Introducing WireframeWorld

Introducing my newest app, WireframeWorld, designed for Google Glass (although it works on most newer Android devices).

Ever wanted to see the world as a badly tempered, ill-mannered robot from science fiction sees it? WireframeWorld, developed for Google Glass, transforms your surroundings into a black and white wireframe model! The possibilities are endless as your immerse yourself in a binary colored world of sharp, angular edges.

Get WireframeWorld on Google Play!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

84 thoughts on “Introducing WireframeWorld”

  1. Come on Jeff, it’s great but many people out there are waiting for performance enhancements on nds4droid πŸ™
    You should add an option on the emulator ; when I press the back button accidently the app closes and i lose all my game when I don’t save :/

    Keep up the good work !

    1. Every time someone tells me I should just worry about nds4droid performance, I want to work on it even less -.-

      1. Just do whatever you want Jeff!
        Noone is obligated to tell you what you should do.
        In fact, noone is obligated to tell anyone what he or she should do… Except your boss in a Job maybe… (then still only job-related, thought) ^^

      2. Hey Jeff, any way you could disable comments on this thread. I think if you scroll through them you’ll understand why. Thanks again.

      3. Loser! Concentrate on nds4droid!!! It’s still a one man show project? Why did you fail teaming up with other emulator developers? Why did you shift your focus to another project? I bet you are incapable. Do you know really know emulator?

    2. Seriously? He works hard on a new app and you (and I suspect many others) sort of pass it off as insignificant because of your own wants? As opposed to some, I actually prefer the abundance of features that nds4droid offers. Performance will come with time. For now, just be grateful there’s a developer who is willing to work on a nds emulator. He knows that everyone wants performance updates. But constantly badgering and asking him can’t make him want to work on it more.

    1. Youre stupid. I actually think this app is really neat, and I think it’s a great way to show Jeff’s programming talents.

    2. WTF!!! Another h0nk which complains, but contributes nothing!

      If you’re not too lazy to post such senseless comments, maybe you’re better of investing the time into learning how to code?!

      Best regards,

        1. Everyone on here is better than you pseudo-anonymous Fucktard, you incompetent complaining and not contributing h0nk-ass.

          You can do nothing. Not even complaining in an appropriate manner. You only show us, that you’re exactly what I said about complaining people.

          Either you’re just an arrogant asshole, or you’re outright stupid… Even thought one doesn’t exclude the other, I sincerely hope that it’s only one of both and that you succeed in changing your attitude.

          Best regards,

  2. Jeff I posted a rating on your app and put ideas in it.


    Stop complaining, it’s a damn emulator, if it quits and you lose your saves because you press back, or you be more careful, OR YOU BIND IT TO SOMETHING SO THAT IT DOESN’T QUIT.

  3. i want to buy samsung galaxy s4 but damn it….. Pokemon X and Y for 3ds is going to release on nintendo 3ds and its much cheaper than s4 and…. i guess i just have to wait for the price drop…. saving is the key in everythings…

  4. Are you going to release the source of this app?
    …or can you give a little “inview”, on how the algorithm works? πŸ™‚

    How does that look like through the actual Google glass?
    Does it look any different through the bright and the dark glasses?

    Have you started coding on it, before you got the glasses or did you accomplish it in that short time, since you’ve got it?

  5. This is great and all, and i’m sure many will appreciate it, but mostly every one of your supportive fans and app users are sincerely waiting out for a full speed nds4droid app. Taking that you want to make newer things before you finish nds4droid is worrisome because alot of users and fans will someday love to see a fully compatible nds emulator. So far, you’re the only one capable of doing it, and your app by far has had the most potential and still does for a fully working emulator. While working on nds4droid, focus on performance, not maintenance stuff unless it effects gameplay. We all sport what you do, and e again would love to see nds4droid finished completely before any new projects begin. Thank you in advance
    – A day one fan

    1. You know, covering your post with complements doesn’t hide the fact that you’re only posting so Jeff hopefully satifies what you want. We get it, everybody wants full speed. But it’s only one guy working on the app. If he wants to try something else, then so be it. It’s his choice in the end, not his “supporters”.

      1. His supporters are the ones making a name for and his app. If Jeff discontinues nds4droid, then thats it.

        1. Yes, but just because he chooses to work on another app doesn’t mean his supporters need to criticize his actions because they would prefer his efforts go into something they want.

  6. @day 1 user: To be honest. Emulators were never made for the big public… Exactly like do movies and other stuff, it is scenes related and the main-intention of emulators is, to push the skills (programming-wise) of the developer.

    That’s why I ever tell those who complain: Learn coding and do something on your own! Contribute in some way, even if it is just an idea… You don’t necessarily need to learn coding, but atleast those people which complain can learn to give constructive criticism, which again would be a contribution, instead of simply complaining and mongering about something.

