nds4droid FAQ

This contains the most frequently asked questions regarding nds4droid. Please read this before rating the application one star and getting in a tizzy!

Where do I download ROMs?

I have no idea, please don’t ask this.

When I launch it, all I see is a list of files.

Yes, you must pick a ROM to load. The list of files is (by default) the root of your SD card. Navigate to where you put your ROMs (try the Downloads folder if you downloaded them on your phone) and select one!

nds4droid is way too slow!

Well here’s the thing: you’re emulating two discrete CPUs in software on a device whose primary purpose is to make phone calls. The recommended hardware for full speed DS emulation on the desktop is a 3 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

When it comes to game speed, the biggest factor is the CPU load of the main ARM9 processor of the DS. If you have FPS drawing enabled, it is the first percentage that appears in parenthesis. Games that don’t consume much CPU will run much faster.

As time goes on nds4droid will become more fine tuned, so expect things to only get better (but not magically, astronomically better).


The Pokemon games contain many sneaky things in them designed to make the ROMs not run on emulators. As far as Pokemon goes, things will be a work in progress for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, try branching out. The Nintendo DS has many many games and only a few feature the word “Pokemon” anywhere in them!

How do I get ROMs on my device?

The best way is simply to use the USB mass storage option on your phone. Plug it into your computer and a folder should pop up. Copy your ROMs here. Take note of the path in the title bar, this is where you’ll need to navigate to in the file browser that pops up immediately upon opening nds4droid.

What file formats does nds4droid support?

The only ROM format supported is .nds. However, nds4droid has built in support for extracting .zip, .7z, and .rar files. nds4droid will search these compressed archives looking for a .nds file and will open the first one that it finds.

Can I move progress between my computer and my phone?

The save states are located at /mnt/sdcard/nds4droid/States on your device (that is, in the nds4droid folder on your SD card). From here, you can move them back and forth from your computer; they are binary compatible with DeSmuME so you should have no problem continuing from where you left off.

What settings do you recommend for the best performance?

Sound off, vsync off, software rendering, threaded interpreter, no screen filter, and frame skip as high as you can tolerate (3+).

Why don’t you make a fast forward option?

Fast forward features work by running the emulator faster than the normal device (running it at 120 FPS when it normally runs at 60 FPS for example). Until you can run the game at full speed normally a fast forward feature won’t work.


Why are you so sure so-called “dynarecs” are faster? Dynamic recompaliation is not some sort of magical pixie dust. The current interpreter nds4droid uses is very efficient — in fact in many ways more efficient than a dynamic recompiler, since on ARM targets we have to flush the instruction when performing the recompilation, a very costly operation.

I’d like nds4droid translated to <insert language here>

All of the translations are done by regular nds4droid users. If you can translate to a language that isn’t already done, or have some changes for an existing translation, feel free to submit them to me. Here is the file that should be translated: http://sourceforge.net/p/nds4droid/code/ci/master/tree/res/values/strings.xml

I have a question not answered here.

Well aren’t you just a precious little snowflake… post a topic on the forums.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

549 thoughts on “nds4droid FAQ”

          1. I can run PSP games on my xperia play 1 ghz
            Maybe because ppsspp uses c++ soyou don’t really need a freaking octacore

        1. You probably need a more hi-tech phone it works on my DROID RAZR but nightmare troubadour will not let me back out of the pause menu when I go to adjust my deck//// p.s. Rome for this app can be found at CoolRoms.com

          1. Well when i go to coolroms all i get is a search engine leading me to other sites, how about something more direct

          2. Date: 6/7/2015

            Sadly, now Nintendo of America is attacking, yes ATTACKING, CoolRom for having roms for Nintendo-based consoles. Sadly this does include Nintendo DS. I say go to emuparadise, just use a file manager (most tablets) or the “My Files” shortcut (phones) to take out the extra information that emuparadise adds into the filename.

            If there is a way to reason with NOA, please tell me. I’d like those bastards to know that they made our attempts to bring the games to the community I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E, almost.

