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    1. I’ve been thinking about writing a better directory screen but I’m not sure if I’ll get around to it.

  1. in google play or in a web site that jeff posted look up and u will find them.
    btw jeff please make it just 30% faster or if u can make one menu that every emu has im talking bout Fast Forward
    ? plz answer i really would appriciate this 🙁 sorry for my eng

    1. Here’s the thing about fast forward. How can you expect to run the games faster than the original system if you can’t run them at normal speed? The fast forward option on most emulators is essentially just removing the frame limiter. It can’t be done unless the emu is capable of playing faster than full speed.

  2. I’m unsure with something, but NDS doesn’t work with ARMV6 devices. Was it supposed to? Thanks Jeff, hope this project prospers.

  3. Its a great app but would you please add a only show touch screen option like u have for the main screen this would make it perfect PLEASE take my advice thank you

  4. Well,the break of dsdroid is over.
    This is from Sean’s bolg.
    My break is over. I have some things planned for v1.3, such as: dynarec (exophase or armcjit), opengl support, vsync option and optimizations. Also the usual DeSmuME update. Watch my progress on GitHub!
    I’m wondering if Sean got connected to Exophase,the master who created gpsp and DraStic…
    What do you think about that,guys?囧

  5. Nice work Jeff!

    I just installed your “Nds4droid Release 17”.

    Only, please improve the app. more specially for the Galaxy Y… It’s too slow… I can’t even get out of my house in Pokemon HeartGold.

    Well, Nds4droid, as you just said is just at its “infancy” and you’re still working a lot of stuff. But please make more improvements.

    And I just want you to know, this is the very first Nintendo DS Emulator for Android, and I’m only 15 years old so…

    many gamers will be expecting a lot for this emulator!

    Especially me! =)

    I’ll be looking forward to your next App. Update Jeff…

    Thanks… =)

  6. Anyone know how to get Ace Attorny investigations: Miles Edgeworth to work on the emulator? When I press a button on the emulator it just hangs, nothing happens after that, the app buttons work but it doesent progress in the menues

  7. Please fix how slow it is I literally spent a half hour on the intro for Pokemon and gave up I would give it a full 5 stars 10 if I could but please fix!

  8. I’m not sure what else Jeff has to say for everyone to stop asking questions that he has obviously addressed or have been addressed in the comment section. Before you ask a question or beg Jeff to make it faster, remember 2 things. 1. Look at Jeff’s posts and the comment sections for recent builds. Chances are your question was already asked. 2. Stop asking him to speed it up. Its not like its doing anything to help the process along. It’s like when your parents ask you to do something over and over again. It doesn’t make you do it faster. Why should a different logic be used n

  9. Great emu, DS emulation never felt so crispy as on the screen of my Galaxy Note II, have just tested with HeartGold (Frameskip 9, no sound, micro off) and was almost at normal speed (switched off the Energysaving option on the phone, of course).
    I’m just wondering two things:
    * How do I get more than one quick save slot?
    * Why are there no options to switch of some of the special effects (e.g. wind, shading..) I seem to remember that those were optional in earlier versions of DeSmuME and were a further way to improve speed on demanding games.
    Cheers and thanks a lot for the fun and I hope you keep up the good work!

    1. Save states can be found by pressing the menu button and clicking more. Press save state option and you have up to nine slots. The other options, I don’t know what to tell you.

  10. I own a samsung s2 and with your updates above v13, I am able to play all my games like dragon quest, pkmn, super princess peach and final fantasy ect with reasonable speed. You are doing a great job so keep it up. Ps the closing lid was a nice touch.

  11. Great news from DSDROID!

    “NOTE: The v1.3 update is coming soon! OpenGL, ARMv6, Dynarec, Optimizations, it’s going to be GREAT!”

      1. No,Im sure that dsdroid’s jit is not just a copy.Because the desmumefork’s developer is a friend of mine.The jit of desmumefork is just a try and it’s useless.It’s nonsensical to copy a useless jit.

        1. “Added desmume-fork’s dynarec. This app is not optimized for arm, but if I put the dynarec with arm-optimized code, good things will happen!”

          Sean’s Twitter

          1. The developer of desmumefork and I are both Chinese.It’s very bad for us that we can’t use Twitter in our country.囧.I will tell him We can’t appericiate you any more.

  12. Hey!
    Love this emu. But i hope it will get better soon. Really wanna play pokemon. Its to laggy still. Even if i have a samsung galaxy note 2 with 4 cores cpu and 2gb ram.



