nds4droid release 18 and dynarec beta

First and foremost there is a new version of nds4droid up on Google Play and sourceforge. The changes are:

  • Increased game compatibility, especially for Pokemon series games (thanks Sean)
  • Added option to show only the touch screen (under “Select screens” in settings)

Also, I have been working on merging in the Exophase dynarec into nds4droid (thanks @sShake69). I have the build up and running but I’m not 100% comfortable making it the official build until I have some more time to test it out. Maybe you can help me! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can download the dynarec beta here from sourceforge. Let me know your experience with it! The beta is ARM-v7 (newer phones) only, fyi.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Anybody tried the Digimon World Dusk? It works fine on older build. Tried dynarec build, can’t move my character. But moving the menu and choose is working fine.

      1. Tested. On dynarec, I can’t move my character. On non-dynarec nds4droid 18, I can play normally.

        But wow, the dynarec FPS are faster by averaging 5-10 FPS

          1. Yes, around that amount in that game. I don’t know about the other. Just tested for a while.

            Btw, i turned off sound, microphone and vsync.

  2. well well well,what a brilliant day today.
    dsoid update to 1.9.12
    Added frameskip and the ability to disable sound.
    Dsoid adds setting menu!
    And nds4droid adds dynarec!

  3. I love to see better ds emulators, but looking into the source, it seems the dynarec is just copied from Dsoid. But jeff never mentioned if he got dsoid source legitimately. It’s morally wrong and illegal to steal other’s code.

    1. No no no,it’s not illegal nor stealing.
      Fistly,the dynarec of dsoid actually is the one of gpsp made by exophase,which is under GPL . And Jeff mentioned exophase.
      Secondly,Qingping ,the developer of dsoid said “Email for source
      ” on play store.

    2. All of the code that Dsoid uses is GPL, which means he has an affirmative legal obligation to share all changes. What’s immoral and wrong is for him to sell other people’s work (DeSuME and the dynarec by Exophase, both of which are under the GPL).

      1. The terms and conditions of the GPL must be made available to anybody receiving a copy of the work that has a GPL applied to it (“the licensee”). Any licensee who adheres to the terms and conditions is given permission to modify the work, as well as to copy and redistribute the work or any derivative version. The licensee is allowed to charge a fee for this service, or do this free of charge. This latter point distinguishes the GPL from software licenses that prohibit commercial redistribution. The FSF argues that free software should not place restrictions on commercial use, and the GPL explicitly states that GPL works may be sold at any price.

      2. Jeffy, you are wrong. GPL explicitly says you can sell. Your response indirectly confirms that you are using Dsoid dynarec, but you didn’t answer my question if your Dsoid source was a legitimate copy. If it is, you should at least give credit to the dsoid author. If it is a stolen copy, I understand why you don’t want to do so, but it is unprofessional and immoral to attack Dsoid besides stealing is illegal.

        1. No , Jeff didn’t steal it.
          It is shack that emailed him .
          This is what shack said.
          “I got the actual source code….dont know about that, the developer himself gave it to me, and i said it was for a friend that is working on a emu for ds for android and it was having problems implementing the dynarec”

          1. Frankly, Jeff should have acknowledged that it is based on dsoid instead of pretending he made it himself and demoralizing dsoid.

          2. I would just call it dishonest instead of illegal or stealing if without proper aknowledgement of others work.

          3. hey beef. Jeff clearly says he worked out dynarec while the fact is he copied dsoid. he also says the dsoid author dishonest and immoral. you are saying all these are imagination. If you have difficulty comprehending what he says, go back to school and study American English harder. Otherwise it only shows your ignorance.

      3. Really? it’s wrong to sell under GPL? Come on Jeff, If you are not ignorant then you are vicious. Be thankful and honest.

  4. Nice done

    please , start work on mario series …


    super matio bros , mario and luigi bowser inside story , mario and luigi ….

  5. Dyanrec beta has improved performance significantly.
    Compatibility updates are also much welcome.


    I’d like to know what users with more powerful phones experience.
    Maybe someone with a Nexus 4 or even a Galaxy SIII (Exynos version) could drop a word?

  6. The beta looks promising, really looking forward to dynarec on nds4droid, but compatibility of the beta leaves a lot to be desired, but that will get fixed no doubt
    nds4droid 18 is cool, all Pokemon games start now

  7. In DEsmume fork with treath interpreter got 38 fps at “dbz attack of sayans”, now with nds4droid 18 had got 40-41 🙂 its better thanks jeff and sean 🙂

  8. With the last dynarec update i finally consider new super mario bros to be playable in my phone, 35-40 fps. Very much appreciated Jeff, you are doing a great job.

