Month: April 2015

  • Penguicon 2015: Scheduling

    I’ll be at Penguicon¬†this weekend, Michigan’s largest sci-fi/open source convention! I’ll be giving a talk about my upcoming research paper “Scheduling a conference to minimize RSVP conflicts” which is currently undergoing peer review. Here are the slides for my talk:¬†Scheduling: The first academic paper about Penguicon A pre-print of the actual paper:¬†Scheduling a conference to […]

  • Foundations of the golden ratio base

    Positional numeration systems have come to dominate mathematics, with the ubiquitous base-ten number system used nearly universally. In addition to base-ten, other bases such as base-two and base-sixteen have found widespread usage (for example in computer engineering). We review a particularly novel take on the positional numeration system: the golden ratio base, first introduced by […]