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  • nds4droid release 2

    I have pushed release 2 of nds4droid to Google Play. You can get it directly from sourceforge here. Changes in this release: Added settings menu option to configure various options Fixed bug where returning to app after exiting via the back button would cause the screen to not refresh Added a partial Korean translation Disabled […]

  • Introducing nds4droid

    I’m proud to announce the first release of nds4droid, a free, open source Nintendo DS emulator for Android smartphones. I was disappointed with the state of Nintendo DS emulation on Android, especially the fact that all the emulators on Google Play were paid apps that shamelessly ripped off open source projects. I decided to fix […]

  • snes4nacl — SNES emulation in the browser

    I was at Google I/O in San Francisco last week and went to a great talk about Google Native Client, which is a new technology that allows direct execution of x86 code in the browser via some clever sandboxing. While in the talk about Gaming in the Cloud I got the idea of porting a SNES […]

  • The Student Loan Debt Debacle

    The total amount of credit card debt owed by all Americans is around $800 billion dollars according to the Federal Reserve’s G.19 Consumer Credit data release. The New York Federal Reserve’s quarterly report on household debt and credit shows outstanding student loan debt at $867 billion dollars. To the learned mind, these numbers should frighten […]

  • An introduction to native backed objects with the Android NDK

    As many Android developers know the Android NDK is used to cross-compile native (C/C++) code to run in Android programs. Unfortunately, because it uses JNI we’re limited to a C-style call interface. Tools like SWIG can be used to automatically generate wrappers for existing code including C++ classes. In this post I’ll provide an introduction […]

  • Over-aggressive GCC optimization can cause SIGBUS crash when using memcpy with the Android NDK

    At work we’ve been developing new Android hardware, and as such I’ve been porting a lot of our existing C/C++ code to Android using the NDK, a collection of GNU build tools (gcc, objcopy, etc.) and associated scripts to aid the development of native C/C++ code on Android. One of our projects is nearly 1000 source […]

  • Modeling weight loss with differential equations

    Modeling weight loss with differential equations

    This comes from a talk I’m giving at Penguicon 2012. The talk in general is about weight loss and getting healthy but part of it involves doing some predictive modeling of future weights based on calorie counting. Consider the question “if I eat X number of calories a day, will I gain or lose weight?”. […]

  • Progressive drawing of simple SVGs on the HTML5 Canvas element

    The HTML5 (is there supposed to be a space? I’m not sure) Canvas element is pretty cool! A recent school project involved visualizing some different data sets from in an “interesting” manner. Most of what we did just a standard Google Maps API mash-up but I decided to spruce it up a bit with an […]