nds4droid release 21

Time for a new nds4droid release! Get it on Google Play and sourceforge Here’s the deal:

  • Better OUYA support (thanks @HeinousGames)
  • Minor performance enhancements
  • Increased default frame skip from 1 to 3

Big shoutout to Heinous Games for letting me try use their development OUYA to test it out. Check out their apps on Google Play!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

64 thoughts on “nds4droid release 21”

    1. It’s a new open-source Android mini-console. It goes retail in June but some people got it early. You should research it. It’s worth the time.

    1. Do any one know how to fix my pokemon white game i cant grain no exp after the pokè battle. Some one told me something about poke black exp patched rom but what do the mean. Can someone help me please

      1. It is a anti piracy prevention from the game itself. The ROM need to be patched. Try to go to http://www.dicastia.com

        Search for the pokemon white rom. Download the Dicastia_AP-Patch. Use it to remove the AP(Anti Piracy).

        Try it first. I honestly never use it because i’m playing it on my real NDS. Just need to update the flashcart to bypass the AP.

        1. Can sommeone help me figure this out? I can’t find the section to get to choose a game and need some help plese

    1. Sean, will/are you going to continue Dsdroid? I’m your number one fan from twitter. I’d just like to know the status of Dsdroid please.

  1. I would like to say that I discovered nds4droid a little less than a month ago and I think it is a fantastic idea. I really appreciate all the work you’ve been doing on it, and I’m curious to know if we will continue to see updates coming out fairly quickly as the last 3 have been or if they’re liable to slow down in the near future?
    Again thanks for making this great emulator.

    1. It tends to be randoms at times. 3 updates in the and a half week or 1 updates in 3 months. So you really don’t know when to expect an update. 😀 But the updates have gotten faster since he’s gotten out of school. So, Update cheers!!

          1. Yeah I’ve noticed thatthat the updates tend to come in spurts. I just can hardly wait to play Rune Factory 1, 2, and 3 on my phone at any time. Yeah I know, everyone says that about their favorite DS games, but the Rune Factories are just fantastic. Unfortunately they’re only running at 27-30 fps on my galaxy s2. Oh well, it’ll come soon enough I suppose.

          2. I like rune factory too: )
            I have already cleared rune factory3!!!
            25fps is enough to play.hahaha

  2. New Fire Emblem Heroes of Light and Shadow works flawless, running on ~55fps and about 80-100% realtime (depends on situation). My Nexus 7 has finally reached its destiny 😀
    As always…. thanks Jeff

  3. you are ” Hercules ” !!!!

    you make me ROCK like JOHN BON JOVI 😀

    is there any way to download ouya games 😉 ?

    (( crossing finger to play mario and zelda series on my xperi aplay ))

  4. Thank you for keeping supporting and improving it, could u please make some improvements for castlevania series in the next update ?

    Would be very Glad.


    Brazil Rocks.

    1. It can’t improve a individual game’s speed. It all depends on the speed of the emulator, not game. Tested and almost confirmed tip: The Smaller the game, the faster the game.

      1. Maybe it can improve a individual game.
        GTA Chinatown has a speed up of 10fps compared to r20.
        But I don’t know the reason.

  5. My friend who also has Nds4droid on his phone says that some ninja gaden ds game doesn’t work on this app, but works on his compter with no$gba. Why do you think it doesn’t work. All the games I have tried play really well… Great app by the way 😉

      1. Because a computer has a faster CPU so it can play games faster than a phone. And, like so many other people said, why play nintendo DS games on a phone that was programmed to make calls.

    1. Oh yes it will, it just lags when you’re walking around otherwise the fps is rather high. Now if it truly isn’t working for you then you probably have a bad rom.

