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  • An introduction to Guidance: BabyAGI without OpenAI

    Twitter: theemozilla Jupyter Notebook: babyagi-without-openai-guidance.ipynb Guidance¶ If you’re already convinced of how awesome Guidance is, you can skip this section Guidance is a new template language from Microsoft that allows you to guide the output of lanugage models. This may not sound revolutionary on the surface, but if you’ve ever tried to compose together ouputs […]

  • Choose Your Own Adventure

    Choose Your Own Adventure

    Demo: Model: Backend Frontend When I was a kid, the place I absolutely wanted to be was the public library that was at the end of our street. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting in the “youth” section of that library. I knew it so well I could immediately tell when […]

  • On the linkability of Zcash transactions

    Today I’m publishing a paper (PDF, arXiv) I wrote about the linkability of certain types of Zcash transactions. I’m also publishing a list of round-trip transactions generated as part of the research. The code used is up on GitHub (parser, database generator). If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, there’s a summary below! […]

  • DEFCON 2015

    Hey everyone, I’ll be at DEF CON 23 in Las Vegas this weekend helping at the Car Hacking village. Tweet at me if you’ll be around!

  • Gone Home is what video games were meant to be

    Most of this blog is spent posting about my pretty popular Nintendo DS emulator, nds4droid. 3.5 million can’t be wrong (this is of course not true), but between working on it and playing obsessive amounts of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I don’t have time for too much else. So, if you’re just here for nds4droid, bear […]

  • Introducing WireframeWorld

    Introducing my newest app, WireframeWorld, designed for Google Glass (although it works on most newer Android devices). Ever wanted to see the world as a badly tempered, ill-mannered robot from science fiction sees it? WireframeWorld, developed for Google Glass, transforms your surroundings into a black and white wireframe model! The possibilities are endless as your […]

  • Google Glass unboxing

    My Google Glass came in today! Here are some photos of the unboxing: And of course, the first video I recorded on it Now, time to get tinkering on some apps 🙂