            P.S. The systems affected by NOA’s decisions are: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES.nes), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES.smc/SNES.sfc), Nintendo 64 (N64.n64), Nintendo Gamecube (GCN.iso), Nintendo Wii (WII.iso), Game Boy (GB.gb), Game Boy Color (GBC.gbc), Game Boy Advance (GBA.gba), Nintendo DS (NDS.nds). Yeah, I know, it sucks… I know the feeling…

        2. Because this emulater sucks. If you want and emulater that runs games fulls peed buy DraStic off Google Play. It’s $5.99 but it will run all games at 100% speed. I really don’t understand how that app runs at 100% speed, but all the other emulater run at tribe speeds.

          1. My shows white, then after a minute the game Starts! But with the new update the games crash on my tablet…
            P.S. I have Samsung galaxy tab 10.1

    1. Could domeinen please explain Egypte all romans are working but the professor layton games not. Do I something wrong?

          1. What the fuck man i fannally get pokemon back n white 1and2 to work and now the fucking ap wont work fuckrie

    2. Can some one please give a nintendo 64 emulator that actualy works I cant see tha player and tha game neither im getting mad ready to give up

    3. Im sure you do or have thought of this. How much of the source code from no$gba or dsemu can be carried over to this platform.

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  1. A u should make the top screen play n full screen side view on phone and a button to go back to the top and bottom screen now thats a good idea

    1. Posted that to him. Another alternative would be to fit them side by side on landscape. You’d be allowed to choose which depending on preference

  2. there is a huge diference between this and the other nds emulators!!keep up the good work!!is it possible to create a cheat(action replay,gameshark) option in the next update?

  3. I think for now he’s trying to do that thing he said in the last post. (forgot it, just read it. Something about writing the rom to the screen.) It might explain as to why it’s been a few days without an update, so i’ll wait. 🙂

  4. I use the Huawei Ascend II and after I download the app and open it, when I try to do anything it goes black after a second and goes back to the screen but at the top. It does it over and over and won’t let me use it at all. Any suggestions?

    1. You need to find Tom’s seperately from the emulators.a couple places are coolroms.com and there is an app called rom leecher.I highly recommend rom leecher though.that app will find roms for whatever emulator you have.I use it for several emulators is have from the GBA, NDS, SEGA, N64, Nintendo and super Nintendo.

  5. Loving the release I was kind of hoping it would run better on the Nexus 7 being a quadcore tablet…but guess not.

    Just a quick reminder that cheat support is an absolute must when it comes to DS games due to nintendos copyright crasher which crashes roms unless they have a code to work around the crashes in the cheat menu

  6. Hi
    You ROCK man !
    Thank you for your new update V10 , the improvement on sound is really sensible , can you please add theis 2 option :

    – Auto framskip : I think by that way you can make graphic rendering smoother
    – Exit : there is not any exit option to exit the application

  7. i love the app as you even posted it will run slower then normal but can you put in a cheat options thanks keep up the good work

  8. Tegra 3 support would be incredibly awesome!!! And could u make the emulator crash less on yugioh gx spirit caller. 4 stars untill then. Keep up the good work!

  9. Hi there, I was wondering why you are not using NO$GBA as your base for this emulator.
    NO$GBA is using 30fps as a base speed for 100% game speed, DeSMuME is using 60fps. On my Google Nexus 7 I get mostly 40-55fps on Phoenix Wright 3, so a cut at 30fps with 100% game speed would be very welcome…

    1. i love phoenix wright…

      can we turn off the other screen?. so we can reduce the lag. coz’ someof ds games the bottom screen is use only on stat..

      or switcher lets say theres a button [top]|[bottom] shortcut then it will show on the main screen.

      only suggestion.

      by the way very great apps. more power.

      1. i’ve found phoenix wright (apollo justice, at any rate) runs better on dsoid right now. i just listened to the speed of the music and reaction of touch screen and it’s definitely faster on dsoid, not quite real time yet though.

        i’m having a look at how to overclock my tablet right now just to see what effect that has.

