Month: August 2013

  • Gone Home is what video games were meant to be

    Most of this blog is spent posting about my pretty popular Nintendo DS emulator, nds4droid. 3.5 million can’t be wrong (this is of course not true), but between working on it and playing obsessive amounts of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I don’t have time for too much else. So, if you’re just here for nds4droid, bear […]

  • Happy Birthday and nds4droid 42

    Thursday (August 22nd) is the one year anniversary of the first release of nds4droid! In celebration I thought everyone might like another (coincidentally numbered?) release. Of course it’s up on Google Play and sourceforge. The changes are short and sweet: Performance enhancements (most games should see around a 5% increase) It’s been a wild year!

  • nds4droid release 41

    Got another nds4droid release for all you starved souls out there! As you know, it’s up on Google Play and sourceforge. What you get: Minor performance enhancements Fixed a bug where rotating the display would cause the autosave timer to reset Also, I wanted to clear the air a little bit here about the whole DraStic […]