nds4droid release 25

I noticed that some people were complaining that release 24 was actually slower for them (even though I wasn’t for me) so I did some investigating and hopefully this release helps smooth everything out. Get release 25 on Google Play and sourceforge. A pretty simple changelog:

  • Minor performance enhancements

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Jeff Can jest literally improve the speed of the emulator to its maximium,like make it use almost all the ram power,MHz,GHz,cpu,or any other processer?

  2. Love your work, and the fantastic results. I would like to see a joystick instead of the arrows as controls or at least as an option of controls. I think this should improve the playability. Thanks for all.

  3. jeff, in my divice is slow … why? u_u
    if in the update nds4droid-23 is fast?
    my celphone is a xperia play
    need you help please !
    excelent emulator

      1. 已经来了,雾隐雪尘,I think if the running state of varieties of games are known by jeffq,it maybe help his work.可惜他不会中文,我的专业术语英语又不准,不能准确描述。

  4. Is there anyway to download the older version like 23. Mine worked perfect on the galaxy note 2 and after update, not so much. No longer have images on both screen and some of the gauges from the main display have disappeared

  5. If really slow on both of my devices a nexus 7 with cm 10.1 and my att HTC one x+ with sense Rom stock kernel. Pokemon black white and new super Mario bros really laggy those are the games I’ve tried. Any help?

      1. Its laggy on my phone too att HTC one x+ idk how people can get smooth gameplay. If someone who gets it working correctly can let them know what options they chose in seetings?

  6. Jeff Can you jest literally improve the speed of the emulator to its maximium,like make it use almost all the ram power,MHz,GHz,cpu,or any other processer?

      1. I know that, but i heard Chrono trigger run perfect on nds4oid so i want to test it out on this game ^^. But it’s too slow to play =.=!

        1. for nds4droid to be any where near full speed u need a phone with a dual or multi-core setup. the xperia play while good when it was released it was only released with a single core. granted its clock speed can be almost doubled if a kernel supports it but its just too slow for NDS emulation. saying that though my old single core crapbox desktop can run no$gba at full speed so u never know after optimisations

  7. The update makes no difference, the emulator is still too slow if you can tell us how to edit the speed from settings ourselves please tell us, thanks

    1. learn programming and write your own emulator or help jeff with programming ? i think hes trying his best now. ive been an emulator fan and recent generation consoles are hard to emulate perfectly even on a pc, let alone on android with weaker specs

    1. New super mario bros freezes at intro. Mario kart ds touch screen at races is working normaly but main screen is always black. Xperia ray ics 4.0.4

  8. wich rom i need for pokemon? every rom i download even patched ones of soul silver snd heart gold freezes after type the name of the character and “start the adventure” i’m on xperia s

  9. Maybe it what you are using to play the rom or you using a tablet or phone im using a tablet playing pokemon white it work find and even my pokemon diamond game it work almost perfect. But still need just that litre speed to it. I know you just updated your nds4droid but try the 23 version instead maybe your what ever you using cant handle the 25 version. By the way do anybody know where i can down pokemon white 2 or black 2 patched rom if anyone know please tell me (THANK YOU)

  10. Running almost perfect, nearly 100% realtime in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and ~58fps (lowest ~50).
    I use a Nexus 7 @1,5GHz CPU and 446MHZ GPU (will get quite hot after some time). Theaded interpreter (as this one seems to be the fastest, nearly 5fps faster than normal Interpreter), frameskip 3, screenfilter is LQ2x (if you prefer a stronger AA then use HQ2x), Software 3D Renderer (lil bit faster than OpenGL), disabled sound and mic.
    So, i am utterly satisfied with this version. My desired game is 100% playbale, thanks jeff.

  11. Jeff, big issue for me because I’m trying to play Chrono Trigger, can you please fix key mapping? For example I put the L and R button key mapping as my search key. Sometimes only the L or R button works. Sometimes not at all. I really need this fixed to play this game. You see I have to Hold L+R together and then press A. I thought the key mapping would work if I pressed my search button and then pressed A. It didn’t. Please help….

  12. im playing devil survivor 2 with release 24 and now im having black boxes behind characters where i think they’re supposed to be transparent alphas, and good job jeff the text are readable now. using the new thread engine i get 13/30 fps, using jitt i get 10/30. gonna try release 25 tonight

  13. Final fantasy IV seems to be working great on my Nexus4. I hope GS:DD works soon! Btw what screen filters are recomended for good performance, there are too many and I have no idea which to choose

    1. Screenfilters won’t slow down the emulator noticable, so use whicherver you like. LQ2x is quite nice if you want only a little AA, or use HQ2x for stronger smoothing.

  14. thanks for truly awesome work on this app..but i want to know if in anyways you can make this faster on xperia play . like on samsung … thanks

  15. After this update professor Layton & diabolical box no longer works properly – a lot of the screen is black at times which makes it unplayable. I switched back to nds4droid from dsdroid about release 18/19 after that seemed to fix the prof Layton games freezing at a specific point early on in the games so hopefully you can fix this and I can carry on from my save. Cheers for all your work so far.

    1. Also, I tried going back to release 23 but the problem persists (after an uninstall/reinstall). I didn’t delete the nds4droid folder since it has my saved states but is there something in there I that release 25 would have altered? I am starting from an older saved state and the parts of the game that are black now worked fine about 3 days ago.

      1. For anyone else in the same boat, save state files from nds4droid will work with dsdroid if you copy them to the right directory – is an adequate temporary solution. Hopefully the next update will solve it.

  16. Well I only tested on one games so far. Digimon world dawn and release 25 does improve performance…it’s smoothest one so far. Don’t know about other games though

  17. i can play all pokemons and other roms but still some are slow like the dsmume in pc, i prefer if you work with no$gba for android better and fast emulator for pc ported to android thats an AA plus

      1. plus no$ was written in Assembly, so therefore the calls are applied quicker as theres no translation going on.

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