nds4droid release 16

Presented for your approval, another nds4droid release! As usual it’s up on Google Play as well as sourceforge. Changelog? Changelog:

  • New setting (on by default) to maintain aspect ratio of original game (turns off “stretching”)
  • New setting (off by default) to show only the main game screen
  • Ability to fake shutting the DS lid (in menu), which is needed by some games like Phantom Hourglass
  • Performance improvements
  • Increased game compatbility

I upgraded to a Note II a few days ago and main screen only in landscape mode looks awesome on it :D.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

13 thoughts on “nds4droid release 16”

  1. Just found your emulator shortly after you uploaded r16. Downloaded it to my SNote2 and tried playing Brain Age. I don’t mind the inconsistent lag, but the touchscreen seems inaccurate – might be a good idea to package future revisions with a calibration tool to fix that.

    Additionally, the stretching (aka letterboxing) remains in Landscape Mode, requiring the user to disable Automatic Screen Rotation in similar games. You might want to look at other apps to see how they have internally disabled or elsewise locked (Phone) Screen Rotation.

    On a related note, I believe DeSmuME has a feature to allow users to manually (though not individually) control LCD Screen Rotation. Would it be possible to integrate this feature into the App Settings in the future?

  2. Hi! I really appreciate your work on this emulator
    I fear this question was asked many times already: is it normal that I have a blackscreen (or one of the screens) when I use openGL as 3D renderer? So I must use software 3D renderer on my Note 2 and OneX
    Also, on both my Note 2 and my OneX, fps remain the same whatever the screen filtering I use, from no filtering to the most beautiful HQ filtering. Same if I use sound or not: no fps difference. Do filterings drain no extra power??
    I remember the first time I tried NDS on a smartphone, I had 5 fps at mario Kart ^^
    Now I have 22 with no frameskip, 30 with frameskip, so huge work has been done!
    Thanks again!

    1. OpenGl is only supported on xperia play AFAIK because it’s the only one with a seperate graphics unit that works with OpenGl. This graphics system requires specialized drivers and such so that’s why it won’t work on most smartphones.

  3. Hi, nice work… You just team up with the autor of dsdroid, he said something on his blog, that he wanted to work with you and create a better emu, 2 brains are better than 1 right? I think he emailed u, his nickname is Sean i guess, reply to him.

    His blog:


  4. Hi
    Great work.
    Sorry to say but now using aspect ratio the touchscreen is still in no aspect ratio. There is a big diffrence between screen and touch now.

  5. damn i hate saying this but …. my phone is shit btw jeff u made just 10% faster the emu :/ and my character walks slower than my grandma :S

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