nds4droid release 7

nds4droid release 7 is out. The obligatory sourceforge link or wait for Google Play to do it’s thing. Changes:

  • Much lower RAM usage via mapping the ROM directly from the SD Card instead of first loading into RAM. This should fix problems where loading particularly large games on lower end phones causes the program to crash/exit to home screen. Note however that for compressed ROMs we must decompress every time and this may take time. In general, avoid compressed ROMs 🙂
  • Added a partial German translation.

Hopefully this will help everyone who’s been having trouble loading certain games on their devices. As far as what’s in the pipeline, I did some research for speeding things up and it looks like I can get a nice increase via drawing directly to Android’s Surface object in native mode rather than drawing to a Bitmap and then drawing it to the screen in Java. This will take some work though dealing with all of the different pixel formats that the native surface might be in, so it may be a few days before this appears though.

Anyone have any recommendations for some games I should actually play? It occurred to me I should actually enjoy this thing and play some games :D. Any good lesser known adventure games I should try out?

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Try out Pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of sky. So far it’s been slow on the xperia play, but I’ll wait till this shows up to try.

  2. Finally pokemon platinum boots! But at the title screen “Press Start” I pressed and it just shows a white screen for me.

  3. Pokemon black, white and the sequels hang after pressing start. The game still goes on, no crash, just the menu doesn’t pop up.

    Games? You should try tomb raider underworld, pokemons, super Mario 64 ds, and kingdom hearts, that’s what I recommend

  4. I’ve been trying out The World Ends With You, runs slow on xperia play, but it is playable, well kinda. Not sure how I’m going to switch between touch screen and button controls when I get that far.

      1. I can’t find a working soulsilver for my kindle fire. It all depends on the device you have. Until I find a good working one that the nds4droid will ACCEPT, I’m screwed over here. Can anyone help me, too?

  5. Pokemon games still hang after press of start button on title screen plz fix issue otherwise rlly great app 10 stars i reccomend you play yugioh 5ds or pokemon great games WITH SOUND XD SO HAPPY anyone update the speed and sound speed

  6. I play Fullmetal Alchemist TCG, and it works, though it’s still only 20 fps.
    Btw, it’d be nice if there was screen rotation ’cause I hold my tablet upside down when charging (because of the cable)

  7. For a great game you should try if you got an xbox or ps3 u should try dark souls. It’s a damn good adventure game and its multiplayer. But if ur looking for an adventure game on the ds emulator u should try yugioh spirits within. It’s runs full speed on my phone. If you do got xbox add me if you want

  8. I am wondeirng if you could post a list with popular games and let us know known issues with them. Like the pokemon games.

  9. I’m trying to use your ds emulator but is incredibly painfully slow. I have a Samsung galaxy S2 with Android version 4.0.4. Is there something wrong or is my phone not good enough to use it.

    1. here we go again if your galaxy s2 can’t run a n64 emulator then it can’t run nds4droid it’s not a quad core even if it’s rooted jeez ur a idiot

      1. That is bs vicent, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Tablet, It can play ANY GAME with almost no lag. THIS IS THE BEST EMULATOR THAT CAN RUN NINTENDO DS GAMES FOR ANDROID EVER!!!!!

  10. Definately try out Kingdom Hearts and The World Ends With You, you’ve probably played Pokemon and there all pretty much the same.

  11. I would like to add the Final Fantasy Revanent wings ^_^ the speed already halfway there, try to perfect it please XD

  12. It works pretty good, I got 20 to 24 fps on sm64ds at the title screen. emu does need a little work on speed but its good so far, please keep updating.

  13. Hey! First of all thanks for the great work! Definitely the best DS emulator thus far. I downloaded an alternative emu named Dsoid (by Qingping He) and though it’s not nearly as polished as yours and lack the majority of the features, it does run significantly faster.

    I tested ‘Shiren the Wanderer’ (always wanted to play this with save states – though it defeats the purpose to a large extent. I have completed it on an actual DS though 😉 ANYWAY…) on both yours and his and the difference was quite remarkable.

