nds4droid release 26

There’s a new release up on Google Play and sourceforge. It’s fairly minor, here are the changes:

  • Minor performance enhancements
  • New icon (thanks Alexander P.)

Big thanks to Alexander P. who has made the new icon (and the previous OUYA graphic). He’s also the developer of Manga Junkie; be sure to check it out and support him. I go to Japan fairly often (and *used* to speak Japanese okay), and his app has the English Detective Conan mangas which are awesome (I actually bought the entire series in Japanese at a Book-off while there!).

I’ll be in Atlanta this weekend for JordanCon V — if anyone hasn’t read The Wheel of Time I also definitely recommend it. Enjoy!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

34 thoughts on “nds4droid release 26”

  1. Been watching your project for sometime Jeff, and it is blossoming into something quite nice. Dont let peoples whining get you down…keep up the good work… Nice updates and looking towards the future….

    1. I have a Casio commando with a SINGLE core 800 mhz processor…which is lower end these days…and some games are almost playable even on mine now… excited to see what Jeff has in store in future updates

        1. Jeffs updates are working, which means its taking less CPU clock cycles to emulate the ARM9 and ARM7…its getting there due to Jeffs hard work.

          My theory is coming to pass that it work on lower end phones soon. Because some games are working almost decent right now

  2. laggy in my xperia play, for my divice 23 version is better, why? 🙁
    jeff, you maker a alternative emulator for other divices about version 23 please

  3. no performance diferrence here since version 23 (single core CortexA8 1.2ghz, Mali 400 gpu 1gb ram ) Pokemon white 2 runs at 10 fps averege

  4. the black boxes behind characters are gone but dialog text on devil survivor 2 is a bit messed up like before (22-23? i think) if you need screenshot ill send

  5. Awesome work, keeps getting faster, too. Thank you!

    The only trouble I have is with 3D object manipulation in Ace Attorney (AJ). When an area of screen get selected via touch, and in-game button should appear. In nds4droid it often fails to appear, like the select event is not triggered. When it appears, it’s really blink-and-miss. I compared the same spot copying over the state file and playing in through in DeSmuME, and it worked very well, so it’s not the game itself…

      1. No, not helping. I even got the same result compiling it from latest git and running in the android emulator (emulatorception ^^). I know, having come so far I really should just learn to debug C++ and/or pull desmume code to compare and solve my own problem and not complain about it…

    1. That’ll be my fault. The new icon is my design, and still has a bit of room for improvement. I’d not compared the icon to any others, but a quick search shows that I have little reason to worry that anyone will get these images confused.

    2. Hey, try to use your brain before you start asking stupid questions about copying. If you’ve tried both emulators(which I doubt you have), the differences are evident.
      Dsoid and nds4droid are totally different in means of compatibility, changeable settings, and the use of dynarec. If you don’t understand, I have nothibg more to say.
      Unlike Dsoid’s developer, Jeff is only taking modest amounts of donations, and nds4droid is open source(no offense to Qing Ping He). The next time you poke hard-working developers, at least have a little background knowledge.

  6. Really awesome, Pokemon Heart Gold definitely lags noticeably less and I could probably play it with a relatively small amount of patience. I’m surprised you’ve been able to achieve these speeds with just interpreter and no dynarec

  7. My pokemon black 2 play more rater then my pokemon white not the 2 pokemon hôte the first pokemon white game

  8. what some people dont seem to grasp is that with even all these updates the emulator will struggle to hit 40fps right now even on quad-core devices. i have an overclocked galaxy S3 lte international @1.704 ghz and an overclocked gpu and im only getting 39 fps on pokemon heart gold (a little lower on white 2). to be fair though once a threaded recompiler is completed it should give a lovely boost that should push the more powerful devices to 50+ fps in most medium end games. loving the progress keep it up

  9. I am male gigantic loser from China, pay attention to your more support for you, Jeff. You will develop better.

  10. Awesome update
    can’t wait for the dynarec etc. support 🙂

    Can u add an auto-save feature in the future?
    i sometimes forget to save after turning off nds4droid
    and it’s a nightmare

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