    1. I am wondering the samething I would realy like to see some speed because its realy hard to play pokemon and yugioh
      Pokemon you still can’t get past first battle and yugioh is just way to laggy but this app is deff comming along nicely keep up the good work

  10. Awesome found out how I can edit the buttons layout. Now I don’t have to squeeze my two hands together to play n able to see the screen

  11. Great emulator!!
    Only a question… since version 12, there is tegra 2 support… but how can we enable it? only by selecting OpenGL support?
    Hope to see future updates (aka better and faster speed releases) soon 😀

    Thanks for your great work!!

    1. Puede emular MUCHOS juegos, según estoy leyendo… el tema es la velocidad y algunos errores gráficos…
      Creo que lo mas jodido para usarlo, justamente es la velocidad… habrá que ver si con el tiempo y actualizaciones, no se logra mejorar este emulador, que promete mucho…

  12. When is the next update plz! And how long will it take for romz. To play at normal speed and any 1 how do I make nds4droid. Work faster. I have An LG thrill. 4g it is roooted

  13. i would just like to say well done to the Dev and all i could ask for in this emulator would be hardware acceleration and support for older versions of android like froyo and eclair because my phone is hard to flash base bands to and i need to do that to update to GB or i don’t get signal , but really well done to the Dev

  14. Oh and multi core support , and haptic feedback (buttons vibrate on press) and special input support eg ps3 controller with six-axis

  15. i keep having trouble with the game crashing to desktop without any kind of warning… it also doesn’t just find the roms, i have to look through my sdcard for them(not a big deal). All the videos i have seen didn’t have to do this? I have an HTC Inspire 4g phone.

  16. I’m using an ASUS Transformer Pad tf300T and the emulator won’t load the Lone Wolf DS homebrew games. They are the only reason why I downloaded the emu. Is there something that I’m not doing right? I have the .nds files in a subfolder on internal memory.
    Any help that you can give is appreciated.

  17. Is there a way to use the action replay cheats? I entered the description and cheatcode but nothing happened though. Do I need a program to let it work? Could you please tell me the steps?


  18. Hi, i have a problem when trying to run the ROMs on my ZTE mimosa mini .When i launch the app and pick a ROM after the Preparing game thing it goes back to the ROM selection menu …. does that mean it’s not compatible with my phone or what ?

  19. Hello, nice app 🙂 a question: i’ve a samsung galaxy note, when i lanch the app it searches for nds rom, but it can’t find it (loading never ends) what have i to do?

  20. it is required on the desktop is a 3 GHz Core 2 Duo processor ,it is mean 2*3=6g,but it runs on nexus 7 1.5*4=6g ,still slow ,could you tell me why?

  21. @Dinny
    All you have to do is place the nds rom you acquired into your phone and load it up from nds4droid app.

    because when comparing nexus 7 and desktop, desktop will always out power the nexus 7.

  22. @JK
    what type of phone you got mate?
    Btw, that happens to me too, and i got galaxy s2, thats why i use other sites to download free apks, and only use google for paid apps.
    try to free up some space and see if it helps 🙂

  23. I have a galaxy note 2 which has a 1.6 ghz quad core and for poker on white 2 not only can’t I get past the main menu but it is also very laggy, and does anyone know what’s going on?

  24. I got galaxy s2 and i also cant get pass the main menu. All we can do is wait patiently for an update, as the emulator is currently unable to emulate pokemon games well.

  25. which type of phone do you have mate?
    possibly it is the phone that cant handle the emulator. Anything less than 1.0 ghz should have trouble emulating pokemon games.

  26. it will take as long as it needs for the dev to finish the update. It’s a big update, so it would not surprise me if it took few month.

  27. Your phone’s may be smartphones but u need a super smart one too run nds4droid. I have a Samsung galaxy s 3. 1 GB of ram and a dual quad core processor sorry guys

  28. i glad to see that there is some game could on my device nexus 7 like Yoshi’s Island DS、 Art Academy、Fire Emblem DS and so on,i hope have much more games could fast enough for playing on next update!

