nds4droid release 20

Time for another nds4droid update, both on Google Play and sourceforge. This is mainly a feature update, here’s what you get:

  • Support for the OUYA console
  • Better defaults for game pad key mappings
  • Save/load menus now show the last modified time of save states
  • ROM picker now remembers the last path a ROM was loaded from
  • Fixes a bug where the emulator could crash the very first time it was run on a new device
  • Fixes a bug were some touch buttons weren’t working on certain aspect ratios

As mentioned above this release supports the OUYA console and has been submitted to their store for approval. I don’t have an OUYA (yet) but given it’s specs I expect it to run nds4droid quite nicely 🙂

nds4droid release 19

Believe it or not there’s a new version of nds4doid up on Google Play and sourceforge. Here’s what you get:

  • Performance enhancements (most users should see a 7-10% FPS increase)

On a somewhat related note, I’ve gone to the last two Google I/O conferences, but unfortunately this year because of a bug in the site when it came time to buy tickets I wasn’t able to get a ticket. If anyone knows of someone willing to sell their ticket to me please let me know!

nds4droid release 18 and dynarec beta

First and foremost there is a new version of nds4droid up on Google Play and sourceforge. The changes are:

  • Increased game compatibility, especially for Pokemon series games (thanks Sean)
  • Added option to show only the touch screen (under “Select screens” in settings)

Also, I have been working on merging in the Exophase dynarec into nds4droid (thanks @sShake69). I have the build up and running but I’m not 100% comfortable making it the official build until I have some more time to test it out. Maybe you can help me! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can download the dynarec beta here from sourceforge. Let me know your experience with it! The beta is ARM-v7 (newer phones) only, fyi.