nds4droid release 19

Believe it or not there’s a new version of nds4doid up on Google Play and sourceforge. Here’s what you get:

  • Performance enhancements (most users should see a 7-10% FPS increase)

On a somewhat related note, I’ve gone to the last two Google I/O conferences, but unfortunately this year because of a bug in the site when it came time to buy tickets I wasn’t able to get a ticket. If anyone knows of someone willing to sell their ticket to me please let me know!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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      1. Jeff has the Dsoid’s dynarec source code. There is no need to team up. He can proudly make it himself. Besides, Jeff burnt the bridge over the weekend.

        1. there’s is also a NDS4Windows…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….And NDS4Symbian and Java

  1. Tested on galaxy s2 with pokemon black 2
    main menu gave me 35fps
    main intro of the game gave me 15fps
    Great work as always Jeff!
    i will wait patiently for the next update.
    Keep it up mate ^_^

      1. it does not suck cause it played fine. But thank you for atleast trying hard with CAPS to change my opinion on an android phone ^_^.

  2. great now all it needs is a directory to previous games so I don’t have to keep looking for them in my external memery card.

  3. Wow¡ is a much faster in spite of havent got a dynarec.. When had got dynarec Will amazing.. Sorry my english lol

  4. So far, PKMN Black is working for me. It even makes it through the battles in the house when you start a new game. For performance, I have it set to frame skip to 0, with vsync on (otherwise there is a line of flicker on the top of the screen). I also have mic and sound turned off for now. Works like a charm. Its a bit slow still, but I assume that is due to the dual threads over 4 (I read some of the past posts). I am very impressed with how far this app comes and if I can test anything, please let me know. I am a software test engineer (QA) by profession. Having time to test, will be the challenge lol.

    1. So I will update this post of mine. Unchecked the maintain aspect ratio (this doesn’t change much, but the characters look great) and here is what I get:

      35+ FPS during intro, drops to maybe 15 when the black guy is animating. Walking on the map is about 25 FPS. Its noticable lag, but not the end of the world. hey, to be honest, its awesome. I don’t have to really carry my DS anymore, just my note 2 lol. thanks again Jeff, and let me know if there is anyway I can help!

  5. I asked in an earlier post if you could add time stamps to the save state menu, but it doesn’t look like it’s made it in yet. Is it still something you’d like to add or is there some reason adding it would be impractical or something? Not that I’m complaining, because it’s still a really solid emulator.

    1. You should be able to use androzip (or possibly other file managers on android) as a work around for this. Locate the save file, long press, and select properties.

    1. Try messing with the settings. I currently use the following:
      Frame Skip: 0 – 1
      Vsync off (if you don’t mind a glitchy line at the top of the screen)
      Maintain Aspect Ratio off
      Sound off
      Mic off

      1. yes I know, I use the same, except sound and mic on. Same settings as last update, but no speedup. Well, 1fps more sometimes. Oh, well.

  6. Now in dbz attack of sayan got 44 fps in this release with frameskip 4 in my Samsung galaxy s3 in release 18 with frameskip 4 had got only 38 fps… Release 19 is much faster than 18

  7. Well I’m not sure whats going on…

    I keep reading comments about the pokemon games working but on my s3 I get the intro running at 65fps and then the actual game starts and it drops to 37fps (38%/09%) but the main screen is black?

    I mean the little speech bubbles pop up but that’s it, no display? I have maintain aspect ratio off, mic off, sound off, Vsync off and I’ve cycled through all the Frame skips, and all the Screen Filters but still no display…

    Would love a reply thanks…

  8. ohh. so many updates and i cant try them, cuz i have no phone, i was fukin scamed, they sold me a fukin clone of htc one x and i have returned it.

    I cant wait to try this…

  9. Jeff, was this performance boost from implementing the initial stages of dynarec or is that still not merged into the main build?

      1. no , no dynarec is included in this version

        It is very nice of jeff to make such a speed up without dynarec XD, isn’t it?

        I can’t wait to know how nice it will be if the dynarec is optimized. XD

  10. nevermind beeflot, u are right 🙂 i was confused about this version, no dynarec, your right, only the beta has dynarec.