  29. Hello 😀 i have a question is nds4droid compatible on Huawei Ideos u8150? Because I run then after that it will close automatically. 😀

  30. Well, i don´t know why emulate a NDS is hard and slow to do, suppose the Nds and android stuff have both a ARM processors and you know the arm 9 and arm 7 are the most older than these cortex are improved versions from older processors, maybe the most hard to do is do the video handling.
    Anyway try to see the others versions coming

    1. Imagine a world where…

      …you have an endless number of ways to feel alive…

      …trillions of reasons to never be bored…

      …an infinity of beautiful things you can create…

      …already so many beautiful things to behold…

      …and 7 billion crazy characters to play along with…

      And you’re just sitting there trolling our blogs lol

  31. is the dev sick or something?
    we haven’t seen any news and i’m starting to think he may be in the hospital or something

    1. I’d give it another month before thinking negative, since it is a very big update. Like all other developers, if the update has a long way to go, they will not announce carelessly to get our hopes up.

  32. I think the developer should say something its been more than a month since the last announcement which was a twitter saying something about a nerd. Maby he got frustrated with some anoymous guys and thought that its not worth pouring time making thus

  33. I don’t fully understand all the computer talk but I can see the app developing more and more with every update. Dev, you are doing an awesome job and my samsung galaxy ace plays all of my DS games even if still slowish. Good on you.

  34. I tried Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigations and it seemed to not move past pressing ‘New Game’. It stays on the title screen?
    Anyone know anything that could help?

    1. A lot of games are still not compatible with the emulator at the moment. Right now, the main focus of dev is to speed up the emulator. As you can tell, its been along time since the last update, hopefully we will have an update soon for the huge speed up, then Dev can finally work on bugs/compatibility for games, etc…

  35. Can the developer please tell us if he is still working on ndsfordroid or if he just left the project please? I’m getting worried that he just simply quit and dint tell us…:'(

  36. Doubt that he left it behind, probably its only taking more time than he has anticipated. If by any chance, he decides to quit, then its not like him to not notice us. All we can do is be patient and wait it out, am sure he is close to finishing the update, or updating us with new information.

      1. Nope 😛
        I am just a 3dsdroid believer 🙂
        I have, though attempted on creating 3ds emulator, but to tell you the truth, it is very complicated for me, so i really respect the Dev, and i am sure that if he was able to make the emulator come this far, he will definitely succeed with this update. But please don’t take my word 100%, as i do not know the Dev that much, i am simply putting my faith in him, and waiting patiently.

  37. just for experimenting a bit, i tried to hard-run at least one game ( new mario bros )
    disassemblying it (even if i got a few unknown functions) and improvising to run asm code with lame stubs,without having to define every functions.i got nothing but black screen and crash (of course,this was madness to begin with). i’m just curious to know what is your current strategy and what you have archived so far.messing with asmjit to native run code sounds too much hackery to me,it is really a good path to take?

    1. I’d be glad to help you out.

      First off if you’ve saved using save state all you have to do is enter said game and hit the settings button on your android smartphone (usually identified by the icon of three lines with your search, home and return button), then you hit the more button and finally select restore state and select the number of your save state.

      If you can’t find it then chances are you saved your game using the quick save feature. If that’s the case then open up the settings and select the quick restore button.

  38. Hello,

    I tried to play any of the professor layton games and none of them work; everytime the game freezes somewhere. So what can I use this programm for if no .nds rom works? (i’m using android 4.1.1)

  39. I just wanted to tell you that i still strongly believe in this project. If there is some way for us to help you, please say so.
    Nice Day 😉

    1. I’m just giving my 2 cents but maybe if we donate he might come back to the project.

      I emailed him a few days ago and no reply though. I really hope he’s okay and nothing bad happened

  40. Hey dev I love this emu but u need to fix the ROM path I’m tired of going g threw folders to get to my ROMs the path should be sdcard/ROMs/ends please fix this

  41. would it make nds4droid faster if you had an opiton that you run one screen at a time like bottom without top and top without the bottom screen.?

  42. Okay its been almost three month from what I can tell shouldn’t be that hard to patch this thing up either the guy died or he g rew tired of games end of story

  43. Besides Pokemon, is there any games that don’t appear to be working? I’m asking because every game I tried, they all work.

