Month: August 2012

  • nds4droid FAQ

    This contains the most frequently asked questions regarding nds4droid. Please read this before rating the application one star and getting in a tizzy! Where do I download ROMs? I have no idea, please don’t ask this. When I launch it, all I see is a list of files. Yes, you must pick a ROM to […]

  • nds4droid release 7

    nds4droid release 7 is out. The obligatory sourceforge link or wait for Google Play to do it’s thing. Changes: Much lower RAM usage via mapping the ROM directly from the SD Card instead of first loading into RAM. This should fix problems where loading particularly large games on lower end phones causes the program to […]

  • nds4droid release 6

    Another day, another nds4droid release. You know the drill! Sourceforge or Google Play. The changes this time: Better multi-threading model for screen compositing. Games should feel smoother and devices with multiple cores should now be able to use screen filters with little performance cost. The “touch” mode button should now behave better. Fixed a bug […]

  • nds4droid release 5

    Here it is, yet another nds4droid release. This one has a bunch of changes. As usual you can always get it from Google Play or on sourceforge. What you can expect: Support for sound. User will be prompted on first run to enable/disable as it can have a performance impact. New software based rendering that […]

  • nds4droid release 4

    nds4droid release 4 is out! Grab it directly from sourceforge¬†or wait a few hours until Google Play pushes out the update. The changelog: Much improved multitouch detection Added several filters to smooth out the screen. Access them via the Settings menu option Fixed a bug where leaving the app from the ROM picking window and […]

  • nds4droid release 3

    The next version of nds4droid has been published, you can grab it directly from sourceforge here. Changelog: Added support for directly opening .zip, .rar, and .7z files It may not seem like much but getting 7zip to run under Android was an adventure in itself :D. Next on my list (in no particular order) Sound […]

  • nds4droid release 2

    I have pushed release 2 of nds4droid to Google Play. You can get it directly from sourceforge here. Changes in this release: Added settings menu option to configure various options Fixed bug where returning to app after exiting via the back button would cause the screen to not refresh Added a partial Korean translation Disabled […]

  • Introducing nds4droid

    I’m proud to announce the first release of nds4droid, a free, open source Nintendo DS emulator for Android smartphones. I was disappointed with the state of Nintendo DS emulation on Android, especially the fact that all the emulators on Google Play were paid apps that shamelessly ripped off open source projects. I decided to fix […]