus has put a ton of work into making it tailored for Android, way more work than I put into the Pandora-specific parts of it, and it was intended to be for Android from the start. Do you call console games ports when they’re released on more than one platform not that far apart from each other in time? I think the more popular term for that is “multi-platform.”

      1. I found it funny that some guy said DraStic doesn’t exist. Either way is it really that hard to just support both emulators? No need to make it into a bitter competition.

      2. Well, truth be told, i dont know much about programming or emulation….”port” was an erroneus choice i guess. Multi-platform is more accurate. Didn’t know DraStic was orginally an Android project, interesting.
        Competition can be healthy ya know, but maybe jeff and exo could share some pointers, maybe, hmmmm? But nds4droid and drastic are probably too different to really make a collabarative effort possible, oh well.
        When all is said and done, i’ll probably end up downloading both anyway. If drastic is good enough than it’ll be worth it, but I just want to support jeffq first, didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers, no hard feelings, exo?
        Drastic looks great in the video, been following the pandora forums, and exophase/lordus have done a great job, cant wait for drastics release. And here’s hoping both emus find great success, the ds is a great system and ive had a blast reliving mario, zelda, pokemon, and final fantasy memories on other emus.

        1. I think people should definitely use and support what they want to use and support. There’s nothing wrong with using more than one emulator.. I’m sure nds4droid does and will continue to support games DraStic doesn’t. And some people don’t want to support a closed source and/or commercial emulator, and I understand that. As far as I’m concerned DraStic is good for the gameplay experience on a select set of devices for a limited number of years. Open source emulators like desmume and dasShiny are what will provide the standard for emulation and support for games over the next very many years. And it’s great that they can easily be ported to new platforms.

          I can communicate with jeffq is he wants to discuss things but there’s probably not much that can be done in terms of direct collaboration between the emulators (short of letting him use huge chunks of its source code which as you can guess probably isn’t going to happen).

    3. Drastic is a present from god

      Full speed (Like a real ds fps)
      Save and continue (Doesn’t go black screen when you go to options and then resuming)
      You can upload saves on google drive (if you want)

      It costs 8 dollars (WORTH IT) Trust me I have the app

  23. nds4droid does have good compatability, but it ran Pokemon Black at 10-13fps on my phone. DraStic emulates Pokemon Black at fullspeed with a bit of frameskip on the same hardware 😀

  24. Wtf guys, remember that without Jeff, we won’t have a DS emu at all. He was the one who started it all. Stop being stupid. I got DraStic myself too, but I will still support NDS4DROID.

    1. well now as Jeff sayd “There is no need to evolve my Nds4droid with codestone… i stop my project… Random man rule the world!!!” and then he continew his life.

    2. Absolutely. I find it odd that people don’t see the option of supporting both. DraStic is much faster, but I’ve seen quite a few graphics bugs, and there are some games where it just doesn’t work. There’s room for improvement on both fronts. That being said, DraStic will probably be updated faster as Exophase and Lordus are a team and make a profit on it, whereas Jeff does Nds4Droid more as a hobby.

      1. Jeff deserves more respect for pioneering ds emulation on android.
        Fuck all this fair weather pigeon degenerates taking the mic and saying balderash.
        Its work was free and he does it for free out of the little time he has.

    1. Why did you even make a comment? Just don’t say anything. Jeff doesn’t care if people like you leave, actually it’s better cause we won’t see crappy comments like yours

  25. Honestly, both emulators are still worth supporting. And since Exophase makes a profit on his, you can expect a lot more time to be put into it. DraStic is much faster true, but it has many graphics glitches, and sometimes games just flat out don’t work. Nds4Droid is more stable. So both have room for improvement, and both are worthy of praise. How many people who have posted on this thread could do something even close to either of these projects? (Excluding Sean Maas 🙂 ) I’m not sure why so many people feel the need to waste time trolling these projects. That goes for DraStic’s trolls too. (mudlord) The NDS emulator community for the most part kind of sucks. Especially when compared to the communities for the PSP and N64 emulators. (Clean, non-vulgar, intellectual, supportive…) Maybe that’s why it’s taking so long for decent emulators to be put out.

    1. I don’t want to sound like a hippi, but that’s true.

      To be honest: The Internet was build upon contribution and friendship. Even “battles&fights” of different crews has a friendshiplike sporty character.

      Prime example is the release-scene… They fight to be the first or get the best quality out, but they all have a lot things in common and are acting upon a base of freedom and friendship.

      The real scene is like a big family, whatever those h0nks do to compromise and infiltrate the internet.
      Facebook seems to me like a way to get more non-sceners to the net and flood it with non-scence-people like some of those, posting here.

      I strongly believe that everyone’s life, of those who ever really contributed to the scene, changed… and I also believe the scene’s intends will survive and still form the future net, even if there’s maybe only 1scener out of a million internet-users instead of maybe 1 out of 1000…

      Our beliefs, our will and our kung-fu is strong.
      The scene will never surrender, whatever they throw at us.