    I would love this project to follow the path of ppsspp, with the github and forum community, it is really great to watch how things happens and be a part of it in a way. That would atract also a number of developers, i am sure 😀

  9. Dsoid is more faster now, dbz ultimate kai now is playable also had got very glitches 🙁 nds4droid will be better than dsoid when Jeff and Sean will depured dynarec beta code .. sorry my english 😛

  10. i like that we created a forum like as ppsspp it will be interesting and nds4droid avanced a lot sorry my enlighs im spanish xD

  11. well, its sad to see that jeffs getting some hate for using dsoid dynarec, dsoid dynarec its exhophase dynarec, which is under gpl and can be modified and used by others, ofcourse jeff could mention thats is using dsoid dynarec, but its the same as saying he’s using exhophase’s dynarec, its up to him, i was the one who sent him the code, and it was the developer of dsoid who gave it to me, i said a friend wanted to implement dynarec, and was having problems, if he could send me the source, he sended, so i think he’s ok with it.

    Yall should be happy, that the android scene is gettin better is terms of the nintendo ds emulator instead of complaining about stupid things.

    Dsoid had a update?ok thats great, i support both nds4droid and dsoid, i actually bought it long time ago, instead of crying do the same as me and support both.

      1. The developer of Dsoid replyed me, i asked:

        “Hi, Thank you, would you mind if he uses the dynarec code and give you credit? Cheers”

        He said:

        “No, I don’t mind, but who is he (your friend)?”

        I said it was the developer of nds4droid, so jeff, if you dont mind, you could mention him in the next release so people stop bitchin about it.

      2. Yes, “Its up to him” to choose to be professional, moral, and legitimate. He appears to intentionally not mention that his beta is not based on Dsoid’s dynarec and pretend he worked it out. It’s a lack of judgement and morally wrong.

    1. “ofcourse jeff could mention thats is using dsoid dynarec”? No, not “could”, he should. If you look into the code, you will see that Dsoid dynarec is based on but not the same as exphase dynarec. It’s not “the same as saying he’s using exhophase’s dynarec”.

    2. I would just call it dishonest instead of illegal or stealing if without proper aknowledgement of others work.

  12. Okay let’s just clear this up. The dynamic recompiler was written by Exophase. Writing a dynamic recompiler is *very hard*, and it’s to him the credit should go. The part I used from Dsoid is how to hook up the recompiler into DeSmuME. The only part that Dsoid wrote was the “glue” of them together — to me, the credit goes to the person who wrote the hard part (the recompiler). It should also be noted that desmumefork did this glue work independently as well.

    The thing is, 90% of the code in all these apps comes from other sources, not the final app publisher. The Dsoid guy took 95% of other people’s code and has mode > $20,000 on the Google Play store from it. I have made a grand total of $200 from donations from nds4droid. Don’t mistake me, I’m not in this for they money — I recognized that since most of the code I was using was from other people it would be dishonest for me to charge/put ads in it when most of it wasn’t my work.

      1. Once , I thought it is only in China where there are many people who like crap.
        I found I’m wrong : (
        However, here is jeff’s blog.
        If it was a forum, we can just delete it and make crap forbidden.: (

          1. No.We like different opinions but hate craps.
            Different opinions make people happy because it is constructive.
            Craps only make people angry.
            Is it different in America or some other country?

          2. One opinion in country A may be regarded as crap, and in country B may be core value and vice versa. Examples of such debatable opinion are views on human rights, freedom of speech and democracy. If one dislikes an opinion and can just labels it crap and kills it, it’s scary.

          3. You are right
            But it’s not disliked by one person .
            It’s disliked by many people
            And kill some opinions make something peace
            I don’t think every opinion is valueable.And some opinions are really scary.

          4. You are still debating here? OK, let me teach you. I am sure your country is not the US. Your country must be a place where there is no freedom of speech, human rights, or democracy. According to your weird logic, your posts should be deleted immediately because all Americans are against it. Since Americans believe in freedom of speech, you should feel really lucky that your posts are still hanging here.

    1. Thank you Jeffq! I can’t wait when your NDS4Droid gradually merges with the dynarec! I honestly think a lot these users are being ridiculous. Though I have no clue of this situation, you gave credit to Exophase, however, some of them seem to think you’ve stolen this… However, Shake explained how this occurred and they still can’t comprehend that you didn’t steal this and that you gave credit to the man himself who created this… I would like to say thanks and I will enjoy to record this emulator and all it’s dynarec goodness!