    Read the development thread about speed in the forums and you’ll see, that NDS4Droid is a one-man-show.
    For that,… Jeff is quite fast at updating and optimising the app.

      1. @day1user I support what you say because if Jeff starts something then he should finish it, so dear all the people who are telling the day one user he our she is wrong; you’re wrong because what Jeff needs to do is increase the speed of it and the complaining stops. If he keeps doing minimal things then people will continue to be angry and complain. When the speed and compatibility of all ROMS comes, the complaining stops. Look at JohnGBA, perfect speed, perfect compatibility, no complaints.

        1. Yeah right. Go make an NDS emulator yourself. Do you know how hard it is to make one? Can’t believe how ignorant ppl are.

        2. @day1user I support what you say because if Jeff starts something then he should finish it,
          Oh dear,… You just admitted that you’re not a scener and probably never ever coded anything…

          so dear all the people who are telling the day one user he our she is wrong;
          Actually noone ever said he’s wrong,…

          you’re wrong because what Jeff needs to do is increase the speed of it and the complaining stops.

          O.k. now I’m telling you, that you are wrong…

          First off,… NO! You and anyone else are NOT entitled to expect/get updates.

          Second,… Have you ever programmed anything, or contributed anything to the fundus of software out there? In any way? I guess not,… If you did, you wouldn’t post such nonsense.

          Third,… Jeff is not your coding-slave. He is not obligated to do ANYTHING on NDS4Droid.
          It is his free time, not his job… Do you get that?

          Fourth,… NO! Complains will never stop, due to people like you which feel entitled to get updates, or those who feel the need for a new feature… There also ever will be those people, which complain about speed…
          I don’t get it… It’s people like you, which expect to run NDS-Games on a C64.

          If he keeps doing minimal things then people will continue to be angry and complain.
          Minimal things,…?! You obviously have no idea how to code and even more obvious, you don’t understand how an emulator works technically/internally.

          I would give a Fuck on your comment, if I were Jeff…
          Simply, because it is his project…
          He is the only one entitled to decide, which way to go… Simply because he codes the stuff you’re merely using!
          Do it on your own, stop complaining in an inappropriate manner/way and actually make constructive criticism, or simply ignore this project if you don’t like it…

          When the speed and compatibility of all ROMS comes, the complaining stops.
          This is more than naive,… I’d bet a 1000€ that it will never stop, as long as Google play is online and the emulator available…

          …and actually NDS4Droid’s compatibility is quite good…

          Look at JohnGBA, perfect speed, perfect compatibility, no complaints.

          O.k., this makes me feel like you’re not just retarded, but really outright stupid… Or you just have no clue, what you’re talking about…

          How can you even compare a single-cpu-hardware which is a lot slower in it’s entire platform, than just one cpu of a multi-cpu-hardware?

          You have to sync the cpus and even I am able to PORT a GBA-Emulator to Android and it will run fluid on a 600MHz Single core.
          Do you even know what a PORT is?
          NDS4DROID isn’t an Android-, or ARM-Native Software… That means it doesn’t work as effective as a native app would. …to put it in simple terms…

          Obviously you are one of those which have no idea how to code, but just how to complain in an inappropriate manner.

          1. Agree! ilikecheese – you are so stupid. No one can even complain about an app that is free. FREE!!!!! And he does it in his spare time because he wants to. He is not paid to work on the emulator. ilikecheese – People like you are the scum of society.

    1. Wow, pseudo-arguments not magically becomes a real argument, just because you add a bit truth to it.
      It nevertheless remains a pseudo-argument…

      Jeff is NOT obligated to do anything on the emulator.
      Not for you, not for me and even not for himself…
      He is not your coding-slave… Do something on your own and please stop spamming the board with useless posts.

      If you want speed you can actually contribute to the NDS4Droid Speed-Development-thread instead of mongering about Jeff projects.

      You’re waaaaay off-topic, regardless of the nonsense you’re posting… This thread is not about NDS4Droid and common forum-attitiude permits, that you shouldn’t hijack threads.

      Point blank.

      1. Just to add: All those which use DSmuME’s Sourcecode as the base of their emu are obligated to release their modified sources, once they release a binary… And most of those other guys do not and their emu’s are way slower anyway.

      1. Now another pseudo-argument…
        Deeds is what makes us, what we are…

        So,… What are you, spamming and trolling the forums?

    1. i dont really care… how old am i ?… you can just say anything you want… so what bitch!!!! so what suckass!!! gth fuuuuccqqq!!!!

