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  • nds4droid release 17

    I’ve updated nds4droid to fix a bug reported here earlier. You can find it as always on Google Play or on sourceforge. Fixes a bug where the touch screen was not properly accounting for locked aspect ratios

  • A word on multithreading

    A lot of people have asked why nds4droid only takes 50% of their CPU on quad core devices. The reason is generally straightforward: nds4droid has two main threads, one that does the actual emulation and one that does all drawing/compositing/input processing. The actual “main” emulation thread is bottleneck and why the emulator can be slow; […]

  • nds4droid release 16

    Presented for your approval, another nds4droid release! As usual it’s up on Google Play as well as sourceforge. Changelog? Changelog: New setting (on by default) to maintain aspect ratio of original game (turns off “stretching”) New setting (off by default) to show only the main game screen Ability to fake shutting the DS lid (in menu), […]

  • nds4droid release 15

    I have released nds4droid release 15 which fixes the game compatibility problems that were introduced in release 14. Sorry, I was a little overzealous in my optimizations :D. It has been uploaded to Google Play and is also available on sourceforge. Sorry!

  • nds4droid release 14

    Did you miss me much :)? Release 14 of nds4droid has been pushed to Google Play and sourceforge. Here’s what we’ve got: Performance enhancements for several different devices. Results will vary by game and device but I’m seeing 10-15% speed increases on my Nexus 7. Thanks for the support everyone has shown in dealing with […]

  • nds4droid update

    I’ve been working on the nds4droid update that includes a dynarec for both ARM and x86, but there’s a fair amount of work so it will take a bit longer. There may be a small update soon that includes updated translations etc., however. As far as the big dynarec update goes there’s no ETA right […]

  • nds4droid release 13

    I have pushed a quick fix (release 13) to Google Play and sourceforge to address the issue of sound not working on some devices with release 12. Turns out several devices have buggy OpenSL ES drivers and can only handle one instance of OpenSL ES being created per application (I was creating one each for audio […]

  • nds4droid release 12

    Release 12 for nds4droid is up on the usual suspects, sourceforge and Google Play. Here’s what you can expect in this one: Microphone support. By default, your device’s microphone (if available) is used as the emulated DS’s microphone Increased performance on Tegra2 and other ARMv7 non-NEON CPUs Adds an option to force touch screen processing even […]

  • nds4droid release 11

    Release 11 is ready to go for nds4droid! Sourceforge has the APK as well as Google Play. Changes in this version: Support for cheats. Use the cheats menu option to add and edit Action Replay cheats Performance enhancements for ARM based devices Adds a French translation

  • nds4droid release 10

    Release train keeps on rolling! nds4droid release 10 is up on sourceforge and Google Play. The changelog: Much better sound emulation, should be free of previous hiss or popping and sound smooth Added option to lock screens to their portrait orientation, while still rotating controls (for games that are meant to be played with the […]