    2. The fact is that you used Dsoid source code and its modified dynarec, even though the percentage of effort is just your subjective opinion. That you made less money can’t be an excuse to deny Dsoid’s valuable contribution.

    3. Although exophase dynarec has been there for years, you failed to make it work until you copied Dsoid. You should have acknowledge that it’s also based on Dsoid from the beginning. No, you didn’t. You tried to fool us users that you made a dynarec work. That’s dishonest and not acceptable by any standards.

    4. Once I had hope in your emulator even if it was slower than Dsoid. Now, your behavior becomes acceptable until you make corrective action. You have to honestly acknowledge other people’s effort as long as you touched it.

    5. In our engineering world, we always acknowledge other people’s effort if we touch their work. I believe it’s common sense to professionals in any field.

    1. i have to buy a new phone, so yall gotta wait some time, but jeff has this site, he could host a forum on it as a subdomain.
      Lets see if he says something when he sees this.

  13. Thank you jeff in first place, because you started the nds4droid emu, and second to sean that he continued and gave more compatibility to his great dsdroid, i think, in my poor opinion that you are going to be hate (for the dynarec, if it was from dsoid or exophase), for one simple reason, your work is for FREE, you dont seek any money, and thats the main reason that you (jeff), the all anonymous messages are anoying you that if you should give credit to dsoid developer or not,that you are a thief, and all this things… the main think i want to say is thank you (jeff and sean) for this great emulator, and so many many THANKs to give it for FREE.
    (sorry if i had some errors, because english is not my lenguage).

  14. Such a good app.

    One issue that I have noticed is that you can bind the MENU and BACK buttons, which should not be able to happen (IMO), as you cannot change them back (although, if you re-install, your save-states stay exactly as they were, so any settings you feel iffy about, you can always re-install and keep your places).

    I also suggest a way to un-bind buttons. I found some difficulty when I accidentally bound the VOLUME_UP button incorrectly, and when I re-bound it, the game interpreted both actions.

    Keep up the excellent work. If it runs bearably on my piece of [email protected]$# phone, then it can’t be too bad on better, higher end ones.

  15. Hey guys, wondering which Pokemon games are improved?
    I’ve a nexus 7 and heart gold is still unplayably slow even with new update.

  16. Jeff you made à 18 versoisn and you didnt tell me i tough wé ware friands.. friends tell friends stuff like this alsome ds you made (THANK-YOU JEFF

  17. I thought Jeff would team up with Dsoid to make a perfect DS emu. This thread is telling me that Jeff hates the DSoid author because (1) Jeff thinks to charge a fee violates GPL and (2) Jeff thinks Dsoid’s dynarec implementation is nothing. Come on Jeff, you know GPL allows you charge whatever fees you like. You have to admit that DSoid is worth more than $10. Is it nice for you to disgrace Dsoid at the same time you are using its code which is CRITICAL for your app?

  18. Hi jeff you fianlly did it pokemon diamond finally work and it really plays good. thank you for all you hard work. please if you like check me out at youtube.com/finalsample5

  19. This is disgusting. You are using Dsoid code for your (cr)app. It’s shameless enough that you did not say thanks to the author. You went further being so rude to him. Who else on earth is more shameless?

  20. First i like to thank jeff for all his hard work on this he was the one who started this

    To all the people who are bitching and complaining about if he stole it or what do me favor and put ur head back up ur ass were it belongs i dont see your emulator on the play store so fuck off

    Jeff thank you again for doing all this on your spare time

    1. Hahaha good one brian your funny i agree with you brian. people of spring field stop bitching jeff up and start thanking him for his hard work. and if you dont like his work then why are you here. THANK YOU JEFF FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK. I DONT MEAN TO TROUBLE YOU BUT YOU FIX POKEMON DIAMOND AND IT WORK GREAT BUT CAN YOU FIX THE SOUND TOO PLAY MUCH BETTER AND FASTER QAND CAN YOU SPEED THE GAME UP A LITTLE BIT MORE. (THANKK YOU)

  21. I support this app. my samsung S2 plays my ds games through NDS4DROID and it plays them at 85% compared to a real nintendo ds. I am happy and so should you all be. So what he didn’t acknowledge help right now, Jeff can say it when work on the dynarec is finished or whatever.

  22. The dynaric is good and that’s what you should care about not who ownes it, like pussy
    (Purposely aggravating)

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