nds4droid release 14

Did you miss me much :)? Release 14 of nds4droid has been pushed to Google Play and sourceforge. Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Performance enhancements for several different devices.

Results will vary by game and device but I’m seeing 10-15% speed increases on my Nexus 7. Thanks for the support everyone has shown in dealing with my long absence (school and work must come first, unfortunately). In related news, nds4droid passed 1 million total downloads over Christmas!

nds4droid update

I’ve been working on the nds4droid update that includes a dynarec for both ARM and x86, but there’s a fair amount of work so it will take a bit longer. There may be a small update soon that includes updated translations etc., however. As far as the big dynarec update goes there’s no ETA right now but I’ll keep everyone updated!

nds4droid release 13

I have pushed a quick fix (release 13) to Google Play and sourceforge to address the issue of sound not working on some devices with release 12. Turns out several devices have buggy OpenSL ES drivers and can only handle one instance of OpenSL ES being created per application (I was creating one each for audio output and input). The context is now shared between the two audio drivers and everything should sound pretty again :). For those awaiting the APK to get rolled out to their devices through Google Play, disabling the microphone in the options menu and then restarting nds4droid is a temporary workaround (it takes a restart of the app for the microphone option to take effect). The “changelog”

  • Hotfix for devices with buggy OpenSL ES drivers that caused sound not to work with a microphone enabled

nds4droid release 12

Release 12 for nds4droid is up on the usual suspects, sourceforge and Google Play. Here’s what you can expect in this one:

  • Microphone support. By default, your device’s microphone (if available) is used as the emulated DS’s microphone
  • Increased performance on Tegra2 and other ARMv7 non-NEON CPUs
  • Adds an option to force touch screen processing even when in normal controls mode. This is for games that require using the touchscreen and controls at the same time
  • Updates the Italian translation

Thanks to everyone who tested out this release! I develop on a Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Nexus so I never was able to see what Tegra2 performance was like. And thanks in general to everyone who’s been so supportive of the only non-GPL infringing, free Nintendo DS emulator on Google Play 🙂

nds4droid release 10

Release train keeps on rolling! nds4droid release 10 is up on sourceforge and Google Play. The changelog:

  • Much better sound emulation, should be free of previous hiss or popping and sound smooth
  • Added option to lock screens to their portrait orientation, while still rotating controls (for games that are meant to be played with the DS held sideways like a book)
  • Added option to change the language of the emulated DS
  • Native support for x86 devices. Emulation should now run much faster on x86 based systems
  • Added a partial Italian translation
  • Updated Portuguese translation

nds4droid release 9

Release 9 is out on sourceforge and soon on Google Play. This is just a quick hotfix for release 8:

  • The hardware “O” key on game pads such as the Xperia Play (which doubles as the Android “Back” key) can now be mapped to buttons

Just wanted to get this out there ASAP so Xperia Play users (of which there seems to be a fair few) can use the new key mapping feature. I will do my best on the next release to get more speedups. I’m certainly going to make sound a lot smoother, especially for higher frame rate 2D games. Also will make orientation lockable for games that are meant to be played “sideways” with the DS. College also starts back up tomorrow (at least for me)… good luck to everyone on the next semester!

nds4droid release 8

Release 8 is finally out! Here’s the direct sourceforge link and it should be up on Google Play soon. The changes:

  • Completely customizable controls! You can adjust the size and location of the on screen touch buttons, or disable them entirely and map them to hardware keys
  • Support for all orientations (no longer locked to portrait mode)
  • Minor speed improvements
  • Updates the Korean translation
  • Adds a partial Portuguese (Brazil) translation
  • Adds a partial Chinese (Simplified) translation

Sorry it took so long but I wanted to make sure the custom controls had all the options everyone’s been asking for. Up next: cheats.

nds4droid update

Just wanted to give a quick nds4droid progress report. I am about 70% done with release 8. It contains a completely customizable control scheme (reposition buttons, assign key maps, etc.) as well as landscape mode and the previously discussed performance enhancements. Tomorrow I’m going to Ann Arbor to watch the Wolverines dominate the Crimson Tide with some friends (fingers and toes crossed!) so it should be out for download on Sunday. Enjoy the long weekend!