  13. “Been meaning to say, desmume-fork’s JIT actually SLOWS IT DOWN. Tested in DSdroid and desmume-fork itself. Update when I find good dynarec,”

    :((( i want a faster nds emu so bad…

    I talked to exophase, hes porting DraStic for android in a few months, i guess we all have to wait for that.

    1. DraStic is only good for fully 2D games so far. He says it’s unbearably slow with 3D games and 2D games that use 3D engines. (Most)

  14. Our only hope is now nds4droid and dsoid.

    Hope dsoid gets and update soon, its been almost a month since last one :-\

    I tweeted sean saying that he could ask the developer of dsoid the source by email since it has a dynarec.

    lets see if he reply’s

  15. Hahahahaha~
    About Drastic,I found this.

    Q: Are you going to release this for other platforms?
    A: Would like to release for iOS (for jailbroken devices, on Cydia) and Android,
    hopefully this year. If there are other promising ARM devices, particularly
    ARM Linux ones, I might release for them too (let me know if you want an
    ARM Chromebook port for instance)

    Q: Will DraStic cost money?
    A: The Pandora version will remain free. Other ports may vary. I’ll probably
    charge a small amount for iOS and Android ports, at least initially. ”

    1. ehehe like i told yall, we’ll have to wait, i just bought a new phone so i could test new versions of dsdroid, but now it makes no sence.

      We should have a forum so discuss all the emus, this is a place for nds4droid, if some people want, i can create one.

  16. “DraStic is closed source for the foreseeable future. It’s not violating
    any licenses. If you want the source code for some reason send me an e-mail
    and I will consider it, depending on what you want it for and how trustworthy
    you seem.”

    Jeff or sean should get their hands on this

          1. I don’t think the emulator was ever removed from play store. It just the developer stopped working on it,

    1. Because then you’d just be downloading dsdroid. And nds4droid would be no better than the copy-emu’s that are all over Google Play asking $5 for a cut-and-paste copy of Jeff’s emulator.

      1. I don’t think so in this case. Dsdroid was based off Nds4droid and was actually doing good. The developer got pretty much 100% DeSmeMe compatibility and all the Pokemon games were running perfectly apart from the frame rate. Now Sean has given up, Jeff could merge the code and keep developing.

  17. I got DSOID Source, Jeff say soemthing if you want it, to use the dynarec from it on nds4droid, and if anyone know how can i contact Sean from dsdroid let me know, i tried his twitter but he never replys.

    1. You mean the actual SOURCE CODE, or an APK package with some resources for the app in it? Also, if it’s not open source, then stealing the code would be illegal.

      1. I got the actual source code….dont know about that, the developer himself gave it to me, and i said it was for a friend that is working on a emu for ds for android and it was having problems implementing the dynarec, i think nobody is stealing here, its just depends how you gonna use the code, it could be helpfull for Sean or Jeff, they dont need to actually copy paste it.

        1. No, don’t do that. It’s not a good idea. It’s NOT good for Dsoid or anybody. I don’t want to see Dsoid author to quit. I love Dsoid the fastest emulator.

          1. I reckon it’s a good idea. the more people working together, the faster the emulator will be ready!

    2. I think Jeff and Sean have the DSOID source code too. I guess they just don’t want to discourage the Dsoid author to update so they don’t want to copy Dsoid dynarec. Simply put, Jeff and Sean respect Dsoid author’s effort and leave Dsoid to become the first perfect DS emulator. I fully understand it is a huge engineering task to implement dynarec in an Android ds emulator. I googled the Dsoid author’s email address, it turns out the Dsoid author is a high school kid (Maybe many people knew it already). To show my support, respect, and encouragement, I bought Dsoid and proudly made additional donation. I hope you can do the same, shake.

  18. Hey, former DSdroid developer here. I’ve retired, I am not that good with optimizations, that’s why I stopped. However, I can optimize desmume-fork with nds4droid’s code, while keeping desmume-fork’s interpreter. ArmCJit slows it down, however the threaded interpreter speeds it up, even on single core devices, in my testing. I am working on this, might post on play store if I get around to finishing.

      1. “ A fork of the Nintendo DS emulator DeSmuME,with a new arm threaded interpreter and android support.

        Android support is based on nds4droid. ”

        And he had told us that only the android part is based on nds4droid……(-.-)

    1. Sean ,it’s a good idea to use the threaded interpreter but desmumefork needs a larger ram,which can’t less than 512m.
      I think maybe you should solve this problem. ; )

    1. No, but my site expired and I didn’t feel like paying to keep it up. The project is still going on, however. I never really used my site, anyways.