    So here with a question and suggestion. Can you implement the same emulation engine as him or perhaps you guys could join forces?

    Then lastly. An option to flip the top and bottom screens would be great 🙂

    Looking forward to future updates, thanks again and godspeed!

  14. Pokémon soul silber works fine, but is Art 10 fps at the Galaxy nexus At the Moment …hope you can reach a Moore fluent gameplay

  15. shin megami devil survivor(1,2) ,finalfantasy series(espesially tactics a2 and iv),pokemon series(especially conquest and soulsilver/heart gold),mario kart ds,dragon quest(espesially ix),dragonball z attack of the sayans,new super mario bros.,zelda phantom hourglass,digimon series(especially world ds),the world ends with you,one piece gigant battle,call of duty series,chrono trigger,metroid prime hunters,contra 4,mario & luigi series all these games are awsome and there are a lot more..some less popular are advance wars,phoenix wright,full metal alchemist………

  16. Thank you for all the effort you are putting in!

    I agree with most of the suggestions, try one of the Zeldas or some games made by Square Enix if you haven’t already (Unlikely). As for lesser known, I don’t know if the Golden Sun series fits that description but it is one of my favourite ‘gameboy’ series so I recommend Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for ds. I’ve also heard good things about Lufia 2. Not sure if you consider RPGs as adventurous, but I do.

  17. This is really quite an amazing app.

    I’m not at all qualified to judge the difficulty of adding these features, but many similar programs include programmable hardware controls or the ability to edit the touchscreen buttons. A landscape option for the two screens would also be much appreciated.

    Keep up the great work.

  18. Unfortunately, the way the controls are setup renders The World Ends With You (quite possibly the best RPG for the DS) unplayable, as both the buttons and the touch screen are required at the same time.

  19. Whenever I try to open Pokemon Black, all I get is a black screen and then the app closes. 🙁 What is the solution to this problem? I use a Galaxy S2.

  20. Soul Bubbles, try Soul Bubbles ! by mekensleep
    I just bought it on a flea market today – hah! and the played it on your emulator.

    Performance will get there eventually, i was surprised to see everything working even sound [with release 13]. At 7 to 15 fps it is not playable yet but fully experiencable.

    Though OpenGL ES rendering just gives me a black screen on a Evo3D.

    I remember playing this on an Acecard R.P.G. years back. t’was meant to receive an ios port last year, don’know what became of that. Its a very very good game i think

    I’m an idiot buying this second hand. the developers are never gonna see that money.
    Well at least i donated 2$ to you, for a start. 😉 and thanks

    Really enjoy how you get into the nitty gritty details.
    How do you do it, is any of this running native/NDK ?
    And why does sound work so flawlessly ?? sound never works on early emulators, even if they are based on a good codebase to port from.

  21. I tired to use pokemon white 2 on it and when it comes to the page to start the game the screen flashes and you cant play the rom. I have tired the rom on other emu’s a it works fine.

    Any way u can get this fixed?

    I like the emu btw only issue is this – heres the link where I got the rom from


  22. You are all idiots phone with duel core will not function fully or even a experia play
    You must know this buy now you must have atleast a quad core phone to
    even get to 26/30 fps.I have a galay note 2 and the sound still lags but playable some game run at full speed but the sound is lagging.

    so how can other phone be played? seriously just buy a freaking ds.

    Note ur phone will not play unless it’s a quad core.

        1. Shut the fuck up little boy, go play with the DS your mommy bought you, fucking spoiled shit.

          Better yet, she should’ve spent that money on your schooling, because honestly your english, grammar and spelling suck big, fat donkey dick.

  23. Why are you not posting any updates? It’s been over 1 month since the last update…. If you gave up on the project you can at least say it….

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  25. Try prince of Persia battles. It’s unplayable due to you needing to use the buttons and the touchscreen so play it for the actual ds or computer. Great emulator otherwise, don’t know how to fix it, unless make an option where you can swithink the screens and make the buttons on the none touch screen. How bout ultimate spiderman. It’s a pretty decent game

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