events, and nds4droid 22/23

As some of you may have noticed there were two nds4droid releases last night, release 22 and release 23. In just a fantastic coincidence of timing, my website host decided to lock me out of updating the site right when I made the release, so I couldn’t keep you guys up to date.

Release 22 contains many performance enhancements, the main one being the inclusion of a new ARM execution engines from gechdcb (of desmume-fork). There are two new engines: a “threaded” version of the interpreter, and a JIT that uses tinycc to dynamically generate code. You can change these under the “Execution engine” option in the Settings menu; the old original engine is the regular interpreter (if you’re having issues try switching back to this).

Release 23 was a hotfix for release 22 — release 22 was using too much memory so on devices with low RAM availability the emulator would crash when loading ROMs. The obligatory Google Play and sourceforge links.

Finally, big shoutout to Alexander P. for his winning submission for OUYA logo contest!

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