nds4droid release 7

nds4droid release 7 is out. The obligatory sourceforge link or wait for Google Play to do it’s thing. Changes:

  • Much lower RAM usage via mapping the ROM directly from the SD Card instead of first loading into RAM. This should fix problems where loading particularly large games on lower end phones causes the program to crash/exit to home screen. Note however that for compressed ROMs we must decompress every time and this may take time. In general, avoid compressed ROMs 🙂
  • Added a partial German translation.

Hopefully this will help everyone who’s been having trouble loading certain games on their devices. As far as what’s in the pipeline, I did some research for speeding things up and it looks like I can get a nice increase via drawing directly to Android’s Surface object in native mode rather than drawing to a Bitmap and then drawing it to the screen in Java. This will take some work though dealing with all of the different pixel formats that the native surface might be in, so it may be a few days before this appears though.

Anyone have any recommendations for some games I should actually play? It occurred to me I should actually enjoy this thing and play some games :D. Any good lesser known adventure games I should try out?

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