  19. Hi i love your work your nds4droid is out of this World never stop making thèse and îf you dont throw this alsome project out. Put it somewhere you can have it later in the future when you start it again. And make sûre you get some rest too. I know you been up all night trying to make us Lille boys and girls happy thank you. Im your bigest fan and i aways wil. :@)

  20. Jeff should try to implement the threaded interpreter in his next update. He knows nds4droid better than me, and could probably implement it easier than me. I have a lot of work to do for my method, and it is not one of my top priorities. If Jeff does it before me, I’m sure it would work better.

        1. I saw your email, well i dont know what version of DSOID that source code is, i just asked the developer and he sent me that, he took some days to reply tho.

          Since DSOID is paid, i dont think he wants to share the latest version, dont know.

          1. Because the dynarec (the main thing wanted) was the only thing outdated, it is almost useless, im afraid. Oh well, back to my original plan. Still, BTW not one of my top priorities.

    1. Oh sean,you konw,the dynarec is based on the one of gpsp ,which was created by exophase a few years ago.
      Maybe it can work on your emu since it could work on dsoid.

    1. Oh yes, i forgot to mention that i emailed jeff a little while back on how to patch this. Hopefully he reads it and fixes in next update!

  21. I’m going to work on my own DS emu, NOT based off of nds4droid. It might take a bit to release, but it WILL come! It’s still going to be DSdroid, what else isn’t taken, really.

        1. I have demume compiled, first I am working on settings. I can’t get the sound to disable when unchecked! Trying a new approach.

          1. Yes! My first options menu I have made! (with only one option, lol) What I mean is, this will be my first full application that I have worked on not based off of an existing application, besides little things to learn programming. This is a big step for me!

  22. Okay, the ds emulator wen down in priority. The thing is, I’ve been working away, but I forgot that if I work too much, I get massive headaches. It might have something to do with the fact that I have adhd. Oh weel, itllstill come, eventually.

  23. Dont forget selector of languages, my english sucks… Xd lol very luck¡ todos tus fans te apoyan, harás historia tio¡¡

      1. “移植的部分上传了,有人有兴趣的话可以接着研究。现在状态是载入游戏后白屏,似乎卡在什么奇怪的地方了。”
        When the game is loaded,it will be white screen.
        He don’t know what’s wrong with it.
        Sean,you can countinue working on it.
        And the dynarec is the one of gpsp and also the one of dsoid…
        Well,it is I that requested him to try it.

        1. Well, im starting to see alot of developers, like sean said, they all could contribute and work together on a git repository, it would be faster and easier for everyone on my opinion.

  24. I’m gonna compile desmume-fork, if the dynarec works, I’ll implement it into nds4droid and post it here. Just thinking here, but there should be a ds emulator where anyone can contribute, just like PPSSPP. I would, but I don’t have much (any, really) experience with git repositories like that.

    1. Yep, that would be perfect.I cant help on that, i have 0 experience…. Hopefully somebody can help you, u and jeff should get on touch and talk about those thing, he replied me on twitter, saying that was interested on taking a look to dsoid source, ive sent it to him, lets see what ge can do.

      1. I’m thinking instead of making my own ds emulator, helping jeff with his would be better, because then we would have one great emu, instead of 2 not-as-good emus, if you know what I mean.

          1. the more people working on it the better it will become, it looks like more people is interested in working on that.

          1. I can create a forum, and pay for domain, i have alot of experience with forums, if some people is interested i can do that, what yall think?

    2. It seems like that Sacha of PPSSPP is interested in the jit of dsoid. And he want to help improving the jit of dsoid.
      Maybe you can try to connect him.
      I can tell you his email through email.(I’m so sorry for my poor english)
      Plaese check your email ,sean.

    1. “移植的部分上传了,有人有兴趣的话可以接着研究。现在状态是载入游戏后白屏,似乎卡在什么奇怪的地方了。”
      When the game is loaded,it will be white screen.
      He don’t know what’s wrong with it.
      Sean,you can countinue working on it.
      And the dynarec is the one of gpsp and also the one of dsoid…

  25. beeflot i dont understand a thing of chinese xD, im sure alot of people from there doesnt, we need a english forum

  26. i have the samsung note 2, It’s got a 1.6 quad core in it with 2 gigs of ram and has handled every other form of emulation avaliable for the mobile platform flawlessly, i was wondering how soon till we might be able to test at full speed, I’ve run the slowed down version and I’m not getting much of a processing load so I’m hopeful it wont be too much longer. Again, thanks for all your hard work to bring this project together, can’t wait to see it finished!

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