  44. nice project… can you release an update so Pokemon Black works on it… SoulSilver works just fine, not Pokemon Black… I would LOVE to play Pokemon Black as I am a Reshiram addict!!!

  45. Hey does anyone know how I can get nds4droid to work for my optimus s I dont know if its because of my phone or becauuse I dont have what I need for it to work ps. Not looking to spend money must be a free suhestion

  46. oh, hi im playing most of the games of yugioh for nds. They run very well, but i have a question, can nds4droid connect to the wifi, sorry if my english is too bad u.u

  47. Expecting for updates and better speed and compatibility! Please fix it up and considering on donations as well (hope the next update will give me the intention)!
    Keep it up!

    1. The next update will probably get the dynarec, so the emu will probably go fullspeed and could match desmume since it’s based on that.

  48. when the update of this??

    Dsoid had almost great speed but poor compatibility of game and no save state..

    come on jeff update NDS4Droid,the concept is awesome

    1. the emu is slow because it doesn’t have a dynarec, but next version will probably have it and the emu will be “playable” almost like desmume

      1. also 6 days ago he said on his twitter that we have to expect updates, he couldn’t work on it that much because he had school

  49. Just wondering, have a 1.6ghz quad core asus tablet. Runnin pokemon diamond but howabouts would i optimise the display settings for no lag? Has a gb of ram as well

  50. How is the speed of this on the Nexus 7? I don’t exactly speak tech talk, but I have some wits. You said optimum is 3 GHz but Nexus runs on 1.2 GHz but has quad- core. Does this mean anything? I was looking to buy one, and ROM’s were an important factor.

    1. i dont think so,if NDS4Droid have dynarec it will be faster. jeff is try to add it

      have u try DSOID V1.9.6 ?? i have try it. it has dynarec and it runs fast, 35-45 fps,I test megaman in xperia ray. but DSOID has no save state and really poor compatibility,some cool games like yu-gi-oh,final fantasy and kingdom hearts is not playable.

      so I think the problem its not only the device,but the Dynarec,hope it will be update soon by jeff

    1. I see no one reads my replies to comments so, IT GOES SLOW BECAUSE IT NEEDS A DYNAREC. IT WILL GO FASTER ON OLD ARMv6 PHONES TOO. Everyone stop saying IT GOES SLOW BLAH BLAHRG

  51. I expect just @ couple of days or 2 weeks at the most for an update. No one give up hope the dynarec is coming! Do NOT GIVE UP HOPE!!

  52. this amazing nds emu, finally I can play megaman force zero and digimon dawn with better speed.. please improve speed a litle more.. thx

  53. Every time I try to go on nds4droid and select the game in ‘download’ a white screen appears with the keys and everything, my phone goes really slow and the programme doesn’t respond, am I missing something as it never loads up? I have an Xperia T too so not a very bad quality phone..

  54. I know about the piracy stopping efforts in Pokemon games, but I have a serious question; how come DeSmuMe on PC and Mac can play Pokemon fine, but not the port to Android? Isn’t there a way to port the fix?

    1. I believe that the differences between processor structure that mac and windows device have and most android device (x86 and arm) was the cause of this issue. And the most important, because the android port isn’t finished yet…

      1. I’m not sure how to post here but can you PLEASE try your best to make this ds emulator compatible with a Kindle Fire ????

  55. I’m rocking a galaxy note 2, and I’m well aware of the difficulties involved in trying to get emulators working.

    I really just want the emulator to play some basic games like hotel dusk, phoenix wright and maybe professor layton as most other games would be pretty bulky with more advanced graphics and all.

    However in the case of hotel dusk, I do wonder if the emulator uses a feature to emulate a DS being closed as some puzzles require that.

    I will try this once the game downloads, but for now I ask; what low power games can run fine with this emulator?

  56. I m not sure if i should post the comment or go check out for myself to see if the touch screen works so im just going to post this like a retard and do both and either be happy or sad

  57. Well, i think that dev should have thougt this, but couldn’t you just copy the NDS SO and launch it on an android device?
    Also, I have a Xperia S and when I select pokemon soul silver it doesn’t even launch, only a white screen and then black to menu. Thanks for working on this, by the way.