      The Internet already survived 2Waves of “control-overhaults” (those who are used to get control over a country).
      The third is (in case of a country) to destroy it.
      However, I’m not sure if we are already at wave 3 or not yet and I’m not sure how anyone would like to destroy the internet…

  26. I don’t know why you guys are bashing nds4droid now, much less jeffq. Please have a little respect, the guy put his time into it for free and he released long before we did – and right now DraStic still needs a lot of games ironed out that desmume and its ports like nds4droid do not. Open source emulators like desmume contributed by lots of people are what really allow consoles to be remembered far in the future, long after closed source emulators aren’t used anymore.

  27. Exophase I wanted to know if you are going to continue to make more successful emulators like maybe a sega dreamcast or a ps2 ?

  28. drastic is out and works like charm on my xperia play !!!!

    we still appreciate your hard work /mr.jeff …

    goodluck , i hope to see you on gamecube/wii emulator …

  29. I dont think he can make the gamecube emulator he can only do he ds emulator and plus if he do know how to make the gamecube emulator he first have to finish the nds4droid emulator first. So he won’t. be doing two thing at once but thank you jeffq for makeing this alsome emulator

  30. You guys think that jeff made a very hard work porting nds4droid to android, but anyone with basic knowledge can port an emulator. It’s so easy. Jeff ported an emulator that him didn’t writted, and used recompilers that, gues what, him didn’t writted either. What jeff done? Nothing, just touch controls and a configuration menu, anyone can do this shit.

    1. Guess what?
      Rather than talking bad about someone who actually contributed to the scene I’d like to see you porting desmume and the end-result should have the same speed.

      I give you 3days and 1000$, if you get it as fast as the current version.

      That it is a port is the main-cause of it beeing slow, thought.
      But jeffs version is definetly faster than a direct non-optimized port… If you prove me wrong on that and can compile a port which is faster than nds4droid only by using native tools to compile, I gladly send you another 1000$ (so 2000$ if you manage, what you’re mongering about).

      You will get the money, can proove your skills and can show what kind of bad programmer Jeff is…
      If you’re not capable of doing that, you shouldn’t “play god” or simply stop talking.

      Point blank

      Btw.: I already offered 1000$ to another person, which was never seen again.

      1. I will not port desmume to Android, since we already have desmume fork, and retroarch desmume core. Yes, nds4droid is a little faster, because jeff used jit not made be him to speed things up. He just joined codes written by others.

        Exophase wrote drastic from scratch, this is a admirable work, he is a real programmer.

        1. Right, it has nothing to do with the fact that your bluff was called, that you don’t know where to begin, and that emulators are extremely daunting tasks. Even Exophase comes to Jeffs defense, and yet that doesn’t even shut some idiots up. And by the way, porting means that the code in nds4droid is based off of Desmume. Jeff didn’t just make touch controls and publish an app as you said, which is just more proof you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        2. For 2000$ I would even make a video-recording with 2 screen view, where you can watch me doing that…

          Even if you only “join the stuff together” it doesn’t reach this speed.

          Btw.: Do you get the idea of open source?

          Technically Drastic also is a kind of port (of an pandorra-native app), or atleast a kind of cross-compiled binary, because the core runs on top of an android-abstractionlayer (the thing which lordus wrote), it’s just that it is exo’s own/self-written code.

          Drastic also was written and optimized for ARM-processors with NEON-Capabilities (I don’t know if it applies to both, or only one thing of both; the core or the al.).
          It is not compatible to any processor without NEON-Support.
          It is optimized to a specific hardware, which kills some al. Less al’s mean less cpu-time wasted…

          Desmume on the other hand is meant to be ported to any hardware-platform possible (regardless of the processor-type). This of course means, that there are more al’s which use cpu-cycles/power…

          You’re discrediting the free time Jeff invested into a project which he gives you for free, including the source like desmume’s licence states, which he respects.
          There are a shitload of emulators, which are sold on gplay and do not respect desmume’s licence.
          What you’re doing is discouraging and you know that, else you wouldn’t do it/write it that way…

          Real developers support each others, even in their “fights” of “who is better”.
          Why? Because it simply is a matter of learning and teaching tech-knowledge, which is simply facinating in all its regards…


          Despite the fact that a real programmer would not do what you’re doing here (discrediting someone’s work and discouraging him), I seriously doubt you contributed anything programm-wise to the scene, or to the fundus of software out there…

          1. Just to add:

            The only way to actually moan about something is to actually do it better and prove your skills.

            The only way to prove it is by actually contributing in some way.
            By contributing you encourage others to do it better (or moan about it without proving any skills).

            The great circle. 😀

          2. Exophase wrote drastic from scratch, this is a admirable work, he is a real programmer.
            That’s true.
            I’d say he is a developer…

            But you’re certainly not and if you really are, I guess you can only programm on-top of abstraction-layers…

  31. I have tried both Drastic and Nds4droid. I found that drastic does run faster but the way Nds4droids settings are, it is easier to work with. I personally prefer Nds4droid based on ease of use… the speed is fine on my phone! Thanks jeff and co.

  32. Hi guys I’ve been surfing the internet and I stumbled upon this. “DraStic DS Emulator”
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    Here’s the google play link: “https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dsemu.drastic”

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