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  • Language Models vs. The SAT Reading Test

    FLAN-T5 has parity with GPT-3.5 (text-davinci-003) on the SAT Reading Test, and finetuning leads to even better scores. The 3B (XL) finetuned model scores within 1.5 percentage points of GPT-3.5 on held-out tests with 98.2% less parameters while maintaining generalization

  • literAI: AI-generated open source visual podcasts

    Demo: https://literai.hooloovoo.ai/ Source: Generator, UI At my previous job I did some shader programming, and generally tinkered around with GPU workloads, and even had the chance to attend Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference a few times. I remember in 2018 or so being surprised that more and more of the conversation in this area was being […]