  58. Hey I was just wondering if there is any news on speed enhancements. I know what you said about pokemon games, but have you gotten any progress? Just wondering? Thank you!

  59. @Anonymous maybe there is something with ur phone cause i downloaded it from Google Play with Samsung Galaxuly mini xD and it works good but the only problem is the speed of emulator and I think this is the biggest problem for everyone 🙁

    1. No it does not. Grab a GBA emulator. I like the my boy emulator because it has a control layout that can be customized.

  60. I have a Samsung galaxy y, and when i downloaded this app and tried pokemon pearl and diamond, it just stays there saying “Loading”. I waited so long, but it still doesnt finish loading. What do I do?

      1. Dont throw your phone i have a Android tablet and it play pokemon diamond and it plays it really fast at 94% full speed i got my fifth badge i soon happy pokemon diamond run great but when i try pokemon white it freeze it just stop in the begaining bu. Who care i get to play pokemon diamond and i know alsome Jeff will fix pokemon black and white just like he did pokemon diamond. (Thank You Jeff)

  61. I want to play pokemon soul silver on this app but it runs too slow. I understand that it’ll take time to get faster but I was wondering if you guys could add a turbo button or speed up/2x speed button to help it emulate faster as it does on gameboy advanced emulators on android.

  62. this is great and i am loving this app for my wife can i ask how do i save the games on the note 2 (this is really for mysims as it is the main games she plays i apolgise if this is a silly question

  63. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney work on great speed, the only issue is bottom screen don’t show Text or Images of selection.

    Can you fix it? :3

  64. man this app is slow and it isnt my phone because i have a tablet vs950 lg smart phone it doesnt matter if the frame rates or 0-9 just slow

  65. my pokemon black rom works good better than my diamond and soul silver however I cant gain experience points for my pokemon at all could you tell me y and give me a estimate of when it will be worked on or fixed please thank you

    1. all i know is that it has something to do with the rom file, you can get programs that can remove that feature on it.

  66. 2.4 giga herz NDS converted into 548mega Hertz NDS emulator because of the average android.

    Sounds like a big leep to get a ROM to run so fast on such a small amout of space DS-andriod,but I came up with a few more ideas . Obviously we can’t speed hard wear up digitally if its already at its max. The best I DEA I have is to not run the whole ROM at the same time but to run it in parts like a film keeping the base so it still recognizes it as a ds game.

  67. Make an update with a fast forward option with various speeds x1.5, x.1.6-x2.0. This will fix the slowness . Other emulaters have it in the market. It works very well on larger games.

  68. I was wondering, just as many others are, why you have not implemented a fast forward option. It is available in most PC ds emulators. I feel that The process of ripping the code from PC emulators and modifying it for android would not take too much work. I may be wrong as I am not a programmer, but if you can explain why it isn’t possible, or if it is in the works that would be good to know as well. Thanks for all of your work. Hope the updates keep rolling out.

    1. I played this game on galaxy s2 with sound, Fps is 54/60, only during battle is 42/52, probably chrono trigger is most playable game currently, again thank you jeff

  69. Loving the progress. Digimon world Ds runs at full speed (gets mini lag spikes though) if possible optimisations for Galaxy s2 GT- i9100T would be awesome in the next few updates 🙂 if not, just keep going at it

  70. Latest update doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus (ARM v7 Processor rev1 (v71))
    Only shows black screen while sounds are running with an FPS of 60. I even try other kinds of settings in the said app but still ended up in the same problem mentioned above.
    Please make it tablet optimized, i wanna play Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Heart Gold in my tablet. 🙁

  71. My Pokemon pearl is running about half of what it using ds3don’t but I don’t use frame skip what would make you app super awesome for everyone im shure is better fps so it will run clearer
    If you thank so to please reply on this:-)

  72. Pokemon conquest and chrono trigger work very good but getting bit laggy while sounds is on, i hope i can play them without problems while sound is on

  73. Love the app but Pokemon Platinum is running slow 16/30 FPS Max (55%)with sound off,vsync off, frameskip as high ad possible so all we need is a massive speed update to make this app number1 try focusing on speed with sound on rather than tedious stuff that only does minor things to the games

  74. Screen shows black at the start of the ROMs on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Please correct this ;~; (sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian)

  75. hmm its still slow i’m on 9(maxx)
    on my frame skip but theirs not a big difference,
    i’m using the latest samsung tablet ,

    but love the app, if u fixed the lag problem, i’m sure, this could be an amazing app

  76. Work on speed before those minors that do not do much good. Im saying we dont realy need all those translations and mic updates. Just focus on speeding it up especially since most app users use this app for pokemon which is rather very slow.