      1. Maybe it not the ROM maybe it the phone he using to play it on. Becouse all of my rom work even all the pokemon game im using à Android tablet not à phone it plays all most of all the game even all the piment game but when i play Naruto council 3 it plays great but not sound to it . It will be Nice if the next nds4droid 22 plays the games much faster

        1. That’s a possibility. I wish ppsspp was a universally compatible with roms as nds4droid. I have only one game, Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness, that runs and I’m interested in playing. Of course ppsspp has a much higher framerate too haha. Oh well, n64oid is the best Android emulator hands down. LOZ OOT woo!!!!

    1. Tablet are the best way to play ds games faster on Jeff nds4droid phone suck using Jeff alsome great app. It better to used this app on à tablet believe me guys the reason why pokemon.game or not.working and.why they are slow becouse you.are using à cell phone they are only ment for calling and the internet not Jeff app. So if you want to play the games faster used a tablet

      1. That has nothing to do with it. It’s slow because the dynarec isn’t implemented yet it has absolutely nothing to do with a cell phone vs a tablet; quit talking out of your ass please.

        1. I’m afraid I must agree with alienjiz420. I mean shit FinalSample, phones with DUAL and QUAD core processors were meant for more than just making phone calls and getting on the internet.

  6. I like to thank Jeff for the wonderful app and you guys for helping me fix my pokemon white game. When i was playing it after the battle my Pokèmon didnt grain no exp. That becouse i was using a pokemon game that was.not patched i did now that thank-you gays for tell me where to get a pokemon white patched ROM now i can play pokemon white and my pokemon grain exp now thank-you guys thank-you and you to jeffq

    1. how many fps?

      I still dont have a phone, so many releases didnt tried none 🙁

      Im only interested on playing pokemon,

      1. I only have pokemon ranger pokemon expor of time and pokemon diamond and Pokè monde white . Pokemon diamond fps 21-23% and pokemon white plays 14-16% pokemon ranger on my tablet plays up to 26-32% and pokemon expor of time plays up too 46-53% the best pokemon games that maybe plays almost full is pokemon ranger all the pokemon expor time darkness and the sky. That all i know that plays good if i have anything else about this i let you guys know.

    2. How do u fixed your rom?
      I have allready patched my pokemon black rom and used the Action Replay but still no exp for me. 🙁

      It doesnt matter if i play black or white, but i really want to gain exp.

  7. I was playing pokemon soulsilver on galaxy note 2 and when i go to pokemon center heal my pokemon it just freeze 🙁 please fix thank oh and can someone tell me if they have play on xperia play what fps you got? thanks

  8. Love this emulator, i love playing the pokemon series.im wondering if there is a online feature a way to battle other players?

    Keep going on the performance fixes! saw many diffrence between ur last updates! cant wait to see it completely working!

    Supporting ur a$$ off right about……….

  9. Still slow but its getting there! Hope continue your great work and release the #22 with much improvement on speed. Thanks Jeff!

    1. You can get the game for this nds4droid. You can get them form coolrom.com or romulation.net there more sites you can get the ds games rom i just used these two sites.

  10. I herd that when you play pokemon white or black and you are in a pokemon battle and you bet a pokemon and you win but you grain no exp. That suck how are you going to level up your pokemon. But now you can grain exp and you can level up your pokemon just go to this website http://mediafire.com/?s1kizjyumqy5870 and download this is pokemon white rom. You will now grain exp. Have fun pokemon trainers

  11. great Emulator pokemon black 2 run with 13-14 fps and in the battles at 30fps. i have tested many other Emulators and this one is the best. i hope next update will be a Performance update

    1. PS: my phone is a xperia arc s with custom Rom and custom kernel (xperia ultimate hd Rom 3.0.2, lupus kernel v10 @1.6ghz

  12. I try load soul silver and pokemon heart gold but suddenly after type you pj name the game freezes even on the patched versions, anybody knows a way to play pokemon?

    by the way, thanks to the developer for his hard work thank you man

    using xperia s

  13. Can someone post a link to a website where they have pokemon black 2 cause i cant gain exp so plz post a link to a website that has one wer i can gain exp

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