Penguicon 2015: Scheduling

I’ll be at Penguicon this weekend, Michigan’s largest sci-fi/open source convention! I’ll be giving a talk about my upcoming research paper “Scheduling a conference to minimize RSVP conflicts” which is currently undergoing peer review.

Here are the slides for my talk: Scheduling: The first academic paper about Penguicon

A pre-print of the actual paper: Scheduling a conference to minimize RSVPs

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8 thoughts on “Penguicon 2015: Scheduling”

  1. Hi, I was at your talk and would like to know if you have online supporting materials for it.

    Submit a talk to ! or one of the other pydata conferences if that one isn’t handy. SciPy is also a good place to submit talks to, but the deadline for proposals is already passed. I’ve gone to SciPy for the past couple of years and have had an enjoyable time.

    You can email me at the address shown on my github account if you like (I linked it in my post).

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