  77. I have a samsung galaxy s4 but I can’t get more than 25 fps. A friend have a Galaxy s3 and is it faster

  78. Ive got a samsung stratophere and im trying to figure out the settings for the qwerty keybord. it wont work what ever i try. can some one help????????

  79. Why crash it?I use a galaxy turbo next,when i open the app and chose a game it crash and come back in the home

  80. I’m playing Devil suurvivor in my nexus 7. I can’t find the save files so i can continue in my PC’s emulator. All the folders in the nds4droid are empty.

  81. Any chance in the near future to expect an update that will allow you to use any wii remote with this app through wiimote connect?
    Love the NDS app, great to play some of my fav games… Retroarch has not incorporated this one in its app.
    Great work. Thanks

  82. Tried this today for Love Plus. Oddly enough i can only get a maximum stable fps of abt….28~44, and thats with tinkering with as many low quality filters and using the JIT value 100 (no idea if it’ll work, but meh).

    It seems though, that regardless of whether im using the highest possible filter (eg. SuperEagle) or lowest LQx2 or even just normal, the fps still stabilizes at most 31~36, give or take. Needless to say it isnt very noticeable so most of the time I can live with just leaving everything at the highest ‘settings’.

    Yes the game lags as hell, but impressively playable considering that its running on a PHONE processor. (S4, non octa core atm)

    Appreciate the work and here’s hoping for more updates!

    1. Forgot to mention: I have yet to experience the ‘force close’/crash experienced by most commenters on the app store, but i’ll mention it here if i do come across it (I ran it around 3 hours continuously on CAR charger, im pretty happy that it hasn’t crashed!)

  83. Nice apps, slow but it’s still work on my phone that have kind of low specification (1 Ghz, 512 RAM). Play Pokemon platinum at 30-40 fps with sound off, vsync off, software rendering, threaded interpreter, and 9 frame skip.

    Hoping for more update and smoother gameplay.
    Sorry for my english

  84. Well i run any game with no lag on my gs4 but… the sound is horrible, is there any way that this can be fixed?

  85. Emulator runs very well on the galaxy note 2. Just curiouse if is at all posible to add wi-fi capable features for multiplayer compatability an actual DS and or smart phone. Kutos to you guys for the great work!!!!

  86. My Galaxy s4 seems unable to read the “root” folder, which is where the games are located. I have downloaded the ROM’S, but there isn’t a “Download” Folder. Is there another way to access the games via nds4droid?

  87. I seem to be unable to properly move my nds4droid saves to desmume. I get a black screen. When I press it, everything is messed up: no sound, some visual glitches that resolve after a short while and the two screens are swapped. The screen that should be at the top is now at the bottom. This screen now functions as the top screen. If I save and reload, most of these issues are resolved, but the sound is still gone. Disabling and then enabling audio doesn’t do anything.

    I’m using desmume 0.9.8, which is the latest version that is present in the Ubuntu/Mint repositories, Along with the currently latest version of nds4droid that is present in the Play Store.

  88. Hey, nds4droid doesnt work (It crashes after running a ROM) on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V… I know it isnt the Best smartphone, but the DraStic Demo works really good, i just dont wanna pay for DraStic…

    Has someone a answer, how to fix my Problem?

    1. Where can I download games for the emulator I tried cool roms but i have to have this 7 dollar emulator and to be honest I just got this app and I need help downloadig games

      1. You Should Try Romulation.
        You Sign Up For Free And Search Then Download. Simple.
        There’s Also A priemion Account.
        But You Need To Pay.
        Neonz12 Out….