  7. Hey Jeff

    is there any way for nds development to be like ppsspp

    Damn that emulator progress is so quick…
    Seeing that a lot of dev are working together for ppsspp

    by doing so like ppsspp i am sure u can concentrate less on nds and more on different project πŸ™‚

      1. While I agree with you that a collaboration of some coders would be quite nice, this is still way off-topic, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

  8. Loser! Concentrate on nds4droid!!! It’s still a one man show project? Why did you fail teaming up with other emulator developers? Why did you shift your focus to another project? I bet you are incapable. Do you know really know emulator?

  9. I want to say a note about who is insulting and wants only nds4droid: If Jeff stops working on it, don’t start complaining like you already are because it’s your fault

    1. Agreed. Last time something like this happened, no nds4droid updates came out for quite some time, and I undrstand why. Why would anyone want to please these dicks? If they want updates, they should STFU.

  10. Jeff

    why don’t u make xray vision hehehe


    or maybe NDS4droid on google glasses ^^

    1. I’m starting to suspect that these fucktards with ridiculous comments actually intended to stop Jeff from working on nds4droid..
      Using some reverse psychology I guess..
      How much nintendo is paying you guys?
      Or maybe you’re working for the other paid emulators?

  11. What the hell is with everyone lately? Are you all so impatient that when Jeff doesn’t release an update soon after a previous one, you bitch and moan about how nds4droid is apparently finished? Pretty fucking petty if you ask me. You want an update right? Then give the man a break and let him work. He obviously knows what he’s doing, and “commanding” him to work on what you desire (like he said) only makes him want to work on it less.

    1. And to repeat what Vincentmrl stated, if he stops working on nds4droid, all of you “fans” are to blame

  12. Jeff, can you ban this jerk? I’m getting angry reading such complaints. Probably that’s one person who hate what you’re doing, or perhaps he’s paid to write such crap.

    1. I agree completely. But can you really ban someone?
      He’ll just come back using another name or ip.
      Best to ignore him..

  13. hey jeff
    do u have any thoughts on collaborating with other devs????

    i tired playing Knights in the Nightmare
    on both ppsspp and nds

    and even though psp is much more advance in hardware than nds
    while ppsspp is 55~60 vps
    nds is much much slower……..

    i don’t think the problem is with you

    but more on solo-developing…..

    sorry if i sound harsh

    but i think this is the solution to satify hungry-ndsfan bitches

  14. Jeff, I must commend you on Wireframe World, It is a very unique idea you came up with since you only unboxed up your Google Glass 8 days before. (I’m guessing you unboxed it on the same date you uploaded your pictures.) I was so intrigued I downloaded it on my phone and I must say, well done. Thank you!

    And for the ugly bit intended for the losers above who ask you, nay, force you to work on NDS4Droid, which in itself is a brilliant app, to them I say: Shut Up. Jeff is doing this in his spare time, if all of you have forgotten, he’s human too. Everyone needs a break!

    Again, thank you, Jeff, for NDS4Droid and Wireframe World!

  15. One big shit πŸ™‚ this emulator is end . he even dont care what u all write on this facking board kids:-)

    1. Gosh, just be patient. Jeff has a normal life also, you know. He has hobbies besides of scripting, maybe a family, maybe kids. Don’t be an asshole and wait till he uploaded a new update to that emulator.

      If you can’t wait long enough: Go and get a ds.

      Great job jeff! I can’t wait for more apps for the google glass from you!

  16. Next time IF u start some try to finish or not better start i have tegra3 and 1gb free RAM and even CANT play any game by this emulator i dont know how hard it is , but this Jeff should spend some time on this page and tell US when hes plan to add some fix . u write opinions and asks to him but he even dont want to watch this page , google glass is more important to him i think πŸ™‚

  17. jeff if u first finish nds project

    i would most definitely support and buy wireframeworld and any other apps u develop

    so please first nds because that is much more AWESOME

  18. Man i tell u what if Jeff stops working on nds4droid because of.all y’all fucktards complaining bout him not working on it or not releasing any updates I will personally go to all of yalls house/trailers and pour a gallon of water on your computer/phone/tablet watch it spark and just laugh at the surprised look all of you will be giving me πŸ˜‰ if you want to play a nds so bad get yo cheap ass up and go buy a nds and the games you are trying to play and forget bout this app. And for the people who are trying to get Jeff to work on it by saying you will pay for a gold/pro version of this app, why dont you just click the donation button, put your info in, and donate to him! I mean for real I bet anyone who is complaining bout no update can’t even make a simple browser for android. So just give the guy a break and wait patiently for an update like the rest of us or move on to another app. I for one personally get excited about Evey update that comes out no matter how small, because it let’s me know that he’s still working on it,and thinking bout the people who actually appreciate his work instead of just wanting some cheap (FREE!) form of entertainment.

    Now to get back on topic wire frame is pretty awesome i wish I had a pair glass to check this app out on!

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