nds4droid is a free, open source Nintendo DS emulator written for Android smartphones. It is based off of the excellent emulator DeSmuME. The source code can be found on sourceforge.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here: nds4droid FAQ

nds4droid is free and has no ads. If you enjoy the app and want to see it to continue to be updated, please consider supporting it a bit and making a donation!

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52 thoughts on “nds4droid”

    1. go to websites such as coolroms.com to download roms.When you start it up,it should display the game title.Press it and enjoy

  1. For games download at coolrom.com, no matter wat emulator they should all recognize the game downloads frm that site

  2. Okay so i have nds4droid on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and i cant for my life figure out how to get to the menu any help would be appriciated

    1. Hold (Don’t tap) the recent button. The button in the left of the Home Button. This will bring up quick save as well as the settings menu on newer devices

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  4. So I have trouble saving. Whether it’s in game (in my case Pokémon) or the save states, neither of them work. Am I alone or is there a way to fix this? Using a Galaxy S4.

  5. I also can’t access the menu/settings to make adjustments any more. I could at first but either forgot how or just can’t. Any ideas?

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