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  • Language Models vs. The SAT Reading Test

    FLAN-T5 has parity with GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003) on the SAT Reading Test, and finetuning leads to even better scores. The 3B (XL) finetuned model scores within 1.5 percentage points of GPT-3.5 on held-out tests with 98.2% less parameters while maintaining generalization

  • literAI: AI-generated open source visual podcasts

    Demo: Source: Generator, UI At my previous job I did some shader programming, and generally tinkered around with GPU workloads, and even had the chance to attend Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference a few times. I remember in 2018 or so being surprised that more and more of the conversation in this area was being […]

  • Obscure Ethernet for $200 please, Alex: The Ethernet PAUSE frame

    This is a bizarre one. It all started when the internet seemed to go out at my house. My desktop, phone, TV, everything stopped working. The usual solution at a time like this is to power cycle the modem and router. While this fixed the situation temporarily, soon after the problem returned. What made me […]

  • When code is suspiciously fast: adventures in dead code elimination

    Part of a recent assignment for one of my classes involved calculating the Fibonacci sequence both recursively and iteratively and measuring the speed of each method. (BONUS: For a fun diversion, here is a paper I wrote about using the Golden Ratio, which is closely related to the Fibonacci sequence, as a base for a number system). […]

  • CVE-2016-1562: Unauthenticated “filter” parameter leads to customer information leak in the DTE Energy Insight app

    BACKGROUND Here in southeast Michigan nearly all of our electricity (and a good chunk of our natural gas) comes from DTE Energy, which serves 2.1 million people in the greater Metro Detroit area. DTE recently upgraded most of their electricity meters to ZigBee-enabled smart meters, and as part of this rollout they released the DTE […]

  • Introducing MissionControl

    A few months back I purchased a Parrot Bepop drone and started writing some code to actually fly it from my PC (being unhappy with only Android/iOS options). In particular I wanted a system that would let my fly it with my shiny new X-55 Rhino HOTAS I got for Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous. Unfortunately my […]

  • Penguicon 2015: Scheduling

    I’ll be at Penguicon this weekend, Michigan’s largest sci-fi/open source convention! I’ll be giving a talk about my upcoming research paper “Scheduling a conference to minimize RSVP conflicts” which is currently undergoing peer review. Here are the slides for my talk: Scheduling: The first academic paper about Penguicon A pre-print of the actual paper: Scheduling a conference to […]

  • Automotive Ethernet: The Definitive Guide

    I’m excited to announce my first real published work! Automotive Ethernet: The Definitive Guide is a comprehensive guide to the developing world of Automotive Ethernet. For the past twenty years most automotive networking has relied on CAN bus to move information around the car. CAN is quickly outgrowing it’s usefulness though, and the industry is now shifting to […]

  • Using emscripten/WebGL to run a Nintendo 64 emulator at full speed in most games with Firefox

    I recently spent some time learning emscripten, the LLVM-to-Javascript compiler and decided that porting mupen64plus, the popular Nintendo 64 emulator, would be a good test of its features. Took a bit to get right, but you can checkout the code and a working demo of it here: (Requires Firefox unfortunately for now)

  • Setting up a man-in-the-middle device with Raspberry Pi, Part 1

    I recently purchased that most marvelous of devices the Raspberry Pi and naturally my thoughts turned to the nefarious given its cheap price and small package. I decided to attempt to create a man-in-the-middle device that could be discreetly attached to a remote network and could redirect and sniff traffic. I’m only a very novice Linux […]