nds4droid release 20

Time for another nds4droid update, both on Google Play and sourceforge. This is mainly a feature update, here’s what you get:

  • Support for the OUYA console
  • Better defaults for game pad key mappings
  • Save/load menus now show the last modified time of save states
  • ROM picker now remembers the last path a ROM was loaded from
  • Fixes a bug where the emulator could crash the very first time it was run on a new device
  • Fixes a bug were some touch buttons weren’t working on certain aspect ratios

As mentioned above this release supports the OUYA console and has been submitted to their store for approval. I don’t have an OUYA (yet) but given it’s specs I expect it to run nds4droid quite nicely 🙂

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

61 thoughts on “nds4droid release 20”

  1. r14 : 01 04
    r15 : 01 05

    r16 : 02 22
    r17 : 02 23

    r18 : 03 23
    r19 : 03 25

    r20 : 03 29
    now im waiting for r21 XD
    nice work jeff.

    1. What seems to be going on here is it seems to be using the proper aspect ratios if the screens were horizontal, but they are vertical. So everything gets smushed. Also, it would be great if we could set the “don’t rotate LCDs” option on a per-game basis, it’s a pain to go back into the menus when switching between Brain Age and NSMB.

      And why does the ROM browser always default to /sdcard? I have to keep browsing back to /external_sd and it sucks.

      1. Yeah, it’s not realizing it needs to still use the vertical aspect ratio… I’ll fix this soon. Also, the new release should remember the last place you loaded a ROM from now.

  2. Hi jeffq can you make pokemon diamond sound run much better and little more faster and the game too. I can play pokemon diamond on my tablet. The pokemon game is not slow. But it just the sound need to play faster and the game too. But thank you. And you did an alsome job on the other nds4droid i beat pokemon ex of time on your nds4droid 19. That the only pokemon game that plays full speed. Now it time for pokemon diamond to play the same way.


    can you please add smiley on this blog 🙂
    i want to show my feeling 😀


    i’m waiting for MARIO and ZELDA series …

  4. Hey, it’s Ed from OUYAForum.com. Please make a new thread about the nds4droid pending release in the OUYAForum folder “Upcoming OUYA Games/Apps”. Everyone over there would love to see this is coming to OUYA. I’ll also help you publicize it by tweeting to our followers!

  5. Seems like nds4droid is gettin alot of love, and now with ouya, even more, hope it gives jeff more motivation than he already has 😀

  6. hey jeff,

    app is going great. keep up the good work. one bug ive noticed is that i dont recieve text messages while playing games. ive had multiple ppl in the room with me send a text while i play and i dont get it. i receive calls tho. figured id just let u know. thanks

  7. Hey jeff

    Can you add a button size option

    Make it use almost all the cpu

    make it stop when sometime exiting

  8. Guys don’t push too hard as if jeff didnt have a life. Come on guys, Jeff also needs to have a life and time with his boy/girl friends, siblings, parents, …..

    1. We are not pushing him around. We given him some of are love and thank for making these wonderful nds4droids. And i thank jeff is having a hello of à life because making these nds4droid you can get rich fashed off of them. If i ever came up with these nds4droid i sell it to you guys maybe 999,999,999,99 dollars and 99 cents hahaha just messing with you guy i give it for free plus tax no refun. I give my nds4droid for free. But if i did ever make the nds4droid i might be rich.

      1. LoL jeff’s not rich because of nds4droid, as u might have noticed, nds4droid is free, if it wasnt, i believe by now, he should have made some good money of it, but is he’s decision, and he choose it to make it free for everyone, we should be thankful, ill still buy it tho….

  9. Hey Jeff, you plan to work on JIT soon? I read that nds4droid JIT was the same from DSoid, DSoid dynarec just sucks, it’s not event complete and only have few instructions. I hope you work on dynarec soon :/

    Why not make a forum and a githun page for nds4droid? You are developing the emulator alone, and it will just be too slow, if you create a forum a lost of peoples will try to help you and the emulator progress will be faster.

    I don’t understand how a emulator like nds4droid, being developed for more than 1 year, can be slower than ppsspp, only in development for a few months, and psp hardware is more complex than nds, plus nds is arm like android, and psp is MIPS. Really weird and sad.

    1. The hard thing about the DS is it has two processors (an ARM9 and the ARM7 from the GBA) that run in parallel and we constantly have to sync the state between them. We can only run one or two instructions on each before breaking out and checking for DMA transfers, etc.

        1. The github + forum option has made wonders with mupen64 for Android too. The emulator has evolved a lot lately thanks to this and the new developers recruited.

    1. Can you make ice cream come out the nds4droid that will be so cool and make it transforme into things like a car. So i wont be late for school. Make it take us to the past and future make the games pop out and in 3D. Sorry guys i got bored and had nothing to post so i post this stupid comment. Sorry. But hey guys will it be if Jeff nds4droid did this stuff.

      1. That why my pokemon white game rient work coolrom pokemon white dose not work it did but it keep skipping then it freezes. But i tried the Pokè white ROM at Emuparadise.com and i tell you i was so happy. It work and it plays fast like 42% not yet it full speed but i can deal with it so you guys who love pokemon white dont download it at coolrom.com download it form Emuparadise.com l. You can download it where ever you like but coolrom pokemon white ROM rient work for me Emuparadise ROM did

    1. The Pokè black plays great but need to play faster when in battle but there one thing when i defeat à pokemon i get no Exp grain. How am i pose to level up my pokemon. ,-( Jeff please fix that

  10. I try load soul silver and pokemon heart gold but suddenly after type you pj name the game freezes even on the patched versions, anybody knows a way to play pokemon?

    by the way, thanks to the developer for his hard work thank you man

    using xperia s

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