nds4droid release 10

Release train keeps on rolling! nds4droid release 10 is up on sourceforge and Google Play. The changelog:

  • Much better sound emulation, should be free of previous hiss or popping and sound smooth
  • Added option to lock screens to their portrait orientation, while still rotating controls (for games that are meant to be played with the DS held sideways like a book)
  • Added option to change the language of the emulated DS
  • Native support for x86 devices. Emulation should now run much faster on x86 based systems
  • Added a partial Italian translation
  • Updated Portuguese translation

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

85 thoughts on “nds4droid release 10”

  1. WOOOW

    you ROCK man !
    that was long time that nobody couldn’t emulate NDS games on android .

    where have you been hero πŸ™‚

    1. You’re crazy talented to be able to get even this far in making a nds emulator! if you keep it up there will be a full speed nds emulator on the market in no time. you’re doing an awesome job!

  2. sorry for my double post !
    i’m so excited .
    the improvement on sound is really sensable/amazing

    can you please add ” auto frameskip ” option to make graphic rendering smoother ?

      1. I know that v9 make to can map hardware button O but after that when i press back button it do not exit app but i look like press hardware O button if possible please add Exit in menu. Thank you

        1. You can’t have one without the other, so it’s either keep it that way or map it to a different button. Alternatively you could just use the home button to get out.(Be sure to go the load screen first so it shuts off the game.)

  3. holy shit
    ive never seen a dev update this quick and improve an app this fast

    man you are the model every dev should follow


      1. Same….so sad… Wanna play my games…btw, how do you fix the sound ? My music sounds choppy. When there is a voice actor, the voice is choppy… but food job making this !!! Hugs hugs hugs.

    1. Hey!!! Can somebody tell me where I can download games? I have the emulator, but I dont know where get games!!! Help me please!!!

  4. Great work btw those this emulator support more cores and use them all? just Wonder since my s3 dont get hot when using this emulator. If it dont have support for it yeat im sure that will give pretty good speed boost since eks s3 have 4 core cpu

  5. everyone call jeff by his new name hero or ndsgod these nicknames are perfectly suitibale for a person who gets 100 more installs everyday πŸ˜‰ he is a HERO

  6. Getting around 15-22 frames in the Galaxy nexus…playing PokΓ©mon soul silver …very nice job…keep the good Work up…btw is andriod 4.1 officially supportet and is it recommended to turn on GPU rendering…?hope we can get at around 30 frames soon πŸ™‚

  7. nice i love your emulator, but on xperia play the mapped start button equals the select button. so start and select are the same, could you fix this please =)

    sound is nice and smooth

  8. i would like to ask you some questions..what is the best phone you can run this emulator?which is the fastest nds game to run with?and how much processor power do u recomend for the app to run at 30fps for example?thanks in advance

  9. Wow excellent progress. Xperia play support is obviously excellent. Mario kart ds and new Mario bros work excellent with the hardware keys and landscape mode.
    Also zelda-phantom hourglass has a ips patch to use the d pad instead of touch making it also great for the play. http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/786/

    1. Accidentally posted before I was done. But besides those great games,
      Hotel Dusk room 215 which was meant to be played holding like a book works maybe even better then the ds when you put screen rotation lock and play in landscape!

    2. thank yo man

      i’ve also downloaded the patch for super mario bros πŸ˜€


      just imagine : new super mario bros , mario and luigi bowser iside story , mario and kuigi partner in time , zelda – phantom , zelda – spirit tracks

      wow , god

      1. Whow didnt notice they had NSMB patch! I always thought the levels seemed so bland compared to older marios.
        Hourglass patch works great to you can move, roll and spin attaco all with the controller.

  10. Very good progress with this Rom. I’m very impressed. Please keep up the good work.

    Maybe start a kickstarter campaign to raise awareness and get some funding so more time is spent on the emulator.

    I’m running it on a galaxy s3 and Pokemon Pearl I get 65fps at the starting point with the professor. Then in game I get 22fps. So it’s an improvement. Please keep it up.


  11. dunno if you noticed but the other nds4droid on google play isn’t an original app it’s actually just a mirror of yours but the guys still charging for it.

    1. how do you know its not the other way round? not to imply anything but this app has only been around for 2-3 weeks, and the others for ages (i think)

        1. I believe he’s talking about the one by “STUDIO JB DEV” not Dsoid. They’ve even gone as far as to copy the change log. They’re ripping other apps off too so I’d expect them to get removed soon.

          1. Oh… i see
            yeah i didn think it was Dsoid too, I once downloaded it from the internet and it didn even have save states (last i checked)

            well, the dev had better start suing them. Some serious money is to be made here πŸ˜€

  12. Ik it hasnt been an update but we can wait XD cheats are in next update!! cant wait for action replay or gameshark! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ i can wait for the cheats and speed update i can wait XD

  13. This is so amazing! Soon I might not need to buy a new DS to play Pokemon Black 2 (DSi XL was stolen…nearly broke my heart). Keep up the good work! I didn’t even notice this app was alive until this update. Phoenix Wright runs almost flawlessly which far exceeded my expectations. I am awestruck by your genius.

  14. hi! magnificent work so far! this is some really good attempt of ds emulation on mobile,finally someone did it without selling their minor modded desmume code for 5-6 dollars. if i had to make a request, can you add an exit function? it’s really annoying to terminate the process every time i want to change or close the app.anyway awesome work again! take off my hat to you

  15. Nice although when ever I try to play Pokemon diamond it just crashes… Buti have android that runs 700 MHz …. Is that too slow?

  16. Almost every hour of every day I check to see if there is an update, because every update makes the app so much better! You rock, Jeff, and so does this app! It’s OK if there’s no update tonight, the app is already so great, but I’m still hoping!

  17. I suggest we create a list of playable games (device, fps, setting, …) for reference. I’m using xperia mini pro (it’s not very strong, i know) and digimon world ds, digimon world dawn/dusk run at about 21 fps with normal screen filter, software render, no sound.

  18. ok my got a question my heart gold moves so slow also the way to save the game is kinda hard when is the update for those options?

  19. ok i have heart gold and it moves so slow also the way to save it is bad wen is the update for those supposed to come sorry biut the other post too many typos

  20. Dbz Detensu is very playabled 85 % speed in my s3 without overclock dbz attack of sayan is playabled too at 75-80% speed both of them with sound sorry my english

  21. I pray really hard that he updates tommorow cause every update gives it a permenant boost or brand new features! πŸ˜€ Especially the cheats this is gonna be cool!!

  22. I have the sony ericsson and on pokemon I only get 6-7 fps can someone help me got my frame skip up to 9 and still really slow πŸ™

  23. Pokemon diamond gets stuck right after I kill starly… :(( Please fix. The animations ate still playing though, its just that starly isnt fainting…

  24. Pokemon.diamond and pearl wont play soulsilver crashes as soon as you get to the wild grass any fixs suggustions? Thanks πŸ™‚ (samsung tablet)

  25. Ok so I’m stuck on Zelda… I’ve become obsessed!!! Anywhoo… I haven’t been able to figure out how I’m supposed to “close” my phone to transfer the sea crest thingy from the map to my map… I’ve seriously tried everything an it makes me want to cry… someone help me!!!!! Please!!!!! πŸ™

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