  11. I haven’t seen any speed improvement in the beta dynarec build (I’ve lost four fps on average vs the standard build). Is this normal for the beta? Btw, my phone is a galaxy nexus. Anyways though very good work so far Jeff.

      1. I mean Jeff’s beta build (the on with dynarec) of nds4droid. The beta seem to be running 5-6 fps (I normally get 20 fps but in the beta I get like 14-15 fps) slower then the standard nds4droid.

  12. I predict it is going to be a vain attempt to include dynarec because the dynarec nds4droid is not going to work even after exophase releases his drastic in the play store at the end of the year. So people, just buckle up for the drastic release.

    1. I dont know what do you mean, by that time i predict nds4droid will work much better then now, who knows, maybe almost perfect, i still will support nds4droid, dsoid and all others if any, after drastic is released.

  13. Just wanted let everyone know that drastic the great will soon be available. If you know history, you will know it is very unlikely that nds4droid will even be close to perfect when drastic publishes.

  14. Hahaha little people phone are no good for this nds4droid the tablet are people . Thank to Jeff nds4droid app im playing every ds games full speed im playing Pokè white 2 then tommorw pokemon diamond. They work 102% on my Android tablets. So stop using phone and try à tablet it might play faster i dont know what you guy play it on but my nds4droid work like an angle for above :@)

    1. So…….ds game do tell what tablet are you using? I have a nexus 7 and it plays games no faster then my galaxy nexus. The reason why I think is because nds4droid does not take full adadvantage of it 4 core processor.

      1. I used à crag you herd of it right i got it for right for only 11 dollar sweet so sweet but my tablet used to suck like your till i keep on update my nds4droid now it on the 19 version of this app. The game that might play fast d’or your princes peach Drangonball Z HD it à card game pokemon time and darkness Pokèmon ranger and las for the abyss i love that game. And if these games dont work for you then your tablet just suck. Get à New one

  15. Awesome work Jeff. Performance during Phoenix Wright emulation improved, altough the background music still slow. Without screen filters, OpenGL enabled and frameskip set to 4, the background music plays at almost perfect speed, however animation becomes pretty jumpy. With 3D set to none the and frameskip to 2, the music also is almost perfect, but the touchscreen won’t show nothing. These tests with vsync on, because when it’s off the screen gets pretty ugly.

    Tested on a Nexus 7 WiFi 16Gb

    1. You just took the word right out of my mouth just please can you please do that jeffq i like to battle every here who wrote on jeffq page and battle them to à pokemon battle. Who want to face me Hahahahah Ha-ha i choses you nds4droid use table ont his nds4droid Hahaha great battle but you no match for me.

      1. This is based on desmume, desmume has very bad wifi as it is, you have to have modded 0.9.7, an older version. I’m sure wifi on android will be terribly hard.

  16. Can you make nds4droid supported in other android devices? I have an archos 70 internet tablet and google play says its not compatible:( please help.

      1. I dont used google playstore i used this app called black market it for ipod touch and tablet. You can download it at 4shared. com Just put in 4shared.com/blackmarket apk When at google and it should pop up. You can download like 1,000,00 things for just that one app. And it let you know when jeffq New update came. It let you know all up-to-date for all the stuff you have on your tablet or phone

  17. Is there a place you can blow on the nds4droid becouse i was playing Zelda hourglass and i got to this big door. With these two big with candle in front of three door. And it says that i have to blow them out to open the door but there nowhere i can do that. Look like jeffq has not put that part in yet. But ill wait till he do. Look like some game you need to blow

    1. Yes nds4droid supports microphone input (if you have it enable in the options). Just blow on your device’s microphone (assuming it has one)

  18. where can i get pokemon black with a exp patch? the version i have from coolrom.com works great but my pokemon get no exp

  19. dude thanks for the hard work and dedication
    your are trying to do somthing awsome. and i respect that very much!\

    i wish there was a list that could tell us which games work-well or not.and also.tell us about bugs that could acure

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